Silva Vs. Weidman 2: Anderson Silva breaks his leg as Chris Weidman checks his kick in the second round.

Silva Vs. Weidman 2: Anderson Silva breaks his leg as Chris Weidman checks his kick in the second round.

At UFC 168 on the 28th of December, 2013, Anderson Silva suffered another unfortunate loss to the now, two-time, middleweight champion Chris Weidman. Given that Silva is 38 years of age, it may take more than a year before he can properly train at full contact level with kicks. Who knows, this may be the end to the fighting career of the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

In this fight, Silva appeared more focussed and ready to get the job done. There was no clowning around or trying to bait Weidman into a striking match. Instead, it seemed that Weidman was getting the better of him in most areas, including some heavy ground and pound after easily taking Silva to the ground. Weidman also landed a fairly clean strike to the ear/temple area on Anderson, which seemed to rock the former champ. The fight went to the ground and Weidman later told Joe Rogan that he felt as though the referee was close to stopping the fight.

Above: Video footage of Anderson Silva breaking his leg, as Weidman checks his kick. Unchecked leg kicks were touted as Anderson’s best offensive weapon in the first fight, but man – no-one imagined that Weidman’s response would cause such a shocking injury to the former champ. Silva’s shinbone lands almost square on Weidman’s knee cap and due to the angle of the strike, it breaks clean in half.

Anderson’s broken leg now leaves the question of “Can Weidman really beat him?” pending once again. Supporters of Weidman will argue that Chris has beaten Silva fair and square and that it’s now time for a new champion. Supporters of Silva will no doubt feel as though Anderson hasn’t yet had the chance to fight a proper, 5-round fight with Weidman. One thing is for sure though: Chris Weidman has beaten Anderson silva in devastating fashion two times in a row. It’s a sad day for Silva supporters as they (me included) realize that the GOAT’s reign has probably come to an end…at least for now anyway.

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Looking at the footage, you can’t help feeling sorry for Silva. Most would agree: If that was his last fight, he certainly doesn’t deserve to go out like that. He’s been a gentleman and great ambassador for the sport for so many years. He has looked pretty much invincible in his fights, only coming close to a loss with Chael Sonnen in their first fight. According to Joe Rogan, this is only the second time in UFC history that a fighter has broken a leg like that in the octagon.

It was a rematch that I was certainly looking forward to. After the amazing performance that Silva put on in Silva Vs. Sonnen 2, I (and I’m sure many others) were hoping to see a bit of Silva’s elite martial art skills put on display. What a shocking end to the main event of UFC 168! Hopefully we’ll see the spider back in the octagon sometime in the next 2 years.

It was either a very unlucky break, or maybe, just maybe, the GOAT is getting a bit old.

It was either a very unlucky break, or maybe, just maybe, the GOAT is getting a bit old.

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  • john  

    This is why you go to school and get an education and learn a trade. Kicking people won’t last forever, especially when your leg snaps like a toothpick.

    • Hey John

      Thanks for your comment, but I had to LOL.

      Anderson Silva is a multi-millionaire, an inspiration to millions, rated as the greatest fighter of all time and an awesome father and family man…and you go and say something like that about him? Lol, this is why I stopped worrying what people think MANY years ago! :)

      John – you need to open your mind up a little more. The way you think the world HAS to work is simply your way of looking at it. We’re on a planet that is floating in infinite space. Infinite…eternal. Our little ways of living life (e.g. going to school and learning a trade) haven’t been going on for eternity. We’re simply making up our human story as we go along. What you’ve been told is the “answer” to the right way to live your life is simply a cultural phase. Look at all previous cultures who’ve been so confident about their way of life, only to change it later on or be replaced by a new cultural phase.



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