Nice guy syndrome

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but there is a problem with being too nice to her, especially when she isn’t being nice in return.

A guy who suffers from the Nice Guy Syndrome, will usually make some or all the following mistakes around women.

He will:

  • Try to be a woman’s friend, instead of first making her feel sexual attraction for him and THEN developing a relationship.
  • Stick to boring, “safe” conversation to avoid offending her.
  • Feel nervous, intimidated or shy around women he likes.
  • Assume that the nicer he is, the more she will “like” him.
  • Tell her that he has “feelings” for her, before he’s even made her have feelings for him by making her feel sexually attracted to him.
  • Behaves like a lower-ranking male around confident guys or alpha males.
  • Is overly polite and nice to a woman like he would be to his grandmother.
  • Asks if she is interested in a relationship before he has kissed her.

In Hollywood movies and TV show, the nice guy will almost always get the girl in the end. He will somehow save the day, save the girl or save the world and then the girl will realize that she made a mistake for being with the jerk or bad boy and then falls madly in love with the nice guy.

In the real world, women aren’t looking for a jerk, bad boy or nice guy, they are looking for a strong, good guy. In other words, a real man.

Letting Go of the Nice Guy Act

Nice guy syndrome

There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy and in fact, I recommend that you be a good guy. However, you can’t JUST be nice and then expect to be successful with women.

Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness, which means that you have to be confident, not insecure, nervous or intimidated by attractive women. You have to have your own purpose in life, rather than being clingy in a relationship with a woman. You have to be more of an alpha male, not a self-doubting, lower-ranking male.

The truth is, much of the niceness that a guy (who is suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome) displays is merely an ACT. It is his way of hopefully getting by in life and having people (and women) like him. As a boy, he learned that being nice was a good thing and when he was a nice, good boy, he tended to be treated well by his parents, teachers and other authority figures.

Yet, there is more to life than getting people to like you for being a good, little boy. The real world is challenging and to be respected by other guys, wanted by women and happy with yourself, you have to be confident and real.

You can’t go around putting on an act and hiding your true personality. Who you are deep down will always remain the same, but you can’t go on being so nice and expect that other people will suddenly respect you for it. The nice guy wins in the end in the movie, but in real life, you have to stand up and command respect.

Being Too Nice to Women Won’t Get You Anywhere

Women do want to meet a good guy, but they don’t want you to be the sort of wimpy nice guy who will let them walk all over you. If you approach your dating and relationship life in that way, you can expect to get dumped, divorced or cheated on.

These days, most women don’t put up with anything less than a happy relationship where the man is in charge. So, if you are one of the millions of guys who are suffering from the Nice Guy Syndrome and contributing to the horrible divorce rate, then decide to change that. You deserve better and it all starts with you becoming a stronger, more well-rounded guy.

Here are some beginner tips to get you started:

Let her experience your confidence: Confidence is the #1 thing that women are attracted to in men. When you build more confidence, simply let women be around you and experience that confidence. When they do, they will naturally feel attracted to you whether you are a nice guy, a jerk or even a bad boy.

Why? Attraction is different to a woman “liking” you as a person. Since you are already a good guy, all you need to do is focus on becoming more attractive to women and you will then be seen as a real man.

Stop wasting money on expensive dates or gifts: You don’t have to buy a woman’s attention. You can keep her interested without wasting money trying to wine and dine her. You can have sex with her for free if you just make her feel a lot of sexual attraction for you and then escalate to kissing and sex.

Don’t always cater to her needs first: Guys who suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome often put a woman’s needs ahead of their own because they want to be seen as a caring gentleman. Women only appreciate these gestures if they are sexually attracted to you.

If you’re being nervous, shy and hesitant around her and if she can see that you like her, then many women will take advantage of your kindness. They will play games with you and get you to do all sorts of difficult things for them, just to see how far they can push you. The more you let her push you around and put her needs ahead of your own, the less respect and attraction she will feel for you.

Relax more around women: Talking to women is only as uncomfortable as you allow it to be. Being nervous, shy or anxious around a woman is simply a state of mind that YOU are creating by thinking in the ways you do.

Follow a tested system: Instead of assuming that your way is better than everyone else (and everyone is crazy for not being as nice and sweet as you are), try following the dating rules of a good guy who is actually successful with women.

Why Learn From Me?

My name is Dan Bacon and I used to suffer from the Nice Guy Syndrome. I’m still a nice guy, but the difference is that I also know how to make women feel sexually attracted to me based on what I say and so when interacting with them.

Since transforming myself and my own dating life, I now teach fellow nice guys how to be more confident and assertive, while also retaining their good guy approach to life. I know what women want and the steps that guys need to take to have sex and get into relationships with beautiful women.

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