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Adapt your dating style to meet single women now, not next year...

It may sound pretty obvious, but for your dating life to be successful - you have to be prepared to approach and meet single women. Oddly enough, it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Have you ever been in this situation similar to this? You head out to a bar and see a beautiful woman who you is just your type. You walk up to her and introduce yourself, but not only does she turn you down, she tells you that she has a boyfriend and asks why you’re talking to her.

I used to hate that, so I decided to focus my energy on finding and meeting single women who were open to meeting a guy. I looked in all sorts of places and eventually discovered that, even in bars where you’d expect lots of single women – there are still plenty who are taken.

The best way to find out if woman is single when you talk to her in a bar, is to ask her. During the conversation, you can ask, “Hey, by the way – are you single at the moment?” or another one I use is, "So, having a night off from the boyfriend tonight?"

I've said it a thousand times and will probably say it a thousand more: Nothing is more important than believing in yourself when you’re trying to meet single women. Men who lack self-confidence look for any excuse to not approach, to walk away during a conversation that suddenly goes quiet, or to not ask if the woman is single.

You have to conquer your dating fears if you want to meet single women and improve your sex life. Use these beginner tips to get yourself out there to meet single women:

  • Loosen up: Dating is not like getting a tooth pulled, it’s like a party…where you are the guest of honor. Shake off your fears, let go and just allow your natural charm to appear. That's what people mean by, "Just be yourself..."
  • Stop doubting yourself: Watch too many movies and too many TV shows and you might get the impression that regular guys are not successful in dating. It’s just not true. There are loads of women who are perfect for you and most are desperately trying to find you.
  • Expand your knowledge: If you have nothing to talk about, you will often encounter awkward silences when meeting single women and trying to spark something up. I want to teach you how to make conversation with the single women you meet, but I need your e-mail below so I can send you the tips.

There are plenty of single, intelligent, pretty women who have similar interests and desires to you, but it’s up to you to meet them and make a connection. This is where I come in.

My name is Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern Man, a unique dating approach that will help you find and meet loads of single women in your area. It’s simple and painless to get started.Click below to learn my proven techniques that show you how to find and meet single women who are perfect for you.

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“I was at a movie theater with my friend John recently. We saw some girls and I was able to walk up to them, start a conversation and it just so happened we were going to the same movie. Perfect I know. Hung out with them after the Movie and was able to take them back to my place for some wine and some clean fun. This has been the best investment i have ever made and have never been happier or more optimistic about my life and my future with women. "
Bill D.C
“I've only had this program for a week and I've already got 2 phone numbers. For me that's a lot because I've always been to shy to meet women (especially during the day). Using your conversation examples, I met one girl when I was buying some lunch during my break and another on the train..I've decided to date both of them and then work out which one I like best. Been chatting on the phone to train girl and went on a date with lunch girl last night (kissed her at the end). I can't thank you guys enough..."
David, CA, USA
“When i found your audio program I thought "Okay here's something to take me in the right direction". I'm not interested in just sleeping with girls, but now I have a girlfriend of 2 weeks and she is absolutely stunning. Best girl I have ever met, and I can be myself around her and be confident in such a way that I think this relationship is really going somewhere good."
Will, Ohio