The Flow

Old edition: 127 pages / 43,792 words.
New edition: 231 pages / 80,088 words

Warning: If the idea of reading a dating ebook to learn how to make women chase you and want to get into sexual, loving relationships with you doesn’t sound appealing. If you’re one of those guys who thinks it is impossible to learn how to be good with women from a dating ebook…

Or, if you’re already satisfied with your dating life, having sex with beautiful women you want and see no need to improve your dating skills by reading a dating ebook…

…then this ebook is not for you!

However, if you are a guy who is willing to admit that the dating scene has CHANGED and is not like it was when our parents were dating…and if you’re a guy who is willing to admit that he needs some “help with the ladies,” then this ebook is for you!

What Are Guys Saying About My Ebook?

Guys who have read my dating ebook have told me things like: “Your techniques have made women ADDICTED to me, whereas in the past I couldn’t keep a woman interested for more than a few minutes.” Peter, CA, USA

“I almost feel like I’m cheating by having these techniques…but, doing what I’m doing now is what women want from me, so why should I stop and give up the amazing sex life I now have?!” Ryan, London, U.K

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John, Australia

Chris, NY, USA

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Joseph, Australia

Tim, Indiana, USA

Jim, AUS

David, Australia

Henry, NY, USA

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Why do my readers make such outrageous claims about The Flow? it is due to a number of “freak discoveries” I made that will makes any guy become more more attractive to women instantly.

Just how big a difference can The Flow make in your life? Consider these case studies…

  • Case study #1: In his first month of using the techniques, one reader who had never really approached women before managed to date 3 women, by only approaching a few women each weekend (approaching and starting conversations is explained in The Flow) and spending around 10 minutes talking to each of them.
  • Case study #2: After coming out of a long-term relationship, one reader had no idea how to get back into the dating scene. He found that women weren’t really interested in his ‘nice guy’ approach, so he decided to try something else. Using the techniques found in The Flow, he didn’t even need to approach any women. Why? The women in his life (workmates, friends of friends, etc) suddenly started showing a lot of interest in him! He ended up having sex with a girl he’d liked for years, even though she wasn’t previously attracted to him.
  • Case study #3: A guy who had been single and alone for 15 years (yes, that’s not a typo! 15 years of being alone!) without having sex with ANY women, suddenly found himself dating 1-2 women per week, picking out the best of the women from those dates and then getting into sexual relationships with 2, sometimes 3 women at once.

Now, you would assume that with all the amazing, real world successes I’ve had with this system, guys all over the world would be rushing to buy The Flow and use it for themselves. Except, there’s just one problem…

MOST GUYS DON’T THINK IT’S POSSIBLE TO IMPROVE THEIR SKILLS WITH WOMEN! Most guys think that being good with women is only reserved for tall, dark and handsome men who are rich and have big muscles and a big you know what. Not at all! Total success with women & dating is something that any guy can learn…and very QUICKLY. So quickly that it is SCARY how well it works.

No doubt you’ve seen average, ordinary-looking guys (just like me) dating beautiful women, even though they are NOT tall, dark and handsome. How do we do it? I’m about to share all that with you now. Try it out for yourself for 30 days at no risk!

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