Thank you for your personal message to me.

I would love to continue to reply to emails personally, but it’s no longer physically possible because The Modern Man is now getting many 1,000s of visitors per day.

Overloaded with messages

I literally get contacted my more than 250 times per day via e-mail, Facebook, comments on the site, Youtube and Skype who would like to get a personal reply from me.

Pending messages

As you can see from the graphic above, if I keep replying to everyone it just continues to build up because approximately 50% of guys keep replying to me when I reply.

Replying to everyone personally was fine back when The Modern Man wasn’t getting a lot of visitors to the site, but it’s just no longer possible for me to reply to everyone because there are 100s of personal messages being sent to me every day now.

I also get a lot of messages where guys want to tell me about their success with women, which is the main thing that I love to hear from guys.

Yet, I can’t even reply to those messages anymore because I am only one human being! 🙂

I wish I could reply to emails, but I just can’t at this point because The Modern Man has become so popular now.

My Assistants

From now on, all e-mails will be handled by my assistants (Andy, Max and James).

This will allow me to devote 100% my working time to writing articles, creating videos and creating new programs.

Please note: My assistants are not qualified to give dating or relationship advice, so they will refer to you one of my training programs that is perfect for you.

Feel free to ask them which program is best for you.

Alternatively, if you would like to know which program is right for you without getting sending an email, please watch this video.

Once again, thank you for your personal message to me. I appreciate it and I look forward to helping you get the results you want with women!