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Most guys are clueless when it comes to how to pick up a woman. I used to be in the same boat. I'd see a beautiful woman and be standing there thinking, "What the hell do I do? How do I pick her up?" ...and then she'd walk away and the opportunity would be lost.

A lot of guys struggle with the idea of how to pick up a woman, because they need help in the following areas:

  • How to approach.
  • What to say.
  • How to get the woman interested.
  • How to know if she is interested.
  • How to move things forward to a phone number, kiss, date or sex.

Some of the common mistakes guys make when trying to pick up a woman are that they:

  • Feel that women have all the power in terms of choosing who gets with who.
  • Try to impress women.
  • Put on the 'super nice guy' act, because they don't want to seem sleazy or too pushy.
  • Try to buy a woman's attention with gifts or offers of expensive dinners.
  • Make boring conversation about work (or study, depending on their stage in life).
  • Don't include any flirting, which is ESSENTIAL in the process of picking up women.
  • Get nervous or shy, which turns most women off.

...but, that's not for you! You want to know how to pick up women with ease, right? Well, I hope so because I'm about to teach you EXACTLY how to do it. Personally, I used to make all the mistakes that I mentioned above. I just didn't know any better. Eventually, after around 1.5 years of research and testing and approaching thousands of women, I worked out the complete system for 'picking up'.

Now, 5 years later - my team and I have developed the most ADVANCED system for picking up women in the world. It's simple, easy to use and there are absolutely no tricks, or tacky seduction methods that you need to use.

The way my system works is: You get a woman so attracted and interested in you, that she is COMPELLED to show you loads of interest. Then, we you see that she is interested, you move it forward - simple. One of the amazing things about my system for picking up women is that it can often result in the woman trying to pick YOU up.

In fact, once you start using my techniques that I'm about to share with you, it will no longer be about how to pick up a woman. It will change to, "How do I deal with all the women who want to be with me?!"

Welcome to The Modern Man. You are about to get instant access to techniques for picking up women that have take 5 YEARS to develop. Your life is about to change...

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“I originally came to your site wanting to know how to pick up women...but, I got a lot more than that! After using your advice on approaching, I found a girlfriend within 2's been 3 months now and things are going great, so I thought I'd drop you guys a line and say thanks!”
Anthony P, Phoenix
“Hey Dan, after reading the flow ebook my success with women immediately increased. its never been better after long years of failure i am now easily able to approach and pick up women and move it to the next level. thanks so much!!"
Mike M, Connecticut, USA
“I just wanted to say that I've already picked up a woman at a bar last weekend, even though I've only listen to half of your program! I made out with her within about 20 mins...haha...this stuff works, thanks heaps...”
Bradley, Australia