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  • Stops you from worrying so much about what people think of you.
  • Reduces any “pressure to perform” or anxiety you feel when in social environments or in group conversations.
  • Increases your confidence when approaching women and talking with women.
  • Gives you an unmistakable air of confidence that naturally attracts women to you.
  • Helps you quickly “fit in” and be welcomed into groups in social situations.

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The Quick Fix For All Your Problems With Women

Fix the Important Things and the Other Things Will ‘Fix Themselves’

The cold, hard truth is that almost all of your troubles with women link back to problems with your INNER SELF.

By ‘inner self’ I am referring to: Your internal world, your self-image, your self-esteem and your inner confidence.

Without a strong inner self, you’ll NEVER be able to easily approach beautiful women, charm them off their feet and walk away with their phone number. Most will see right through your act and reject you.


Women are attracted to real confidence in men, not surface confidence or pretend confidence. Just like us men are attracted to real beauty in women,
not ugly women with make-up.

So, the question is: If you currently don’t have a strong inner self and are not the confident, powerful man that every woman is desperately looking for – how do you
fix that…and fast?

Work on YOU and YOUR internal world.

THAT is where the ‘quick-fix’ is and that is where the POWER is.

When you work on the important things like you and your internal world, you’ll notice that all of your other problems with women ‘magically’ begin
to FIX THEMSELVES. Why does this happen?

This happens because most INNER issues that guys have about women are INTERLINKED. If you fix ONE of them, it usually fixes a whole host of
other issues at the same time.

Here’s an example of interlinked inner issues:
1. Not approaching a woman because you fear what she might think of you

Imagine that you’re out in a public place and turn to see a beautiful woman that you’d love to approach and meet. In a moment of
confidence, you decide that you definitely want to do it.

However, the very next moment your heart starts pounding and beating faster, you begin to feel nervous and your confidence seems to disappear in matter of seconds. You start to fear what she might THINK OF YOU for approaching her (e.g. Are you a sleazy guy? Are you desperate? Are you just another annoying guy trying to pick her up?).

You also worry about what she might THINK OF YOU if she rejects you, or if other people (especially people that you know) find out what happened.

Moments later, she walks away and you never see her again. Another great opportunity slips through your fingers.

2. Not talking because no-one else is talking

We’ve all been guilty of doing something SIMILAR to this…

You walk into a place like a coffee shop to order a take-out coffee. As you walk in, you notice that it’s VERY QUIET and no-one else is
talking in the café. You also notice a beautiful woman behind that counter that you’d LOVE to date and have sex with.

She smiles at you as you approach the counter. However, instead of talking and flirting with her, you just say a few words to order your
coffee and then leave the shop quietly. Why didn’t you do what YOU wanted to do?

Why didn’t you use the opportunity to chat to her about your day and hers? Why didn’t you flirt with her by teasing her for being too slow making
the coffee?

The reason WHY is that you care more about what the random people in the cafe might THINK OF YOU for speaking aloud when everyone else is being QUIET, than actually getting what you want from your dating & relationship life with women.

You’d rather avoid the potentially ‘painful’ emotions of seeing a bunch of random people frown at you, or raise their eyebrows (wooo, scary!) than enjoy the pleasure of dating, having sex and being in a relationship with that woman.

Silly, isn’t it?

3. Not approaching a woman because other people are ‘watching’

You’re in a busy bar and notice two beautiful women that you’d love to meet. As you look around the crowded room, you notice that a number
of random people in the crowd look at you and then look away.

They’ve SEEN YOU.

Do they know what you’re up to now? Will they watch to see if you get rejected?

Suddenly, you change your mind about approaching because you’re worried about what the random people in the bar might THINK OF YOU if you walk over to the women and it doesn’t work out.

You worry that they might laugh at you behind your back. Or worse, call out and make fun of you in front of other people. You decide not to approach, because you care more about what a random group of people might THINK OF YOU, than meeting, dating and having sex with one of those women.

As I mentioned before giving the 3 examples, many of your problems with women stem from INNER issues. I also pointed out that if you fix ONE of your inner issues, it usually fixes many OTHERS at the same time because many of them are INTERLINKED.

So, I will now demonstrate how that works…

The quick-fix to these problems is to use one of the mindsets from the Mastery Methods & Mindsets program.
That mindset is to: Realize that no-one cares.

The reality is that most people are more concerned with their own life and their own issues, than yours. That much you’d agree with, right?

How about this…

Most people don’t give a CRAP about you, me or the next guy. Most people don’t give you more than a passing thought and even if they do – they don’t carry that thought with them for very long. Within seconds, they go back to thinking about THEMSELVES and THEIR life, because you don’t matter to them.

It was tough for me to accept this at first and it may be a surprise for you to hear it too, but it’s true. Not only is it true, but I believe that it’s one of the FASTEST ways to build social confidence that’s ever been discovered.

You no longer have to worry what people are thinking and can then approach your dating life like the strongest alpha males and the best naturals do – on instinct.

For example: You see a woman you want to approach and you do it. You don’t need to think and weigh up the risks, you just do it. You don’t worry about what anyone else will think, because you realize they don’t care anyway.

The best way to understand the mastery mindset ‘Realize that no-one cares’ is to think about it from YOUR perspective.

For example: Remember back to the last time you were in a bar and saw another guy talking to a woman. Did you care about what he was doing? Did you care how he was going with the woman, or were you more concerned with what was going on for you, in your world?

Even if you DID care about what was happening in his world, did your ‘caring’ affect him in any way?


The same goes for you.

If you want to approach a woman ANYTIME that it suits you, then go ahead and do it… because nobody cares if you do or don’t.

Really, they don’t.

If they DO happen to be watching you talk to a woman and it is going well, here’s what most people will assume:

a) You already know her.
b) You’re better with women than they are

Remember: Most guys can’t approach unless they are drunk or until they’ve been introduced to a woman through a friend.
c) She’s your girlfriend or a good friend.

If the interaction doesn’t go anywhere and you end up saying, “Hey, so it was nice to meet you anyway – I’m going to head off… have a good
day/night…” here’s what most people will assume:

a) You just said goodbye to a friend.
b) You know other people in the bar, or are there with friends and are
going to talk to them instead.
c) The woman is a bitch and she’s rejecting loads of guys in the bar.

Sure, sometimes a person may think, “Haha! He just got rejected…” but you won’t ever know if they thought that, nor should you care to know.

Here’s the thing…

99% of the time, most people are NOT PAYING ATTENTION to you and your life. They are lost in their own thoughts and world and paying attention to THEIR needs, desires and wants.

When I realized this mastery mindset and started using it, I noticed that it suddenly fixed a lot of my OTHER problems with women (and in life) as well. I felt a HUGE weight lift off my shoulders and finally felt free to be myself and do what I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I suddenly stopped caring what other people thought of me…and stopped needlessly adjusting my behavior to suit random people who DIDN’T CARE ANYWAY. It’s a liberating level of social intelligence to achieve and it makes it so much easier to be completely confident in social situations.

Better still, the deep, powerful, egoless confidence that comes from this mindset is like a DRUG to women. They cannot get enough of it.

When you have the confidence that comes from this mindset, women SEE it. They can see your relaxed confidence and composure and it is thoroughly CAPTIVATING to them.

A Quick Exercise to do Right Now

Imagine walking through a shopping mall by yourself…

You’re there to do some shopping and are browsing through a number of shops. An hour later, you sit down in the food court to have something to eat.

Look back over the last hour you just spent in the mall and ask yourself, “What adjustments have I been making my don’t care anyway)?”

If you’re anything like I used to you will notice that you make LOADS of adjustments to suit other people…who don’t care anyway

By the way…

The mastery mindset I’ve just shared with you is 1 of cover in detail, in the Mastery Methods & Mindsets

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methods, you will notice that what you once saw as difficult or scary is now easy and fun.

As I said in the beginning: Fix the important things and the other things will ‘fix themselves’.

It’s true.

All you need to do now is decide that – YES – you are finally ready to fix all of your problems with women ONCE AND FOR ALL.

To your success,

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