Are you afraid to approach beautiful women? What is stopping you?

If I hadn’t gone through it myself, I would NEVER understand it. I would never understand why the idea of approaching and meeting women is so ‘scary’ for so many men. Why men are afraid to approach and speak to beautiful women.

The reality is that some guys spend their WHOLE life being ‘afraid’ to approach and meet women. The best years of their life waste away, without ever truly experiencing the success that they deserve with women.

How can you avoid it happening to you? Let’s take a look at some real-life examples to find out…

Question from a reader

“Alright so I’ve bought your e-books have been reading them and have used them… I’m a good looking guy, always catch women checking me out…I still get shy when there is a group of them..
How can I approach a group of women like that…What should I say…

Also one last thing I just got out of prison for selling drugs and still am getting back on my feet..My situation tends to give me lack of confidence. What do you recommend I do to get over that. Definitely without a doubt could use your help.. Any advice is much appreciated” Pedro, USA

Response from Dan

So, let me get this straight…

You’re a good-looking guy and you always catch women checking you out. You’ve also recently gotten out of prison (so I’d assume you’ve also been in some fist-fights with some pretty mean dudes and that you’re not a wimp), but you’re too scared to approach women?

Even the ones who are checking you out? I have to be cruel to be kind here and ask you: What do you expect from women when it comes to showing you that they want to be approached? Are you waiting for them to say, “Hi Pedro – please talk to me. I really like you and I promise not to bite…I don’t care if you’ve been in prison. I like you, please talk to me…” ?

You have more chance of winning the lottery without a ticket. In other words – women are NEVER going to say that to you. If meeting women was as easy as them inviting you over and then inviting you back to their place, no-one would be reading this right now.

That is not how the dating game works. It is your responsibility as a man to approach and talk to women that you like, to see if you are compatible with each other. If not – no problems, just go and talk to the next girl.

If your approach doesn’t lead to a relationship, the woman you spoke to isn’t going to tell everyone in the world, “Oh my, Pedro spoke to me the other day and it didn’t work out between us…he’s such a ______ ” If anything, she might wonder why you didn’t like HER.

You said, “Also one last thing I just got out of prison for selling drugs and still am getting back on my feet..My situation tends to give me lack of confidence..” Okay, fine. I can see how you’d be a little worried about that, so here’s a lesson to remember: Some women will have a problem with it and some won’t.

If you’ve learnt your lesson from it – maybe you can just put it behind you and make a fresh start. It’s not as if you have to bring it up on the first date. Next, you asked me what you should SAY to these women when you approach, so I’m a little confused right now.

You have The Flow (which includes some of my favorite conversation starters), so quit making excuses and approach these women who are checking you out! Trust me – most women are more fearful of you rejecting THEM than the other way around.

Success story

“Hey Guys. Before i read The Flow, you could say i was about 75% of the typical “donts” listed within. I used to get dates ok, mainly by luck. The most important thing i really noticed while reading the e book, and could totally relate to, was that i was ‘putting the women on a pedestal’ and trying to buy and beg for their attention.

My lack of success was beginning to become a bit depressing! Reading the flow, answered so many questions about why women act the way they do, and seem to be testing all the time. Since reading the flow about 6 months ago, all aspects of my life have improved, women find me more interesting, and even my friends seem to look up to me more.

Using the techniques about cheeky humour, my friends say to me ‘only you can get away with saying that!’ Approaching women is becoming easier each week, and the previously daunting task of asking for womens phone numbers is now almost too easy.

I must say I was sceptical when purchasing ‘the flow’ but after reading a couple of pages, i wasn’t disappointed, and re-read now and again as its alot of great information to take in! Thanks Dan!” Ian L, London, England, 23 years old

Response from Dan

I love hearing stuff like this: “Since reading the flow about 6 months ago, all aspects of my life have improved, women find me more interesting, and even my friends seem to look up to me more.” It’s a great example of how important it is to improve your skills with women.

After coaching guys on how to be successful with women for many years now, I’ve realized that when a guy is NOT good with women, the rest of his life usually suffers as well.

Sure, he might be able to carve out a career for himself, but until he sorts out his ‘issues with women’, he’ll never feel like a complete man. Hats off to you for going from a skeptical dude reading my e-mails, to a success story in the making. You deserve all the fun times headed your way. Enjoy!

Question from a reader

“Hi Guys at Modern Man, Sorry for email length you must be bombarded its just i want to update on what i have been learning. I am trying to get my confidence up to approach women and my attitudes in what women want are changing. I never spoke to women in the past so i never have known what they like.

I still am trying to work on all areas of my life apart from women, because once i can get a job sorted out and make some friends i will hopefully feel more confident. I know, thanks to you guys that WE need to approach, WE need to get the number etc, so even tho i am still not getting dates/celibate and i generally feel lonely going out by myself, i now have knowledge.

I also have learned about Higher value/alpha malebody language and voice tone but my biggest fear when i do get courage is just going for the kiss. This scares the shit out of me as i am in my early 20s and never have kissed a girl b4 – so i really doubt myself whether i can do this.

Do women EVER kiss you first? I honestly dont know if i am the leading type i am also very responsive to peoples suggestions i dont like to lead – but the frustrating thing is I need to and not sure if i can. What used to annoy me was when women would say “I want a nice guy” yet when a man is nice they see them as a “friend”.

I am currently trying to find a reason to approach women during the day without being lame (i like your shoes, jacket , i just had to stop you, its all a bit lame to me) the girls during the day are nicer. Have you got any info on day pick up? if you have already then i must not have seen it yet.

Also if you guys are ever in the UK let me know about seminars you run cos i would be interested. Cheers” Mark

Response from Dan

Interesting story and thanks for sharing it. In summary, here are some of the areas you’re having problems with:

  • Not many friends (or none).
  • Fear of women.
  • Don’t think much of yourself.
  • Don’t want to take the lead with women.
  • Never kissed a girl before.

I understand that it’s not a good position to be in. However, you must understand that you are a man, not a woman. No matter how confident or independent a woman is, she still **EXPECTS** you to be a man to take the lead with her. It’s just how it works.

If you don’t take on your role as a man, **WOMEN WON’T LIKE YOU** – period. At the moment, you’re scared to take the lead with women because you fear they will reject your attempts to lead. However, when you start taking the lead with women, I guarantee that you will be amazed at how WILLING women are to be led by a man.

You will also be equally amazed at how much you ENJOY taking the lead with women once you start doing it. Anyway, it sounds like you’re really keen to meet women during the day and for that I recommend our audio program 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend.

Success story

“Dan I got your program back in March. I am 46 Widow etc, happily married 19 years. I wrote and said thankyou prior, but thought you might want some feedback as I look back. When you have been married a while, have kids etc you end up dropping the bad boy image ( not totally cant let them control you or I agree they will get bored.)

Then you get back out on the dating scene again and it is natural to be to “nice”. But it doesn’t work. Your book and clips helped me so much. I am not horrible to the girls but I work hard on using your tips to get them to chase me, and it works.

The only problem I have now is that I met this stunning intelligent girl who I am really enjoying being with and as such fighting hard to stay single. :-). Thanks Again” D, USA

Response from Dan

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Enjoy your new life D and my condolences on your wife who passed away.

Success story

“Man this book is helping me so much. I already feel more confident about myself and Im not afraid of woman anymore. I feel like a whole new man already. Before I was a shy boy that was afraid to interact with woman and now that Ive been reading the flow ive seen improvement and changes. What your doing is Great!

This reminds me of Hitch. Your the date doctor out to help your fellow men!” Jeremy E, California, USA, 18 years old

Response from Dan

As Morpheus said to Neo in the Matrix, “Welcome to the REAL world”. Enjoy the good times ahead with women!

Success story

“Before I purchased Dan’s ebook “The Flow”, I was the shy, nervous, nice guy, who was rarely the type to approach anyone, let alone beautiful women. Since reading the book, I have been more risky in the matter of having the balls to start talking to people, men and women, just to be friendly.

I then used that as a building block to initiate flirting and playful, cocky humor and have been getting great results. Women I approach begin to open up to me as if they have known me for a while and volunteer information about themselves to me.

Here’s an example, after talking with a women I was flirting with, I asked her if she preferred if a guy was to approach her or if she would be the one to approach a guy? She then replied that not enough guys approach her and that she thinks most men are chicken sh**, for not doing so.

There’s some proof right there that Dan and the boys know what they’re talkin about. As my confidence builds, there’s more in store, Thank You Gentlemen” Eric D, California, usa, 29

Response from Dan

Nice research work there Eric! Interestingly enough, some guys still won’t believe what you’ve said about women wanting to be approached. Some guys just want to believe that it’s ‘all too hard’ and that they cannot succeed with women. I used to be the same, so I can understand where they are coming from.

By the way…

If you are sick and tired of not experiencing the sex, love and relationships that you deserve with women – decide today to learn the information that you don’t know.

You will be amazed at how quickly everything changes when you start using the techniques we teach in our downloadable audio and video programs.

Dan Bacon

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