There are millions of online dating sites waiting to take your money and they all promise that you will get some sex or a girlfriend.

Yet, if you’ve actually tried online dating, you will know that it rarely, if ever, works. For most guys, the best that they can get from an online dating site is to compete with 1,000s of other guys for an average looking woman who suddenly feels very popular.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Online Dating Unless You’re Prepared to Do it Right

Use an online dating site or develop your dating skills?

Online dating has become so competitive these days that, unless you have proper techniques, you get lost in all the noise. Guys who sign up to a dating site and expect that it will be an easy way to get quality women, are usually shocked and saddened by the fact that women are showing hardly any (or no) interest in them.

This happens because an AVERAGE LOOKING woman on a dating site will get BOMBARDED with 100’s (sometimes 1000’s) of messages per day from guys, trying to get her attention. You can multiply by that by 10 if she happens to be attractive.

Do you really think she has the time to read the 1,000s of messages sent to her every day? Do you think she will be LESS picky or MORE picky with who she chooses to reply to, when she is presented with so many options?

Unlike approaching women at a party, cafe or at a bar, using a dating site means that you are LITERALLY competing with 1,000s of other guys (sometimes more than 100,000 depending on the size of the site) for her attention. Dating sites actually put you at an instant DISADVANTAGE and are usually a complete waste of money, unless you are using the right techniques (we teach those techniques in our popular program called, 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend.

A lot of guys waste many years sticking to hope that online dating will work for them one day, but for most guys it’s just a waste of time.

If the guy just approached a woman and sparked her attraction in person, he’d have himself a new lover or girlfriend right away.

Would You Like to Learn How to Approach and Meet Beautiful Women Who Don’t Play Hard to Get?

When you approach a woman in a bar, at a cafe or at the shopping mall, you’re not competing with 1,000s of other guys who are approaching her at the same time. If you approach the interaction correctly (i.e. don’t hand over your power to her) and make her feel sexually attracted to you, then she won’t play hard to get.

She will go along with the pick up and will either give you her phone number, kiss you or have sex with you that very day or night.

These days, more and more men are investing time in building their confidence, improving their conversation skills and learning how to go from a conversation, to a kiss to sex and then into a relationship with the woman of their choosing. We teach this process in our program called, Dating Power. Here are some free clips from Dating Power:

Improve Your Skills With Women and Dating Will Become Easy

Dating (whether on online dating sites or in person) will always be difficult if you don’t fix your issues and problems areas with women. Personally speaking, my dating life SUCKED until I stopped and put in the effort to discover what I now teach here at The Modern Man.

Here’s the full story of where I was going wrong with women and how I worked out what I’ve now taught to 1,000s of men from across the world.

If you are interested in improving your skills with women and overcoming any issues (e.g. shyness, social insecurity, nervousness, etc) or problems (e.g. running out of things to say, feeling intimidated by beautiful women, etc) that you experience around women, then have a click around my site. Here are some free links to get you started:

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