Sick of being rejected by women?

If you are a good guy with good intentions when it comes to women, it may feel unfair that women often reject you.

However, what you will find when you understand how attraction really works is that women haven’t been rejected who you are deep down as a guy; they have been rejecting your approach.

Women need you to make them feel attracted to you first and THEN they become interested in the idea of getting to know you, kissing you and having sex with you. If you’re trying to get women want to be with you sexually or romantically by showing them that you’re a good guy, it’s just not going to work.

Being a good guy is great, but you ALSO have to make women feel sexually attracted to the way you talk to them, behave around them and interact with them. Watch this video to understand why being too nice to a woman often leads to rejection…

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Don’t Believe That YOU Can Be Successful With Women?

Some guys doubt that they can have a lot of success with women because of their looks, race, age or financial position in life. However, as you would have already seen – all types of guys have beautiful, loving girlfriends. The answer to success with women is not looks, money or race – it is making women feel attraction.

You can make women feel attracted to you by displaying personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women, such as: Confidence, humor, masculinity, social intelligence, charisma, charm, etc.

Want to Know the SECRET to Success With Women?

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