Take the following quiz…

If you like a woman, but haven’t yet kissed her, should you:

  1. Tell her that you like her and explain how you feel about her?
  2. Ask her out on a date?
  3. Wait for more obvious signs that she likes you, so you don’t mess it up?
  4. Hope that something will just happen between you and her one day?

The answer?

None of the above!

If you want to tell a woman that you like her, the best way (and the SAFEST way) is to flirt with her first and if she flirts back, she is showing her interest in you. When you flirt with a woman, you ELIMINATE rejection because you get to find out if she likes you too, before you reveal your feelings and intentions.

By flirting with a woman, you are basically communicating the following message without actually saying it: “Hey, I like you, I think you’re sexy and I’m enjoying this vibe we have together. Do you feel the same way? Would you like to have sex with me sometime soon?”

If a woman flirts back at you, she is saying, “YES!”

So, don’t try to tell a woman that you like her. If you tell her that you like her and she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, what will happen? She will reject you (95% of the time) and you will be placed in the friend zone. T

o avoid that happening, make sure that she is attracted to you, then flirt with her and assess her response. If she flirts back, then escalate the conversation to a kiss or sex that day/night. If you want to take things a little slower, at least get her phone number, call her up and go out on a date.

The Magic of Flirting

Have you ever seen a man and a women begin having what seems to be a normal conversation, but the woman suddenly gets all giggly, they playfully hit each other (e.g. on the arm) and there suddenly seems to be sparks flying back and forth between them.

To a guy who doesn’t understand how to flirt with women, he will usually assume that they have special connection or that they are “meant to be,” but, the reality is they are just flirting.

Guys who don’t know how to communicate in the secret language of flirting will always find it difficult to make women attracted to them during conversation. No matter how hard they try, women will just seem distant and uninterested. The guy will be fully attracted and interested, but the woman will hardly feel ANYTHING because he can’t communicate with her on that level.

Instead, she will just see him as a friend and he’ll be stuck in the dreaded friend zone. It doesn’t matter how long he has known the woman or how “deep” of a conversation they’ve had together, all it will take for a guy to steal her away is for him to come along and flirt with her.

Telling Her About Your “Feelings”

When a guy feels attracted to a woman who is also nice and friendly to him, he will almost always develop “feelings” for her. Yet, what he will usually fail to realize is that pretty much every guy has that reaction to her.

If a woman is attractive and nice to guys who meet her, most guys will develop feelings for her. After a while, she will get bored of that and begin feeling more attracted to guys who are a bit of a challenge.

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