How to Attract Women For Love, Sex and Relationships

Do you women find you attractive? What do you need to change to become more attractive to women?

Hi, it's Dan Bacon here and about 5 years ago, I discovered how to attract women naturally and easily. Here's what happened: I remember being out at a busy club with my friends one night and seeing beautiful women everywhere. I wanted a woman in my life so badly, but I simply did not know:

  • How to attract women.
  • How to keep a woman interested in me.
  • What to say to start and continue a conversation with a new woman.
  • How to know if a woman actually liked me or not.

It frustrated the hell out of me. I'd look at my friends and they were all better at attracting women that I was. They naturally knew how to attract women and were able to talk to women without a worry.

Most of the time, women would show instant interest in them. The next thing I knew, they were going on out dates and having sex with the women they'd attracted. Then, they'd come back to me and tell me all the great stories of the fun they'd had.

I was happy for them, but I was also a bit embarrassed about my inability to attract women, especially when someone asked me something like, "So, why don't you have a girlfriend?"

I had no cool stories to tell my friends. I had nothing to share with them about the things that I'd been doing with women, because I didn't know how to attract women and keep them interested in me! Eventually reached a point where it became so unbearable that I decided I HAD TO figure out how to attract women once and for all.

Then, the strangest thing started to happen. I started paying more attention to the things that guys did around women. By the way, I don't just mean 'any guys', I mean the guys who are naturally good with women. I noticed that they sometimes playfully teased women during conversations, instead of being nice and polite like was when in the presence of a beautiful woman.

When a woman asked a common question like, "So, what do you do?" (for work), these guys would reply with something funny instead of quickly answering the question in a formal way. For example: The guy might say (with a slightly mischievous smile), "I'm a lion tamer... how about you?"

The woman would see that the guy was joking around and would laugh and play along with it. All of sudden, they were having fun together instead of talking to each other like it was a job interview. It seemed too good to true, so I suspected there had to be more to learn about how to attract women than just playfully teasing women.

...and there was. The more I observed and the more I tried new techniques myself, the more I skilled I became at attracting women. The truth is that there are literally 100s of 'insider' techniques that guys who are naturally good at attracting women know. If you use these techniques, women naturally feel attraction for you - every time.

These days, I know ALL of the very best techniques for attracting women and I want to share them with you right NOW. If you want to learn how to attract women, do not leave this site - all of the answers are here.

Another thing I discovered about attracting women was that the guys who were naturally good with women tended to move things forward with a woman quicker. After making friends with plenty of guys who were naturally good with women, I found that they all moved from talking to a woman, to getting her phone number, setting up a date and having sex with her for the first time without ever worrying about it. They just did it, without stopping to worry if everything was going to work.

When I discovered this, I also started to move things forward quicker and with more confidence like the naturals...and to my surprise, women just went along with it without a fuss. It was amazing. I started getting more phone numbers, going out on more dates and having more sex with women than I'd ever had in my life. Then the most amazing thing happened...

Before I knew it, I was actually getting a lot better with women than my friends (who I mentioned earlier) were. I had become the guy who always had a new story to tell about a new woman I'd been with. Instead of just listening to the stories my friends were telling and wishing I had the same things going on in my life, my friends were now laughing and giving me 'high fives'.

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, then make a decision now to learn how to attract women like a natural. I guarantee that you will quickly and easily transform into the type of guy who women naturally feel attraction for...

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“Your advice on how to attract women has taught me that my current self is valuable to women and that boosted my confidence greatly. I approached a woman 3 weeks back at a local bar near me and had her home with me in under 2 hours...I couldn’t believe it! I must say, sex isn’t the only thing I’m after though...I’m now dating a woman I met through a mutual friend and we’re taking it a bit slower...thanks to what I learned from these interviews she woman was attracted to me the moment she met me and she hasn’t stopped calling me since! Thanks for getting the naturals to reveal their secrets, now I know that I have the ultimate advantage over other guys. This stuff works like magic – thanks a lot!”
Danny, Chicago
“Great insights guys. I’d always struggled to try and put what I learn into practice, but hearing you guys explain how you actually do things in real life situations with women has made all the difference. Now, instead of worrying if I’m doing the right thing – I basically try what you guys do…and I’m getting great results! So far, I’ve been able to kiss one girl at a local bar and this week I’m going on a date with another girl I met (and attracted!) at a party.”
“I recently got dumped after dating a girl for over 6 months. It left me devastated; partly because she suddenly left me for reasons that I could not understand (I now understand that was because I stopped 'maintaining interest' and lost my unpredictability/mysteriousness) Luckily, it did not kill my confidence, so there was no problem there. The problem was more to do with my inability to flirt/create sexual tension, and thus I often ended up being seen as 'the friend.' My above relationship happened more because of lucky chance than my ability with women. After reading your book, I have learnt some of the more important flirting/attraction techniques; (as well as boosted my already decent confidence levels) and thus have managed to attract a number of ladies =) I've got a new beautiful girlfriend, and I could say I have another 3 in the pipeline/waiting list :p It was absolutely wonderful to actually be able to CHOOSE a girl, rather than relying on luck! Thanks"
Patrick R, London, UK