Shyness Meeting People - It's Killing Your Dating Life!

Beautiful women prefer guys who are confident...and this means that shy guys usually miss out on love, sex and relationships with women.

Shyness meeting people leads to failure in the dating game. 9 times out of 10, the shy guy is the one who is automatically placed in the ‘friend-zone’ by women. Meaning, the women don’t have any interest in having sex with him or dating him.

There are many ways that you can overcome shyness meeting people and here are some simple strategies to help you get started:

  • Believe that you deserve good things: Being the good guy that you are doesn’t mean that women aren’t and won’t be attracted to you. You don’t have to change who you are and become a jerk, or put on an act to get women interested. You just have to realize you deserve to date beautiful, attractive women and then take action to make it happen.
  • Say no sometimes: When it comes to dating, the guys who have shyness meeting people are often too nice and get stepped on by other people. Learn to find your limits and don’t allow anyone to push you around. You decide what you want, not other people.
  • Stop being too available: Want to avoid being placed in the dreaded ‘friend zone’? Wish you could get the girl of your dreams to want to date you? Then, stop trying to act like her best friend and do activities that she only does with her girlfriends. If you allow a woman to place you in the friend zone, it will be harder to get out of than you think.
  • Become a confident guy: Confident guys (who are successful with women) often have a little touch of arrogance, but not too much. They have belief in themselves and have the slightly cocky, charming authority to walk up to any woman without worrying about rejection.

Let’s continue to look at how your dating life can change if you learn how to overcome shyness meeting people. Who do you relate to more in the following example?

A shy guy

  • Often stands around in the background, waiting for someone to approach him.
  • His friends don’t see him as a threat for women’s attention and may talk down to him, or make him the butt of their jokes.
  • Women look at him with pity and he feels too intimidated or nervous to approach them.
  • If he does approach a woman, he is hesitant, fidgety and quickly becomes embarrassed and is turned down.

A confident guy

  • Often seems to be the center of attention without any great effort on his part.
  • His friends see him as their leader and come to him for advice and dating tips.
  • Women are impressed by his confidence when approaching them, and have no problem giving him their phone number.
  • When approaching a woman, he is easily able to move from exchanging numbers, to kissing and sex, sometimes during the first meeting.

I think it’s obvious which guy we all want to be. Now let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Dan Bacon and I founded The Modern Man because I have been in your shoes, allowing shyness to kill my dating life with women.

The Modern Man is designed to get you out of the starting gate and to the finish line with women. Total dating success is within your reach. To learn my proven techniques that will cure your shyness meeting people, click below to continue.

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“I also hated that I was so shy around women and suppressed by a fear of rejection. I felt like I was never being my true self, which made me feel like a phony, or an outsider when I was around people. That has all changed now - not only have I been having sex with new women that I've met over the past couple of months, but I have new friends and brighter outlook on life. I'm so glad I got your book...who knows where I'd be if I didn't..."

Peter, Alabama, USA
“I've only had this program for a week and I've already got 2 phone numbers. For me that's a lot because I've always been to shy to meet women (especially during the day). Using your conversation examples, I met one girl when I was buying some lunch during my break and another on the train..I've decided to date both of them and then work out which one I like best. Been chatting on the phone to train girl and went on a date with lunch girl last night (kissed her at the end). I can't thank you guys enough..."

Allan, Sydney, Australia
“I was searching a long time to find the solution to my shyness problems with women and I knew instantly that this stuff was it.

Since I started applying the techniques and mindsets you teach, I've gotten a lot more confidence with not just women but all the other areas of my life. I now I ask more for what I want and I usually get it. Like last night at the clubs, I started talking to a beautiful girl near the bar and 10 minutes later, I said "We should talk again, give me your number" and gave her my phone. She put the number in and said "Cool, call me - I'd like to catch up sometime"

The mindsets aspect is amazing, because I never understood positive thinking until you talked about negative dialogue going on in your head. Well, I’ve been able to improve on that a lot! It wasn’t that I never heard it before to be positive, but the way you guys explained it in such great detail while still being easy to understand is a really a rare thing.

Thanks a lot guys - I'm now back in the game and kicking ass!"