How to pick up a woman

Learning how to pick up women is one of the most exciting, rewarding things that you will ever do as a man. The first thing that you must learn is how to attract women when you interact with them.

Using attraction techniques to make women feel turned by you and then having your choice of women is simply one of the most awesome, exciting and rewarding experiences you will ever have in life.

Instead of being alone on a Saturday night and masturbating to porn, you will have a real woman there with you. A sexy, beautiful woman that you have selected, approached and picked up because you have the necessary skills.

You’re not like other guys who hope to “get lucky” and score once in a while. You actually know what you’re doing. You attract women on purpose and then guide them to kissing, sex and into a relationship.

You are one of the rare guys who actually know how to pick up a woman…

I Used to Be Hopeless at Picking Up Women

As of today, I’ve now slept with more than 250 women and have taught 1,000s of guys how to use my advanced attraction techniques, but it wasn’t always this good for me.

In the past, I would see a beautiful woman in bar, freeze up and think, “What do I do? What can I say to her? How can I pick her up?”

If I waited around long enough, another guy would talk to her or she would leave the venue with him. My opportunity with her would be gone and I would go home to look at porn, as usual. It was frustrating. I didn’t know where to start on my journey of learning how to pick up a woman, so I just went out approaching women every weekend until I worked it out.

Eventually, I worked out exactly how to pick up a woman by approaching her, attracting her, connecting with her and then escalating to kissing and sex that night, or at least getting a phone number to follow up and have sex on the first date.

When I got to that point, I knew:

  • How to be confident enough to approach.
  • What to say when you first meet the woman.
  • How to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting.
  • How to make her feel sexually attracted.
  • How to know if she is interested in having sex that night.
  • How to get a phone number.
  • How to move in for a first kiss.
  • How to have sex on the first night.

When I gained those skills, women began to flood into my life. I got to the point where I had too many options with women and it was around that time that I began to think about starting this website, to my knowledge with other guys.

How to Pick Up a Woman: Common Mistakes

Picking up women is easy when you know what you’re doing. However, if you are just trying to fumble your way through it, you will rarely get the results you want (i.e. a very attractive woman).

Some of the common mistakes guys make when trying to pick up a woman:

  • Thinking that women have all the power in terms of choosing who gets with who.
  • Trying too hard to impress women.
  • Putting on the nice guy act, because they don’t want to seem sleazy or too pushy.
  • Trying to buy a woman’s attention with gifts or offers of expensive dinners.
  • Having a boring conversation about work (or study, depending on their stage in life).
  • Not including any flirting to create a sexual vibe.
  • Getting nervous or shy and turning women off as a result.

Do you make any of those mistakes? If so, you’ve got to learn the right way to do it. You can become an expert at picking up women, but if you don’t learn from an expert like me, you will likely continue making additional mistakes that cause you to be rejected.

How Does My System Work?

The way my system works: You get a woman so attracted and interested in you, that she feels COMPELLED to show you (or even TELL you) that she is interested. Then, we you see that she is interested, you move it forward to a phone number, kiss or sex by using my rejection-proof techniques.

One of the amazing things about my system for picking up women is that it usually results in the woman trying to pick YOU up. She can’t stop herself from feeling that way because you are turning her on so much, without even coming across as sleazy. It’s really cool how it works.

Once you start using my techniques, it will no longer be about “how to pick up a woman” for you. Instead, you will begin wondering how to date multiple women at once or which women you should reject because you will have a LOT of women who want to be with you at once.

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