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Free Bonus Training: Part 2 of 3

In this video, I explain how to Assume Rapport and Attraction when using two of the conversation starters from The Flow.

When starting conversations with women, it’s important to help them relax and feel comfortable talking to you by showing that you are relaxed and comfortable. Talk to women with the vibe and manner that demonstrates you aren’t afraid to say hello.

Women appreciate guys who have the confidence and social intelligence to start a conversation in a confident, easy-going manner. Once you begin a conversation and spark the woman’s attraction for you, simply build on that attraction by attracting her in other ways (e.g. continued confidence, make her laugh, flirt with her, etc) and then transition to connecting with her.

Some women require more of a connection than others before they will give you a phone number, kiss you, etc. You will need to trust your gut instinct on that and be brave enough to take things to the next level when the moment is right.

Parts 1-3

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