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Help men succeed in all areas of dating and relationships with women.


The Modern Man began in 2005 with the release of The Flow eBook (by Dan Bacon), which was recently updated and now comes in an audiobook format as well.

Within weeks of releasing The Flow, Dan Bacon (the founder), along with Ben and Stu (coaches for The Modern Man) began taking clients out into bars, clubs and other social environments to show them how to naturally walk up to, attract and connect with women they found attractive.

Soon after, The Modern Man appeared on TV, radio, in the papers and online to explain what they were doing.

TV Appearances

Print Media

Dan Bacon in the Courier Mail
Dan Bacon in Penthouse magazine
Dan Bacon in Image magazine
Dan Bacon in Jetstar's in-flight magazine


Online Press and Reviews

  • Dan Bacon was interviewed by Dating News in September, 2023 and asked why so many guys are struggling to get a girlfriend these days (60% of men between 18-29 are currently single in the USA).
  • Dan Bacon has featured in several articles where he has been interviewed by BoredPanda, to offer his experienced and insightful perspective on relationship issues. One of the interviews focused on the problems that couples were experiencing during the 2020 pandemic.
  • Dan Bacon’s advice was referenced in an article on LifeHack, regarding the stages couples go through before breaking up.
  • Dan Bacon’s advice was referenced on WikiHow, regarding meeting and attracting women.
  • Dan Bacon was interviewed by Female about how men have become increasingly afraid of approaching women, due to what they see in movies and on TV shows. Important: This article was posted in approximately 2007, which was long before the 2017 Me Too movement that caused some men to be afraid to approach women, or the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020 and resulted in people having to stay 6ft away from each other due to social distancing rules. The reality is that fear of approaching and talking to women is something that men have struggled with for a very long time. It’s definitely not a new thing, but the Me Too movement and the pandemic did add to the fear and hesitation that some men experience when wanting to walk up and say hi to a woman they find attractive.
  • Dan Bacon was touted as “the best at giving relationship advice to men,” by MensXP.
  • Cliff’s List said this about Dan Bacon, “Dan Bacon is an extraordinary men’s dating coach who had solved the puzzle of how to be successful with women even if you aren’t tall, handsome, and or wealthy.”
  • Ippei Kanehara wrote a personal review about how advice provided by Dan Bacon helped him become more successful with women.
  • Eddie Baller (dating coach for men), interviewed Dan Bacon and asked questions that many guys want the answers to (e.g. Can ugly guys really attract pretty women? How can a lonely guy start meeting women? What’s the best way to get an ex woman back? What is the most common relationship issue that leads to breakups?).
  • R from Dating Coach Reviews wrote a Dan Bacon Review, after purchasing and using a number of programs from The Modern Man to increase his success with women. He went from getting occasional results with women prior to learning from Dan Bacon, to getting consistent, easy results with pretty women. He also went from being almost confident, to totally confident and fearless in terms of approaching and interacting with women he finds attractive.
  • eAssets wrote a review about Dan Bacon and dissected his relationship advice for men.
  • Courtney Ryan, a female dating coach from the USA, reviewed a video by Dan Bacon (9 Signs of Insecurity That Turn Women Off) and she had only positive things to say about his advice for men on how to be successful with women. (See below).
  • The Modern Man was listed as one of the top dating blogs for men, by Dating News.

The Modern Man Method: Natural Attraction and Love

Unlike the cheesy pickup artists of the time (circa 2005-2010) who were using tricks and trying to manipulate women, The Modern Man was teaching a natural method of being genuine, confident and charming when talking to women.

This resulted in a flood of positive press and media coverage when The Modern Man began, as well as a tsunami of success stories from good men who were finally able to find themselves a girlfriend.

Yet, it was only just the beginning!

From there, The Modern Man began to hold seminars from as far back as 2006, to share some of the things they’ve discovered by helping good men meet, connect with and start dating women that they found attractive.

After 3 years of taking new clients out into social environments to meet and connect with women, as well as holding many seminars, The Modern Man eventually recorded its best ever seminar, Dating Power.

Dating Power teaches a man everything that he’d learn if he attended a live course (on meeting women in person) with The Modern Man.

In the audio above, Dan, Ben and Stu explain what motivated them to improve their results with dating and relationships, as well as how they developed the Dating Power techniques.

After delivering Dating Power, The Modern Man then got to work on developing a series of additional programs designed to help men with specific areas of knowledge needed to become and be truly confident and successful in a relationship with a woman.

Programs such as The Ultimate Guide to Conversation (about conversation), 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend (about getting a girlfriend) and Mastery Methods and Mindsets (about confidence).

Eventually, men began to ask for relationship advice and help, as well as help on how to get an ex girlfriend or wife back after a breakup or divorce.

As a result, two additional programs were created, Make Her Love You For Life (by Dan Bacon, who had been with his wife for just under 5 years at that point. They got into a relationship back in 2012 and are still happy, together and in love today and now have twin girls) and Get Your Ex Back Super System (by Dan Bacon, who at that point, had coached more than 100 men via phone coaching, to successfully get an ex girlfriend or wife back).

Here is Dan Bacon with his wife and twin daughters:

Dan Bacon - wife

Dan Bacon with wife

Dan Bacon - wife and twin girls

Dan Bacon also launched a Youtube channel for The Modern Man, which quickly grew in popularity and continues to do so to this day, due to Dan’s focus on natural attraction, as well as love and relationships.

Dan has also appeared in several interviews with other dating coaches and Youtubers.

February 2020: Dan was interviewed by two female dating coaches (Kristen Carney and Marni Kinrys).

February 2022: Dan was interviewed by two American doctors, Dr. Mark Sylvester (psychiatrist) and Dr. Richard Schulman (psychologist).

Future Plans

Future plans for The Modern Man include additional training programs, seminars and workshops and an endless stream of new, helpful, in-depth articles on the blog and free videos on Dan’s Youtube channel.

To learn more, check out some of our helpful blog posts or videos, or check out our store for a range of programs that help all types of men.