While out coaching clients on our weekend courses, I stopped to ask women a few questions about whether or not they liked being approached.

“Guys Are Not Approaching Enough”

“Australian Guys Approach Women More Than Danish Guys”

“Do You Like Being Approached By Guys?”

“Do Girls Like Meeting Guys in Bars?”

A lot of guys assume that women don’t want to be approached if they are single. Many guys think that the woman will be annoyed that he interrupted her day or night by approaching her.

Yet, the reality is that most women do not and will not ever actively approach men. Women don’t want to approach men because it will give insecure guys a chance to get to know them.

Women are instinctively wired to breed emotional strength (e.g. confidence, alpha male mindsets) into the human race not weakness (e.g. nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, etc). By approaching a woman, you immediately signal to her that you have a good level of emotional strength (or confidence).

Women are naturally attracted to guys who are confident, so don’t be afraid to walk up and say hi. No guy can pick up every woman in the world, but you at least have to give yourself an opportunity to talk to women so you can pick up some of them.

If you can display some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, humor, masculinity, etc) when you interact with women, most of the women you meet will at least feel some attraction for you and will not reject you.

Building Up the Confidence to Approach Women

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