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When in a relationship, a woman wants to stay with you, impress you, keep you happy and never let you go.

I know this because I’ve done it myself and have taught thousands of guys, from across the world, to do the same.

So, if you are ready to begin your rapid journey to success with women, I am also ready to help you right now.

I can’t wait to show you how simple and easy it is to get amazing results with women.

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Dan BaconFounder, The Modern Man

Dan, Ben and Stu - Dating Power

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Recent Success Stories

I got my girlfriend back by using your ex back method. Nothing else worked for me except your approach.

I got her back within a few days after watching your program because it pumped me up with confidence and I just knew I could re attract her and get the job done. And I did!

I just wish I had found your site earlier because I wasted so much time trying other methods before I stumbled across your system.

My girlfriend means the world to me, so to have her back is priceless. Thank you for your help!!!


I read your Flow ebook last month and got a kiss the first time I went out to try this stuff at a friend’s party. I went out the next week to a bar and had sex with a stunning brunette who is now my girlfriend. Amazing information! Thank you! MC from New York”

Thank you for all your hard work and insight into the dynamics of making relationships work.

I Purchased the Make Her Love You For Life program and I am very happy with all you are sharing. Its giving me the right parameters to operate from in my marriage and allows me to monitor my own behavior.

As a result I have been noticing changes in her behavior toward me. As an example, when we have fun and I take her in my arms to dance she teases me and tries to lead at first before giving in, but this time, and for the first time, she let go, trusted me right away and enjoyed me leading her.

Now that I’m coming from the right frame of mind she is able to act more feminine because I’m acting more like the man and practicing putting all the pillars in place.

I feel like the old He man cartoons where he says, “I Have the Power!” We’re having sex on a regular basis now and it’s like we’re back in love like the early does.

So thank you Dan!


I have a beautiful girlfriend now thanks to The Flow.

I used it to get a woman from work who I had a crush on for 6 MONTHS and didn’t even have the courage to talk to her for more than a minute. The Flow gave me the confidence and know-how to talk to her, get her attracted and make the relationship happen. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. James”

“Hi Dan

Me and my wife are now back together and so happy.

I’ll be honest with you I thought after I went through your programmes that they would be of no use to me I couldn’t have been more wrong. It got me in the right mindset and helped me through the toughest part of the break up and showed me how to be a man that my wife would want.

In all fairness it just felt natural to be this way so many many thanks to you and the team at modern man because without you it would have been impossible for me to get my wife back in my arms so if any of you guys are in Liverpool England any time don’t hesitate to contact me because I would like to take you guys out for a drink.

Thank you.

You don’t realise how much you have helped me I am eternally grateful thanks again from the happiest man in Liverpool Matty”

I got your Make Her Love You For Life program last month and watched it twice. My wife was ready to leave me, but she has changed her mind. She is so into me now. We were on holidays last week and she noticed women looking and me and checking me out. Not only can she feel the changes in me, but other women see it to. Our sex life is back and she loves like me she used to but even more now I feel. So thank you Dan. You are doing a real service to the men of this world with your work. Please keep going. M”

Hi Dan

I got my ex back! Your system worked for me and it was easier than I thought it would be.

I was lead to believe by friends that once a girl broke up with you that that was it but now that I’ve done it I can see what you see about attraction and relationships and love.

Me and my girlfriend are now planning on moving in together and things are really good, so my thanks to you for the brilliant program and advice.


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“I purchased Flow and also listened to many free videos.

I was recently divorced and while looking forward to new relationship, I did not want to make any mistakes (or make only few mistakes) this time. Again, was not sure what mistakes I might have made first time around.

‘The flow’ helped me see my past mistakes (also what I did right) and why I screwed up. Long story short, I have a shortlist of some 8-10 beautiful attractive women to choose from at this time and all of them are ‘keen’ on me. Thank you team. N”

“Absolutely love “The Flow” I landed an amazing girlfriend thanks to you. Not only that other areas of life are starting to come together. You are the man keep up the amazing work! TC”

Hi Dan, I ended an 18-year relationship earlier this year due to infidelity on her part and hit the dating scene really for the first the ever.

Fucken scary at first… My confidence was pretty low due to how the relationship ended, but that was short-lived after purchasing the flow….

Being a normally confident guy, this process gave me the recipe for pulling chicks my confidence beyond my expectations.

Using the process, I have hooked up with 7 decent looking chicks in the last 8-weeks – making up for lost time!!

It’s crazy how often they will say ‘I’m not normally like this…’ or …’what a whirlwind that meeting was…’ moving them from hi to sex in a matter of hours.

I’m glad in some ways that not many men know about this, because I feel like I have such a tremendous advantage of all other guys trying to pick up women.

At times it feels like shooting fish in a barrel – something I’ve never experienced before.

With the process really embedded in the way I interact with all women now, it has changed the outlook and confidence i have in life.

Knowing that if I go out and want to take a new lady home, I can make this happen is incredible.

Me and a couple of mates now have challenges in how quickly we can get a number, kiss and.move them to a kiss.

I set a new record on Saturday from hi, kiss then number in just over 4 minutes.

This is the confidence and proof that,your method works.

I have the last couple of weeks gone out by myself, with the intention of taking someone home. Both times within a matter of hours.

Thanks for all the info you share. It truly is life changing and I would love to buy you a beer sometime to say thanks. Cheers, James”

“Hey Dan, so I bought your e book The Flow and had amazing success with women, I had more women in this year then I have had in my whole life prior.

Now I’m in am amazing relationship, she’s good to me and I want it to stay that way. I have watched every single one of you YouTube videos on relationships and I’m willing to buy the make her love you for life program also.

I just don’t have the money as of right now, but I will buy it soon. I guess what I really wanted to say was thank you for everything you do for men.

The best part about being in relationships now is I’m not worried or live in fear that if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason I’ll be okay, but I want to make sure that this relationship I’m in stays, we continue to make each other happy long after many years have gone by. Jeremy”

“Hey Dan, man thank you so much my life has changed a lot since i started reading you stuff last year and got The Flow and a couple of other programs from you.

I got a very beautiful girlfriend, my friends are busy asking me how i got her.

They are shocked at how she is the one initiating everything here.

I got her phone number then i used your line saying “Hey its.. don’t call me all the time on phone no. Because my wife might het suspicious” she laughed and we chatter for a few minutes I was making her laugh.

I then called her and then i arranger a meet up. She agreed we met up.

At the date she kept giving me shit tests e.g she said I look like monkey because I was not shaven, ha ha ha I just laughed and made a joke about it.

She initiated the first kiss, thats when i knew i passed all the tests she was giving me.

Damn! Dan I understand women because of you my friends do not understand whats going on because I was struggling with women now they are chasing me, all i do is initiate talking in a way that is naturally attractive to them. They just feel a spark and start chasing me.

So Dan after coming back from the date, I asked her for another meet up at the hotel last and she agreed, we had great sex, i made her cum.

She is more than excited and is crazily in love with me i can tell even by the way she looks at me.

I cant believe how it all happened because she a 9/10 but what I do is that I use your strategy of not being smitten by her or showing her that she is above me in terms of looks even though deep down I know she is fuckin hot.

But I don’t compliment her too often i only complement her when its due so she is always feeling like she needs to impress me, when we are meeting up she dresses up and do make up.

Bro she is super hot.

Thanks very much Dan for everything man I don’t know how many times i used the lines you teach on your programs, they always work for me. FM”

“Better than a bad boy has been an awesome experience. Much more than learning how to become attractive to women, this program has taught me how to live out my life in a much effective way.

It’s given me insight as to how becoming a strong person can lead to success in life. I used to be a person who gave up easily, can’t control his emotions, and crumble in the face of rejection and tests put up by women.

Without you I probably would probably still have no clue with women.

At first I only wanted to get that one special girl who was a very close friend of mine (whom I met through facebook), but nothing more. After reading the flow and applying the techniques on other women, she began to take notice and asked me out. And during that date, I escalated to kissing then sex.

And it’s all because the modern man. Right now, I’m dating casually, and I’m never nervous or afraid of rejection ever again. Again, thanks for everything! Walter”

Hey Dan, I want to tell you that buying “The Flow” has given me cheat codes to girls and it was definitely worth the money!! I’m 18 and having this information feels like having google maps when trying to solve the labyrinth that is women. I wish I could give you a hug as a huge thank you. I am getting the girls I want now. It’s amazing! Justin”

“Hey Dan, I purchased “Get your ex back super system” on October 25th.

I just got my X back yesterday November 1st who iv been with for 8 years and who i share a 7 year old child with.

Thank you so much for your program. I never would have been able to put myself in the positive mind set needed to get her back otherwise. Also it gave me the tools to understand her tests and mind games and the confidence that I didnt have before to let her go out partying and not be insecure about it.

Although there were ups and downs from my October 25th purchase date till November 1st when I got her back and wasn’t exactly the lengthy time frame I would have liked but after relentless testing on her part that I know and understand how to laugh off and difuse the situation your program works to a tee.

I was really hesitant about buying it given the price but by far the best money Iv spent in a long time. The tools and skills on a fair value relationship your video has taught me will resonate with me for the rest of my life. Dan Bacon you are truly a god. Thank you, your truly indebted customer from Vancouver Canada, Peter”

Yo Dude, I don’t have a question but I want to thank you. 2 months ago I had a breakup with my ex.

This is when I discovered your videos on YouTube. They helped me through that difficult time and gave me a lot of confidence. I ended up not following through to get her back for personal reasons.

When I accepted that I was going to be single again I decided to buy “The Flow” from you.

Sometime later I met a girl I used to have a crush on but then I was much too shy and insecure to have a chance.

Now I have applied the steps of “The Flow” to her and yesterday I had sex with her for the first time. I want to thank you for your good advice. You are a HERO! L.S”

“I got Dating Power, Better Than a Bad Boy, Alpha Male Power and your Conversation product after using The Flow to get laid three times in about 6 months.

I wasn’t putting much effort into using The Flow because I am busy with my work but I think getting laid 3 times was good especially when I hadn’t had sex for 2 years prior to that.

Something hit me though about 3 months ago when I saw my friends getting into relationships and I was still just getting laid and not following up to keep the girl. So I decided to keep learning from you and deepening my knowledge. I watched those 3 programs and listen to the ultimate guide to Conversation and then hit the bars in my city about 1 month ago.

I made a conscious decision to only talk to the very attractive women as you suggest and to my surprise I was able to get them attracted to me. I was genuinely surprised but I know that your advice does work so it was sort of like another confirmation that I was doing this right.

I got 2 phone numbers and a kiss that night and then had a date the following week with the woman I liked the most. She and I started having casual sex and now we are seeing each other at least twice a week.

I am not yet fully ready for a relationship though I think. Something in me tells me to keep having fun and maybe settle down in about a year or more.

So I have been going out on Friday nights and I have had sex with 2 more women and I have another few who text me and call me looking to set up dates. It is good to be able to have this power. I spent most of my life clawing and fighting to just get one woman interested enough to date me and now I have plenty of offers.

I will let you know when I have more success stories to share Dan but that is all for me now! Jake”

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“Hey Dan! Last night went like this.

I met a chick on the street, went back to her hotel for the hot tub, then went back to her room and had sex with her.

Went back to the bars the next night and me and my friend pulled two hotties numbers after about 2 hours of conversation and making out with them at the bar. The next morning pulled 3 beautiful 18 year old girls numbers from the restaurant we were eating breakfast at. Just thought I would let you know. DC”

“Great advice in your Make Her Love You For Life course! I did something similar to this and became very powerful with women about 15 years ago. Got lazy again though and let things slide so have been in a bad patch again with my long term partner for the last 6 months. One thing you said struck a chord when you said about your women wanting to suck you off. That’s not happened for 3 years!! Implemented your advice and I had forgotten how powerful a magnet you can become. 5 days ago she was on her knees!! Must remember to not get lazy again. Ray”

“Thank you Dan and the Modern Man team, your teaching and guidance has massively helped me! I now have a beautiful girlfriend and maintain a great relationship thanks to what you teach – which I wasn’t able to do in my marriage – it ended in divorce. After my marriage broke down, I found the Modern Man brilliant teaching online. What you guys say helped my gain my confidence, find a beautiful girlfriend, keep the spark in the relationship and hugely helped me in life too. Absolutely superb! Every man should listen to this before getting into a relationship. Thank you Dan and the team I am very grateful! J from UK”

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you.

After purchasing your get your ex back system I successfully followed the steps and won my ex back whilst making the necessary changes.

I noticed a power shift after getting back together which was natural after I’d been a bit too controlling on some issues so I needed to ease up.

Gradually I demonstrated to her that I was a capable man who she could look up to emotionally and she’s now happy again with the relationship.

I’ve also been able to reward her good girlfriend attributes with more attention and vice verse for things I’m not so keen on without being to reactive etc.


“Before The Modern man, I was beyond hopeless with women (actual I was the worst out there) I couldn’t make them feel attracted, they hated me and disrespected me and talked behind my back and said nasty things about me.

Like what… I thought I was handsome, friendly, really hard-working, a great guy, captain of my house team, really skillful in so many different things, but women weren’t interested one bit.

Not even 1% interested.

It got so bad, that through feeling awfully sad, day and day out, watching loads of pornography and feeling even worse and lonely, I had eventually called a hooker. She was ugly too… not only was the sex average, but she gave me an unfair service too.

Talk about a double slap in the face right?

Lost my virginity to an ugly, desperate hooker as well. Oh what an awful time of my life. I said the night I got back home, “Enough is enough, I will have a girlfriend and she’ll respect me and love me. I’ll do whatever it takes, I’m sick of women treating me badly and playing with my feelings”

Searching online, I came across many sites, they all sucked because I later went on a date with an intensely desperate woman, who actually rejected my feelings in the end. (Haha, fantastic. Isn’t that ironic for a first date)

After being annoyed, angry and crying for a few hours, I came across The Modern Man. Now this very site, changed my life Initially, I thought that I would not be able to pick up any women.

I thought it was impossible.

No way will any girl like me.

I experience chronic pain and have mild Asperger’s syndrome.

I couldn’t speak to some people properly, being mentally challenged in some areas.

But no, none of these things mattered. Dan, Ben and Stu showed me so many different things that no one, not even my mother would tell me. In fact, my mum still tells me that I need to dress well to attract women (oh please, I dress silly at the gym and women are attracted to me)

I soon realised that while I practiced the techniques that I learnt in The Flow and Better Than a Bad Boy (both wicked, awesome and incredible programs) I slowly got more appreciation from women, they seemed to appreciate my company and were interested in me.

Eventually, I had sex with three hot women (they weren’t ideal marriage/relationship types though) but the fact that those women actually desired me was an incredible feeling and experience. Thanks Dan, Ben and Stu.

After months of practice, having a confident mindset and thorough persistence (though people with my condition are naturally persistent), I now have a stunning, sexy, beautiful girlfriend who liked me from the very beginning.

Flirting with her, making her attracted, connecting with her and taking it to the next level, I got a first date.

1st date in, we flirted, kissed, had sex, (oh amazing and incredible. Much better experience. My goodness, it feels like you’re in a different world!)

I then started a relationship where she tries to impress me rather than me trying to impress her (like I used to do)

It’s hard to believe that a guy like myself, being ridiculed and shamed by women, teased about my lack of social skills and being manipulated to look stupid from my lack of non-verbal communication skills, is now being chased, desired, loved and appreciated by women of all different races, age and beliefs.

Even outside of relationships and women, I have succeeded in so many new areas, particularly at work, the gym, goal setting, university studies. Incredible. Even that, men respect me and look up to me.

Dan Bacon, thank you for providing me with the material, the tools and the content, to help mend my broken heart over many, many years of suffering and loneliness, I seriously wouldn’t be in the position I am now, without coming across The Modern Man.

Thank you so much. Will”

“Hey Dan, this review is in regards to “Better Than a Bad Boy” and I just felt the need to write here a review just to tell people your advice truly works and that men need to hear that.

First of all, I was kind of a negative person and the bad boy type, walking with a “too cool for you” facial expression… I was getting woman? yeah, sometimes, and they were pretty, but… guess what happened after Dan’s advice in his video…

After Dan’s advice in the video now I’m able to get most of the women I want and I’m not “in my head” all the time doing these “too cool faces” which mostly make women go away from you instead of attracted, but well, that’s a long story and Dan explains everything in the video.

Now I’m able to approach women better and to get into a positive state of mind thanks to his advice, I was getting things wrong, to be honest… I have watched the video like 3 times already and believe me, you’ll get advice like nowhere else, other fake gurus talk bs but this guy actually has dedicated time of his precious life to help men like us who need help in a fcked up world like this we’re living in.

My advice?… Man, you’re doing a lifetime investment if you get better than a bad boy program, this program is what worked the best for me and I promise you, there’ll be moments you say “aha” and you’ll be thinking “Jesus… I was all wrong”

I can’t thank you enough for helping me Dan, now I’m a more positive person and not like before… now I understand why is so important to do x things instead of some other things.

Guys, if you’re reading this review, believe me, you go ahead and buy the program, you’ll experience the benefits instantly and you’ll gain peace of mind also, it just changes totally your life for the better, you’re not negative anymore and your attitude stands out.

What I like the most is that he is giving advice and everything is natural, you just have to work on yourself and apply his knowledge, I’m happy there’s one person I can count on when it comes to real advice for men.

P.S. Make sure to take notes and to put into practice what you learn, this is so important!

Thanks Dan, my big brother from another country,


“Hi Dan & the gang, just wanted to let you know that after about 3 weeks of watching your videos on Youtube, and starting on the Flow & Better than a Bad Boy, I’ve had a raunchy 3 some, and all nighter 1 night stand.

This is huge for me because previously I’d been more or less living as a part time hermit, part time workaholic and was really, really rusty. Thanks guys very grateful and optimistic for the first time in years! J”

“Years ago I hit a low point, no confidence and no prospects and no idea how to get out of this self imposed pit I’d found myself in.

Shy, retiring, unable to speak with women.

Slowly I approached these products and my confidence grew. I learned to take risks and have the conviction of my choices.

A few years down the line my confidence has grown tenfold and I’m now happily married.

Dan and co your advice has been invaluable and is a testament to the fact that any man can improve himself and become more than he thought possible. All my thanks. Lee”

What’s up guys I’ve been using the following programs since I was 16 The Flow, Alpha Male Power and Confessions of a Natural. I’m 23 now and in the past 7 years have done many approaches, I’ve been with some of the most beautiful women in the world…perfect dimes! I have my choice with women. Do I get every woman? No, but 2 or 3 out of 10 women yes! Thanks Dan! I used to be a bullied socially awkward kid with no type of play and now I got some hot bitches. Cheers, A”

“Hi Dan! It is an absolute success story!

You are amazing my man!

My ex dumped me 2 months ago and i was lost when she said doesn’t feel anything anymore.

I seeked for anything what could help when i found your exback system.

Mate that stuff is just amazing you literally explain how to be man.

I followed it through but i had a different situation as i was living her so I could to pick up the important information for me.

So now we got to that point she is amazed with me and the changes so now i am dating with her again 🙂

Taking it slow and trying to make it perfect this time.

End of the end i just really wanted to say thank you mate to being out there and helping out people with your stuff.

Well appreciated. Keep up the good job. Regards, G”

“Not even a week ago, I had no confidence in myself. I was a nervous wreck even thinking about the girl I’m interested in. Then I purchased “The Flow” and watched lots of your free videos. After that I purchased “The Modern Relationship” and “Better than a Bad Boy”, which I’m in the middle of right now. Not only am I no longer nervous about this girl, I’m 100% CONFIDENT that I’m going to get her. 100% confident that she will be mine. Not only that, you’ve helped me solidify my purpose(s) in life, and am naturally more confident in my interpersonal relationships and am no longer a wimp, nor do I show any wimpy qualities around others. And my God does it feel good. If this is the change I can make in a week, I can’t imagine what the future holds. I’m looking forward to sharing my success story, if this isn’t already. Todd”

“Dan you are truly the man when it comes to knowing your shit about the attraction and the respect of woman. Since purchasing the flow and your guide to conversation picking up woman and talking to them is a piece of cake! I have slept with many woman many of them wanting me to be in a relationship. C”

“Hi Dan,

I can’t state enough how much you changed my life with all of your work.

I’m certain this is not the first time you hear this, but I want to tell you how I really appreciate all of the material you put out there, it means a great deal.

I was not very successful with women, but it’s much easier now when I can with certainty say that for the first time in my life I understand women. Plus, they really like me now and I get dates, sex and offers to be boyfriend-girlfriend so easily.

There are a lot of dating coaches, gurus and so on, these days on internet, and I’ve followed some of their work.

There is one simple, yet so strong difference between all of them, and you.

You give your advices from a different place. A honest place, a place of good intentions, and man can feel it in the way you talk and explain things, and one can take it in feeling good himself and feeling a better man while doing it.

It really is a process in which I found some unexplainable peace. Thank you for that. You changed my life and I will be forever grateful.


“I’ve been following your coaching for months now. Covid has been a bitch in the game of things, but I am still getting results.

I have been in Portland Oregon since following your training. Recently, I took a trip to Florida where things are pretty wide open and the women are very appearance driven.

I have to say using the bare minimum and even rusty/getting warmed up of your skills training, I’ve struck gold on more than one occasion even though I don’t have the best physical appearance. Average at best.

I hooked up with a very pretty girl a few nights ago that would probably in a usual setting be a very locked down kind of girl, or closed up girl as you would say.

Last night I hit it off with a beautiful girl who was with a guy. Even when the guy showed up at the bar, she kept grabbing my leg and flirting with me. You have been a life changer!


“The Dating power product is GOLD and the personal stories of Dan, Ben and Stu (from the audio bonus product that comes with Dating Power) are ABSOLUTELY PURE GOLD. They are AMAZING GUYS. I’m already seeing results by dating the kinds of women that I previously couldn’t even get past a minute of conversation with. Now they are keeping conversations going with ME! There are many things that helped me which i can’t state here otherwise this email would be too long to read. SJ”

“Dan, Two years ago my wife of of nearly 10 years sat me down and said “I don’t love you anymore”. At the time we had two kids under 6. Devastated, bewildered, numb and confused… I was floored. I signed up to your course and followed your guidance to the letter. Three months later, she’s chasing me apologetic, realising the mistakes as she tries to attract me back, exactly as you hinted…. Two years later we’re stronger than ever, and I’ve been able to help other men understand what to do. I owe you Dan, you’re a legend, thank you, seriously, I’m so grateful. Also… now I know exactly what to do, I cannot lose! Thanks dude, you rock. Matt”

“Don’t know if you read messages, but I had the urge to write to you, and must say, your Make Her Love You For Life video program completely changed my life.

I’m 49, divorced with 3 kids, and have a girlfriend for a few years now, that I found very hard to understand.

She was testing me all the time and corrects me, saying things like don’t speak quietly, don’t sit like this, don’t be so insecure, etc.

Only after watching your videos I finally figured out everything and understood what she really wants from me.

I understood she loves and wants me but my insecure really turn her off, so she’s trying hard to fix it.

I changed thanks to the sharp explanations you provide that make everything clear. It makes so much sense and is so practical as well. Brilliant.

When I started using your techniques my self confidence went up, and the relationship with her never has been better.

That self confidence even changes how I act at work and with my kids.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You don’t know how much you actually change my life, and life of men that learning from you. YM”

Getting my ex back was a bit more complicated than other guys because of her abused past, but your system definitely worked for me.

We were spending 1 day & evening a weekend together recently having deep love making. She then rang tonight saying we were falling into our old pattern and maybe we should break up again, but I changed her mind based on my newfound confidence and understanding of how to really connect with a woman’s mind.

Anyway she ended up saying she loved me multiple times and wants to be with me & address our niggles was the outcome.

In conclusion I wanted to thank you Dan as all your advice including the mistakes that guys make etc. has really helped me a lot. Thank you Dan, you’re making a lot of couples very happy with your programmes.

Kind regards

My wife of 11 years – who I doted on – suddenly left, took our kids, filed for divorce.

Turned out she was beginning an affair, felt no emotional connection, and had been unhappy for some time. I was devastated. I did not know what to do, and everything I seemed to try seemed to push her further away.

Using your methods in “Get Your Ex Back Super System”, I regained my confidence and mental and emotional strength.

I regained my masculinity, which feels amazing.

I made the necessary changes to re-attract her.

After being separated for 3 months, she’s back and has been for about two months now.

She moved back in on her own. She confronted her family and friends on her own, letting them know that I’ve changed and she wants to be with me.

She broke off the affair and blocked communication with the other man on her own.

She has told me she doesn’t know exactly what is different, but that she loves me, she is so attracted to me, and that she wants to be with me and only me for the rest of her life.

I can’t thank you enough.

My wife and family have always meant everything to me, but I never realized how I was smothering her by becoming part of her emotions instead of being an emotional strength myself, responsible for my own happiness and purpose, and allowing for her to be the freedom to be her true feminine self and experience these emotions without drawing me into them.

Thank you again.

I’ll send an update after a year or so, and I’m happy if you’d like to reach out for more…I think my story could be impactful for many, as 87% of separations end in divorce and many cases of infidelity do not reconcile. We’ve managed to do both so far, thanks in large part to what you’re teaching here. Thanks again! Nick”

“I just want to say thank you to Dan for the amazing program he has put together.

The ” Make her Love You For Life” program is incredible.

I am confident that this new relationship I’m in right now is going to be the best one I have ever had. Thanks to your program I can go in with full confidence that as long as I stick to the guide lines of this program that I will not only be a better man, but have an incredible and loving relationship.

So thank you for all that you do. Jeremy”

“For the people that might be wondering about a program that is literally going to make your life easier and happier… Better than a Bad Boy.

It is completely amazing, if you can afford it, if not save a bit because wiser words couldn’t have been spoken from the moment I finished I felt like a different person, my confidence went through the roof it feels like you got super powers or something.

I originally bought it to be the man for my ex, but I’m having second guesses now she was really pretty but too immature and negative.

Now I feel like I can get whoever I want, but if there is one thing I want you to know is that if you feel a bit needy inside, as little as it is, I felt needy with my ex, well this program eliminated that completely.

It sounds arrogant but now I feel like the prize they need to win.

Jean Paul”

Hi Dan,

I recently purchased The Flow on Audio,

I actually feel this was a great purchase I have seen the value now from it. I haven’t ever been good with women enough to be in a relationship or attract them. It’s only been a short time but I’ve already had a date and got the first kiss it was slightly awkward she nearly head butted me haha. But today I have basically had a great conversation with another chick and without meeting her she wants to have sex this is from the building attraction by [Edit: Customer revealed important technique from The Flow on Audio] with her. She started with saying her guard was up and then I got through her guard and she says I am annoying in a good way.

So already I have value from your teachings – I hope it continues to reap rewards I will keep listening too it


“I have 2 young boys now 5&2. Married now 7 years and have been living with my wife for almost 15 years.

Two years ago I noticed my wife had become more and more cold to me in bed hugging, making dinners and just all activities. Shortly after, I learnt that my wife was leaving me and asked for a separation ( I literally lost my mind emotionally and my mojo and couldn’t believe what just happened.

I did the classic guy desperation cry , ask to have her back, said I will change, and went through all her stuff to see if another man was in the picture.

Later learning that when she stopped liking me, she was having a crush on a man at her work who had a family as well.

She came across a love story blog where she started writing back and forth with an author who left her husband to to meet another man in a relation.

Months later, I learn my wife is moving into a rental house close to our house (15blocks away).

But at that time I was researching on the internet and found many websites… obviously Dan’s site caught my interest after putting 100’s of hours into research.

I then started to follow Dan on his free YouTube videos and saw that he actually knew what he was talking about, so I got his ex back program and followed the steps.

It worked!!!!!!!

We are back together and have been living together for 3 weeks.

If I could hug you Dan and tell you I love you I would because last year was the hardest year of my life and you helped me get through it!

Josh Oster”

“I was sceptical signing up and getting Make Her Love You For Life, but out of desperation and your diagnosis of my situation being pretty much spot on through your YouTube videos I thought why not give it a go, see what I could learn.

I’m happy to say a week since I purchased things are going really well. I’d gone from being a confident, masculine, happy go lucky guy, falling in love with an absolute babe, to being real insecure, moody, feminine in response, guy who was anxious and depressed.

It was as if this relationship with this girl who I originally adored, and who doted on me had sucked the masculinity out of me, and I was then paying for it; it seemed she no longer loved me, was attracted to me or had any respect for me or what I had to talk about.

I was getting desperate, felt like I was creeping on my own girl all the time and genuinely felt unable to be in a relationship, I felt broken. Your teachings have really helped me to pull myself together and man back up.

The problem I think I had is that in previous relationships I’ve never shyed away from an argument, however being slightly older and more mature now, and being with a girl who behaves differently than previously, I’ve been mirroring her reactions to situations, too often I was sitting her down and saying “it doesn’t make me feel good when you do this”, or “your job is really threatening to me so I’m upset when you come home late after drinking with other guys”.

Obviously these things shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet, but before I was using the wrong tactics trying in to be a mature responsive partner, when in fact I was feeling sorry or myself the whole time and acting like a girl! You’ve given me more tools to get to a place in the relationship I want to be more effectively, and it seems to be working, I thank you for that. G”

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“Dan what a journey it’s been!

I think I was the first South African to purchase The Flow from you (if you remember, you mentioned that in a comment).

Just wanted to let you know that I applied techniques on a girl I had a huge crush on in highschool 10 years ago and was too afraid to talk to; and she is now my girlfriend, because I demonstrated masculinity, alpha and domineering traits, all thanks to your training.

Thank you so much! I can’t believe how much difference the mindset of [Edited: Mindset removed. Customer referred to a very important mindset that we teach here] makes! I actually feel like a man now and it feels right, she feels comfortable being in a feminine role. Many thanks Dan! Matt”

2 years ago, my girlfriend of 1 year and I went on “a 2-week break with no contact” (her idea), and she sort of explained the reasons behind it but couldn’t really articulate the problems we had and she herself seemed torn on the inside.

I googled furiously for help and after reading tons of blog posts/articles/etc, I found The Modern Man.

I was seriously hesitant to pay for a video series, but I finally ended up buying “Get Your Ex Back: Super System”.

This purchase was unbelievably helpful for me, not only in terms of telling me what to do, but also with understanding what possibly could be the reasons behind my girlfriend wanting this “break” when I thought everything was going fine.

Anyway, I did my best to follow all the advice Dan provided, and here I am two years later and that same girlfriend and I are now engaged and planning our wedding.

If you’re not sure if this purchase will be worth it, all I can say is it seriously helped me! David”

“Dan, your work is a punch of invigorating sensibility in a world that seems to have lost its mind about men and women.

Those of us guys who were mostly raised by women, didn’t have a masculine role model, and don’t have a clue what to do with women need your programs like a car battery that needs a jump-start.

Thank you so much for your commitment to revive masculinity—for our sakes, for the sakes of the women we encounter, and even for our kids.


I got my ex back almost 4 weeks after the break up. And things ARE WAY BETTER than before. She is more kind to me, more girly to me and SHE WANTS to take care of me as her man now.

She is also more sexually attracted to me than before. I no longer have to ask for sex again!

She no longer feels the need to go to another country to “find herself”. That was her own words.

She now knows that I´m becoming a better person as a result of the breakup.

Thank you, Dan and the modern man. Your work is truly stellar. Johan R”

“Hey Dan, just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else at the Modern Man for your email advice and the Flow.

The success I have been having with women since using your product has been mind blowing. My confidence is on a new level and I have become the alpha male i always wanted to be despite not thinking I could do so for the longest time.

I am dating a girl for the first time in two years and it is going great. just the other night she told me how she loves how I don’t have to try and impress her and just overall enjoys how I treat her (referring to the skills taught in the flow). you guys really know what you are doing, keep up the good work! Chris”

“Hi Dan Bacon,

WOW just WOW. as I’m writing this, i think back about what happen few weeks ago.. TOTAL CHAOS bro!

My girlfriend was so mad and left me. For few days, l was lost and sad. Lost the fire in my heart, you know.

Everything l did was just listen to sad music and pray every night.

Until someday while l was working, something came up my mind “hmm maybe l should google “how to get your ex girlfriend back” “.

It’s like something flash up my mind to google that, maybe thats the answer to my prayers. And then lots of things shown up and the name DAN BACON.

I read the blog and l was like WOAW! This man knows !

So l stop my job and start to read, lots and lots of things.

It was like, l found a guiding book about my life from the moment. Everything you write in that blog, are really really true.

Then i watched the Youtube Videos and really got something like enlightenment from you haha.. YOU THE MAN DAN!

And i spend few days thinking whether l should buy the program or not, considering lot of things, like from price to the different culture. Im from South East Asia.

Indonesia exactly, l dont know if any Indonesian ever purchase or maybe l am the first one.

So l think, this is it, if its not working at least i try!

She is goin to be the love of my life, i can earn that money again but maybe finding someone like her is the most difficult part. So, Let’s just invest on this program.

I learned from your videos, writing on my notebook about what i should improve and what i should say when we are meet up and be confident.

Before that, she always said stop trying, you will never win my heart back. And telling everybody there is no way we gettin back together.

But deep inside my heart, I know I can do it, especially on your blog you said Woman heart can change depending on what you do, or something like that. I get more confident after read that.

You really give me lot of confidence after l feel insecure for few weeks.

I call her, not rushing everything, believe in that step by step.

And just 1 week later, we make up while laughing and confess we still love each other. And she said Yes, she want me back !

Oh dear, this program work for everybody if execution is well done !

To the people out there, DO IT! l was skeptical at first too. Since most of the user are from US or European guy.

Well give it a try, I’m from Indonesia and it works! Totally different culture and jokes, but the love and the way woman think are almost the same.

Like Dan said, you want her back, dont wait anymore ! Just go for it!

And last but not least, Thanks Dan. I’m glad l found you.

Like really, it works like magic. Not just my relationship, but for me mentally.

You change the way l think and the way l should behave.

As a man to another Man, THANK YOU DAN BACON.

Best regards to you,


“Dan – not a question – just a simple thanks.

I bought the “Make her love you for life” as my marriage has been in the shitter for several years now – the worst being the last several months.

The 10 Pillars is incredible. I soaked up all 70+ videos in under 2 weeks.

And, as a result, my outlook and behavior has changed (for the better) and I am seeing near instant responses from my wife. It will take some time (years probably based on the damage I have done) to get all the pillars in place, but I am looking at this with excitement and a positive outlook.

So many examples you give, I felt like you were talking directly about me!

I now recognize all the “tests” she gives and am allowing her to be “girly” with her emotions and not responding like a girl. I am shouting your message to all of my friends.

They all say that there is a 100% improvement in my outlook, my behavior and my attitude. It’s all because you have really enlightened me on my own mistakes over the years, but more importantly, have shown me how to correct them and behave “like a man”.

I would love to be able to tell you all the things that happened that got me to find you and your work.

But I get it, you are extremely busy and don’t have the time to read long histories of guys problems (with out compensation – I once had my own company as well so I know time is money and how difficult it is to reply to lots of emails).

But man, it’s been brutal the past several years. Recent talks of divorce, etc. But now, thanks to your program, I am working on the 10 pillars and seeing near instant results in our relationship. Thank you so very much!! ….Tony”

I just wanted to give some feedback. I bought the love for life series [Make Her Love You For Life] last week because my hot and sexy wife of almost 10 years was pissed off at me.

I got caught looking at a pretty girl and then lied about it and continued to do the wrong thing by putting my foot through the door as I can’t stand it when someone is trying to tell me how I think or feel.

We’ve had our issues and this seemed to be the straw that was going to break the camel’s back.

I was a little dubious but I was desperate because I felt that if I didn’t do something radical, I was going to lose her and she was making moves to get ready to leave me.

The info overall in the program was amazing. Combining your information about the [removed because customer revealed private technique name that is only available to customers] and the info on how women act / test etc with my own methodologies yielded fantastic results.

I know I still have a lot of personal work to do in order to [removed] and for them to be consistent but I feel I am much better equipped to deal with my wife and be the man I need to be.

I had to spill the beans about what I was researching and the things you taught me, but all in all she couldn’t disagree with what I was saying and I really think it helped settle many of her fears.

The new joke is “Dan says…” 😀

Sex has never been a problem as it’s always great and I always get it but last night was a step above and she wanted to cuddle up afterwards like she hasn’t in a while.

I really think the info you presented is life changing for those of us who aren’t stupid, but might be a bit slow when it comes to relationships.

Thank you for your efforts. I’m confident I can now keep my wife loving me and make sure my family stays intact. One satisfied customer. G”

“Hi Dan.

I have been meaning to send you one of my success stories for some time now.

There is one in particular that has happened recently that I would like to share with you.

I was at a friends house party and there was a girl(my friends girlfriend’ sister) there that i’ve known for some time.

I have been wanting to get with this girl for quite a while, but I never had the foggiest notion on how to approach, what say to her, or have the confidence to (due to my way below average looks, etc).

Anyways, had to leave the party early unfortunately, but while I was there I merely used some of the teachings from “mastery methods and mindsets and ultimate guide to conversation”.

After applying some of the simple techniques (being real, not being too nice, nervousness, etc), the following day I got a text message from an anonymous number, that eventually turned out to be the girl at the party that i’ve been after all this time. She was asking me out!

I couldn’t believe what was happening! I literally thought that I was dreaming. The funny part is that I was simply just being myself! The same friendly guy! I honestly believe that it’s paramount that every decent man out there should know about the modern man. I have truly being struggling in my life.

All I needed (which I obviously didn’t know) was a few simple changes and a push in the right direction. I am still taking it one step at a time and these two products alone have opened my eyes in ways I could never have imagined.

I can’t wait to get hold of some of the other products and see what else my life has in store for me. I would like to say a monumental thank you to you guys. You have got me out of this dark, lonely hole that i’ve been hiding away in.

You have completely turned my life around for the better and not just in regards to relationships with women. Everything from my new job to meeting new people. EVERYTHING! I will never be able to emphasise the impact you have had in my life. So a great big thank you again and I wish only the best for you guys. Sincerely, Jonathan”

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“Hello Dan Bacon, Last year I bought your video of ‘make your love your life’. After a breakup, I decided to buy this material since I felt like I was losing my manhood and didn’t want to get into another relationship and have it end in a break up. I wasn’t being respected in my previous relationship. No more Mr nice guy so I decided to take this program for a chance. I am so glad I gave your video a chance. My new gf whom I’m with, has complimented a lot with my masculinity. I feel so loved and appreciated. I can now see where I was going wrong in previous relationships. It’s so easy now. She loves me completely. Thank you! Jose”

“I just want to say that I got the Ex back super system back in November when my wife filed for divorce and I’m happy to say that she canceled the process last week and our relationship is better then ever. Thank you Dan. Cesar”

I went through Get Your Ex Back programme, completed all the exercises.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you, because the videos got me through the days after the break up.

In addition, I did not expect in my wildest dreams for it to work as well as it did.

Within 3 weeks of using the programme, I arranged a meet-up and got my ex back at first meeting.

She was saying things like “I can’t explain it but I’m suddenly so attracted to you again” and “You’re such a catch, I’m so stupid for letting you go”.

She broke up with her rebound in front of me by text and we’re back together.

On top of all that, people are treating me different.

I feel so confident and suddenly women are approaching me! It’s all down to your advice and videos. They really do work and I’m eternally grateful.

Best wishes, One Happy Customer”

Dan. I’ll post a comment under one of your youtube videos too. I started with your Get Ex Back system. I had to listen to it a few times. I made a few mistakes, tried certain parts too early. But holy shit, I bought a few more of your videos, started going out.

I’m in my 40s and started trying out the flow and trying out your other advice. Mind blowing.

So I was chilling and some hot millennial came up to me the other night and did the exact same things you talked about in the flow.

I was able to quickly react with the appropriate body language, touching the arm, sexual attraction, all of it.

She got my number and bam, text, address. We then hooked up that night. These chicks don’t mess around.

I’m at a point now where I could meet up with my ex but I don’t even care anymore. Started chatting with another millenial and seeing where that goes, she’s cool and hot. Everything you said is right.

So awesome man. I’m having the best time. J”


For the longest time, I had gone out with women but was way too nice to them so one after one, they lost interest. I couldn’t figure it out and thought I was doing everything right and was getting very discouraged to the point of almost giving up entirely.

However, I just recently bought the Confessions of a Natural series, and it has already helped me immensely. It has only been a month, and I have already found the confidence I have needed for the longest time.

Not to mention, I’ve already had sex with four new girls and am seeing one of them regularly, and I now have the ability to pick and choose which girl I want to pursue and date further.

Your advice and the personal interviews have completely changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for your help, and I’m eager to see where else it takes me! Chris”

“Ive got a girlfriend now thanks to The Flow. I also just purchased Make her love you for life. I would like to thank you for this, i never thought i could learn real effective techniques from a random guy on youtube specially because im not good with technology and english isn’t even my native language but i was wrong. It’s crazy to realize that this works for anyone arround the world. Anyways just wanted to tell you how im doing and please make sure Dan gets this message because this changed my life. Andres (Costa Rica)”

“I bought “The Flow” on audio and have listened to it like 10 times. I highly highly highly recommend this book! Money well well spent. It’s the best and most simple well laid out content I’ve found.

The way you teach to get phone numbers and to get the first kiss is Gold. I’ve used the number technique maybe 20 times now. I’ve made out with 6 women now since I started taking action in the last 3 months. Only used your kiss technique once but it is on point.

I have bought and learned a lot of content from other sources and I mean what I said about how great “The Flow” is and how it is the simplest, well laid out and natural content I’ve found. Corey”

“Dan Bacon, I hope you read this:
I went through a bad divorce. Was in a profoundly toxic relationship that shattered my ability to speak to women let alone a waitress. I saw your video in my recommended and thought it was junk… I watched a few videos from other “gurus” and all of them sunk. I saw you again and thought I’d give you chance. Your first video blew me away. It helped reframe my perspective but something was missing. I’m highly analytical, I’m quiet, blah blah blah… but then you recommended your book. I did some research. I was sceptical but I was way more nervous speaking with women.
I bought your book The Flow. I read the first two chapters.
I executed it like I was in a play and all the women I spoke with were actors. I legit was stuck in the framework of my past experience but after using The scripts you provided, talking to women has never been so easy. I’m got a girls contact info + made plans to go hiking. It’s been 3 days since I bought your book.
Radical stuff. I highly recommend The Flow to anyone!!!!!” Christopher

“Hi Dan, Just wanted to say THANK YOU. My girlfriend and I broke up 6 months ago.

I was devastated because she was truly the love of my life.

I watched countless of “get your ex back” videos and yours resonated the most by far.

I decided to give your “Get you ex back super system” a try. I was apprehensive at first, but it all made sense. Long story short, I applied your steps to the T and was able to get my ex back within two months.

We are still together and the relationship is 10 times better than it used to be.

I’m even getting ready to propose to her and pretty damn sure she will say yes!

I never thought an online program like this would work. But your program assisted me in one of the saddest and most difficult moments of my life. I am forever thankful.

If you are ever in Charlotte NC, let me know, I owe you a lifetime of free beers! Regards, Jason, Charlotte, NC, USA”

“I’ll start with a little bit about myself. I am 23 years old, a senior at a major American football university in the United States.

Growing up, I never know how to act around women – my dad was very shy and quiet. I love him very much, and mean no disrespect when saying this – but he wasn’t a great role model when it comes to being a real man or being attractive to women.

So like many guys, I grew up being shy and being afraid to talk to women for fear that they might slap me or pour a drink on my head like you seen on TV and in the movies.

So I went on the internet and looked at all the different things – namely, pick-up artists.

After some trial and a lot of money spent, I came to the conclusion that they were a waste of money.

And then I stumbled on the Modern Man. I decided to give it a shot, and started with the Flow. I gave the techniques a shot, and when it worked, I was instantly hooked.

I can’t thank you, Ben, or Stu enough. My life has changed completely and it’s all thanks to your courses.

They are all great, and really teach what they are advertised to teach – but it is the responsibility of the person watching to actually perform the simple steps required. Sometimes they take a little courage, but it’s not like you ask us to perform rocket science – just to have a pair of balls. You can’t find that many places these days.

I especially like Alpha Male Power and Better Than a Bad Boy. Those courses to me were more about becoming a strong, powerful, masculine man who is pretty much guaranteed success in life because of the man those courses lead you to become, and secondary for me was the attracting women part.

Although, just as you advertise, they work incredibly well when it comes to attracting women naturally solely based on the person you are.

Also, the Get Your Ex Back Supersystem worked for me as well, and I was surprised at how quickly and easily it worked.

Although, as it turned out the ex that I got back just wasn’t a good girl to have a relationship with, so I broke it off with her after a while. She just wasn’t honest or trustworthy. But I learned a lot more than just how to get my ex back, including how to become a better version of myself and let go of any baggage that I had.

Anyway, I no longer feel like I have any limitations in what I can do or achieve in my life and I have all the tools that I need. I can’t thank you or the guys enough. Keep up the good work! I’ll always appreciate what I learned from you!” Jason

“I’ve gone through the Flow twice. You guys have a solid product. I went to a party where there were four hot girls there…by the end of the night all four of them wanted me.” M

Dear Dan Bacon,

I want to share personal info to know the great things you did for me with your books,

I was divorced for 5 years with depressed and deep thoughts of self heating and remained every bad memories in my Relation with x wife,
after while when i was in my healing stage i just watched your channel on YouTube one after one and i realize i had many misunderstanding for the dynamic of the flow and how the attraction happen between the male and female, so i bought your Audio book The Flow and guess what..

its the best thing happen for me in this stage of my life.. i live in different country with different culture but i really understand the concept that you are talking about and adapt it in everything in my life like:

I can talk easily with any girl which i was thinking before they are out of my league including good times with some of them
I can observe and notice their behaviors and hidden meaning behind it
In my work (Am now project manger in important company in Saudi Arabia which i was not thinking to get this far)
After one month i will be master degree graduate
I met unique girl and she now my fiancee

I really appreciate to share this knowledge to make the people get back on the road.

“This is by far the most powerful pick up advice on the web.

Guys I suggest you check it out really good stuff.

I have been using the techniques for a few months now and ladys are acually inviting me to there houses now.

I finally got the girl I been trying to get to notice me to go out to drinks and later she went home and to the hot tub with me these skills are more than pick up advice they are life communication skills thanks DAN!!!” Brent

“I just want to thank you Dan for being awesome at what you do! I bought at least 5 of your programs, and they help me save my marriage, after my wife I told me she loved me but wasn’t in love with me (because I had threatened to divorce her about 12 times because I wasn’t happy, among other things), that she would be ok with or without me in her life, and that she didn’t think she could love me like she used to! But now, her love is back, and our relationship is better than Ever! Thank you!” TJC

“Hey Dan,

I just wanted to follow up after a few more months. I watched Dating Power, Mastery Methods and Mindsets, and Confessions of a Natural: Interview Series. Dating Power and the confessions series really outlined how to uniquely apply the concepts from all other courses.

I am an average guy and through what you teach I now have my pick for whom I date. Recently I began dating a Brazilian-German woman who looks like a runway model. Using what I learned has made her melt like butter on a hot waffle. You weren’t kidding about how happy a woman becomes through relaxing into her own femininity. She had tears in her eyes just when I hugged her.

Your programs teach us men how to become better and cultivate happier women. Everyone benefits. I have to thank you guys forever!”


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Sup Dan

i worked thro the system and managed to get my ex back without really completing the system. it worked a bit too well XD. this isnt really a question for you i jus wanna say ur awesome and ur products work like magic. before i got ur products i was good with girls, but now damn im someone else. i got my ex back also to be as good of a gf as she was before. just wanna say thankyou and keep it up.


“Hey Dan, bought the audio the flow. I wish I can send over the emotions I am feeling. The response from women is amazing . This is what I was missing. Thank you for the social intelligence. And thank you for the flow. Vince”

Hey Dan

You’re brilliant!!! I watched get your ex back super system and it really worked and my ex fiancee begged me to take her back when the situation seemed completly impossible ( Full blockout and changed her phone number and moved to another country)!!

I did all the mistakes that turned her off..drunk calls, home visits, gifts and maybe more than 30 mistakes which i didnt realize except after watching your system.

I kept doing these mistakes for over than two month then i [Edited: Removed important technique from the program that customer mentions here]. It was only 12 days from when I used that technique and then she reached out and after 3 days she begged me to take her back. You saved the love of my life!!


“Yesterday i was on the train heading to Edinburgh, and sitting across from a cute woman who i noticed several times was checking me out by giving coy smiles and checking me out in the reflection as we went through a few tunnels.

I put aside my nervousness and said internally, right i’m going to attempt to make something out of this no matter what. I followed the example in 21 great ways to get a GF (Public transport. I typed into my phone (Look i know people don’t normally talk to people on trains, but i wanted to say hi, I’m Richie)

She was a bit deer in the headlights expression, but she took my phone and typed in (I’m Aileen how far are you heading?) and we started chatting.

She was getting off at the next station 10 mins later and i told her it’s been great chatting to you, we should chat again, put your number in and i’ll give you a shout. An omega male was watching us and i could tell he was thinking to himself WTF?

On the way back to Glasgow i sat opposite an attractive blonde girl who i smiled at and started talking to her and got her number too. 😀

And i was aware of a woman across was watching and listening into the conversation. I am now looking forward to travelling on the train later today because there will be opportunities to talk and get more numbers. Richard”

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’re doing. You’ve honestly changed my life in every way imaginable, I’ve got more success stories than I have space to write [Customer contacted us via the contact form on the website, which has a limited amount of characters], but after I started with your stuff everything changed.

Girls started showing interest and I knew how to handle it and turn it into a phone number, kiss and date. I am still shaking my head in disbelief at how simple it has been to get girls on dates and then have sex by following your Flow process. It is mind blowing to me.

I’ve had success with girls before, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. Now I know exactly how it works and it honestly feels like I could get pretty much any girl I like.

There are still some mistakes I make because I’m improving, but with time I’ll get that sorted.

You really are the real deal. I really could have gone down many wrong paths in terms of this area of my life, but now I feel like I’m in good hands. Honestly, I can’t really put this sort of appreciation of your work into words, but thank you once again and please keep helping more people. AS”

Thank you all in the modern team for changing my life and helping me believe in myself again. Me and my ex are back together.

It’s like magic. Everything I say and do just turns her on, I don’t even have to try. Even if I just look at her. I can only imagine how much more powerful I can become if I keep this going.

I’m like the super saiyan god of deep attraction, respect and love.

I love you all! I wake up every morning feeling like a god. T”

“Hey guys,

My first approach since I listened to ultimate guide to conversation. I’m not even halfway through the program and I got results!

I used Stu’s approach and said two words and pause to start the conversation . The response was hilarious. Here’s what happened:

I was grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and saw this hot woman sitting in front of me. Her back was facing me so it was awkward positioning but it opened up as I settled for abojt 5 minutes. We smiled at each other immediately and she started playing with her hair. She turned around to stretch back and I said “nice shoes”. She said thank you. I said it wasn’t a compliment. She put her feet out and looked at her shoes with a smile and said they are cute. Now we are off in conversation. We talked about basic stuff what she does for work, exercise etc. I spoke from my perspective, threw in some flirting and humor and after 15 minutes of talk got her number and left. The funny thing is when I saw her I immediately started feeling anxious inside because she was so pretty. It wasn’t until I relaxed and activated confident mindsets that I calmed down and started thinking clearly and waited for my opportunity to begin the conversation.

Thanks for your products. They work!


“Hello, I just wanted to thank you.

I’ve been back with my wife for nearly a year now.

The wisdom that you provided me is unparralled.

We’re expecting our Second baby after almost a year apart with nearly no hope of reconciliation.

I use all your methods day in day out now, with all work and life. I have also been able to guide close friends and direct them your way. I started with Get Your Ex back super system. It worked! So thank you. Warmest, Michael.”

“Hey Dan 🙂 I had an incredible experience last night! I went to my high school reunion with intentions to speak to the most beautiful girl at the celebration.

I went to the bar to get a sparkling water, and she walked up to me and started a conversation. Woah!

And she wasn’t the first one either, Nearly every hot girl I was interested in, walked up to me and started the interaction.

Also, after being my confident-self around these beautiful girls, everyone else noticed that I was a cool guy to hang around with, then I noticed that seven people were facing towards me and listening to what I had to say.

Wow, I love this feeling so much.

Not only that, but I saw a girl that friend-zoned me back in high school badly and called me a wimp. She initially had low respect for me initially (hence why I said “almost all the hot girls), but as I spoke normally and expressed my attraction for the girls through my body language, she opened up and started touching my arms and even my chest.

The girls that were out of reach for me during high school, especially the smoking hot ones, never liked me, but now they consider me to be the hottest guy in the room amongst other bad boy types.

I also learnt to tone it down (the verbal flirting) with most of the girls I spoke to. I just allowed my smile and my eyes to do most, if not all the flirting. (It’s working like a dream for me, since I don’t like talking that much amongst women.)

The more promiscuous girls absolutely love it when you speak sexual all the time, and then they’ll be ready to move it forward based on attraction alone.

Throughout the party, I wanted to nail my approaches since I get nervous at times at shopping malls when doing that stuff, so when I saw a random girl I’d approach and say “hi there *girls name*” reach out my arms and hug into her then look up and down and say “Wow, aren’t you looking fantastic” with a sexual smile and squint of my eyes.

They all melted when I did that, even girls who already have boyfriends blushed and had that thought in their mind of “omg! I feel so attracted to him right now.

He’s incredibly hot” A girl that I was purely friends with at the moment (she’s shy but incredibly cute and sexy) was giving me advice on how to pick up her friend and get her to like me, and how much she likes me and whatever without even asking.

When I was at the celebration last night, she didn’t even mention her friend but was instead, flirting with me and being all shy as usual. When we were talking she moved in closer and squared herself up to me. When she looked at me she had strong eye contact with dilated pupils.

She blushed as we spoke and I took her outside near her cat and hugged her tightly for about eight seconds, then she said “you’re an amazing hugger Will” then I smiled and moved in for a kiss.

This would have had to be one of the best, most amazing and most fulfilling first kisses I’ve ever had.

The sexual tension between her and I was completely ridiculous and kissing her made us both really, really hot in the moment.

Both of us just breathed out and stared into each other’s eyes and kissed a couple of more times before we both agreed to meet up for a couple of drinks at the beach.

I find it amazing how just by being a man of really strong purpose (I’m going after what I feel is important with unrelenting determination) and when you have deep, strong confidence, men and women no matter what age are incredibly drawn to you and want to be your friend or want to be your girlfriend (if they’re female of course).

I really want to thank you for the advice in your programs because now I have my choice of women and now they want to impress me. From W”

“After the third pull with a beautiful woman I never thought I had a chance with, I finally understand everything you were teaching. I can’t believe how easy it is when you know what you’re doing, especially without all that anxious and intense feelings when I was still learning. Better than a bad boy program was a huge plus. Thanks so much again Dan!!! I’ll continue to recommend you. Drew”

“This might sound like a bit of a cliche, but after making just about every mistake under the sun (such as grovelling, getting angry, making ultimatums) and following the advice of some other programs, I applied the principles of your ex-back system exactly as specified and have been back with my wife for quite a while now after a year of separation.

I was certain at the beginning that there was zero percent probability of us ever getting back together.

You could say that there is no guarantee of anything in life, but I have 100% confidence in this system working for other men if the process is followed through with faithfully.

I would go as far as to say that if it worked for me in my situation, it would work for anyone.

I’m super grateful to you in making this outstanding material available to us and think that you are an awesome guy. I would also highly recommend the Make Her Love you for Life program as well, which I apply the principles from daily, and my marriage and life has never been better. James”

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“Using the advice in these programs, I’ve had plenty of success since I first purchased the flow 2 years ago among other products.

Soon there after, I got a job as a bouncer at a college bar. A buddy and I would get into competitions on how many numbers we could get during the night.

As of now, I’ve lost count on how many girls I’ve met, dated, and had intimate encounters with (even while I was working mind you). These products are worth the price, and I hope any guy willing to improve their dating life make this investment.

I owe a lot to Dan, Ben, and Stu. So stop wasting time and make your lives better!!! Matt”

“Hi, i just want to thank you. Your programs have helped me a lot. I purchased the flow to try it and saw it was working well very quickly, so I also purchased 21ways, ultimate guide to conversation and make her love you for life. It is so cool learn this stuff. In the past, I was quite good with women, but only in bars and they weren’t even that hot. They were okay, but weren’t the kind of girls I was looking for. Using your techniques, I can now get pretty girls that are so much hotter than before and it is easy to do. So thank you very much. You are doing great job for us men. I really appreciate it. L”

“Hi Dan,

I started listening to your stuff a couple of years ago. The one thing I knew I had to do was apply what I was hearing.

All I wanted was the ability to get the girl I wanted, not to get all girls. I just practiced flirting with a couple shop staff, and people I “saw” on the street. I was not even trying to get a girl.

One time I went out to a friend’s birthday, it was so boring, I went home early, on the train I sat next to an Indian girl listening to her itouch. I decided to be bold and asked her what type of music she like, then i showed her some music from my itouch.

long story short, we got off the same stop, her phone was dead, but she took my number on her itouch. we started dating, she is 22 i am 32, but she is freak in bed. i dated her for 2 months before i decided i could not see myself with her in the long run. we had break up sex, she still wants sex with me, even though I don’t want it with her.

Basically she is waiting for me to change my mind, as she said to give her a call when I am horny.

Thanks to the teaching i received, i even have girls at work wanting me. I just don’t want to play the field, I just want one girl. But at least I have the tools to get her when I see her.

Thanks Dan.” Tyrone

Dan, you’re an absolute pro and what you reveal to men couldn’t be more right or more powerful. You literally saved my marriage.

I’ll likely never meet you, but arguably you will have changed my life’s path as much as anyone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

This is the text I just received this morning from my wife (we had been separated 11 months and tried a few times to reconnect before I started listening too and using your techniques) ….

“Dear, you’re my forever and I couldn’t be more happy we’re going to make it. Thank you for not giving up, thank you for changing, thank you for everything that you are. I honestly feel everything has changed and I know we’ll do everything right this time. Have the most amazing day. I can’t wait for you to get home. I Love you so very much”

I cannot thank you enough. Your ex back program and make her love you for life program is pure gold. Thank you! Steve”

“Thank you Dan! You made me see things in a new light. This is all the information I wish I would have been receiving when I was a young, misguided, horny teen. It was just like you said! My ex “baby mama” is feeling a love on a level with me, that she has not felt before! And my perspective and outlook on my abilities and myself, and women is quickly shifting, and transforming. Thanks again & Take care! Eyal”

Damn man!! This was the worst possible conditions for a breakup that there could have possibly been.

I had the get your x back super system, loved it so much I decided to broaden my knowledge with the better than a bad boy and the flow and make her love you for life.

I had to buy air pods so I could listen to this constantly.

She left on feb 24 and by April 24 we were completely back better than ever!! We’re still together now.

So after 3 weeks in the beginning of misery then grabbing the system in less than 5 weeks she was mine again.

I can’t thank you enough.

She actually thinks I have a superpower now claiming I am “un-rejectable” haha msn thank you so much.

I fn love you bro!! Tim”

“I could actually see that something was wrong with my approach to women, but I could not figure it out.

My friends had it all and they were not trying hard. I was a nice guy and I thought if I was nice I will get them (woman), but no I did not get anything.

The more assertive and masculine I have become the more I get what I want. I have woman calling me now and it feels good and I choose who do I want to be with. BK”

“I purchased the flow 4 years ago when I was very young…

I remember someone saying “That’s a lot of money for an E-Book!” Not at all.

Possibly the best investment of my life.

Not only did it improve my success with women but it also improved my success in life just from gaining that extra confidence.

I am now in my second year training to be a doctor after showing my confidence and nailing interviews, I’ve had some great girlfriends over the last few years and I’m only single when I want to be. Good work Dan and all the best! Jamie”

Bruh… your stuff simply fucking WORKS!!

About a month ago I thought I lost my girlfriend.

I thought that she fell out of love with me.

I think we hadn’t had sex in like a month or so, but the sex before that was sooo good… It was killing me!

Her lack of interest and distance hit me hard.

I panicked, cried. I talked to her – and she kind of reassured me, but, even tho I was pretty grounded, I just dug myself into a deeper and deeper hole.

Her behaviors got worse. She hit my weakest weak spot, and she tested the hell out of it.

I felt pretty hopeless, but I figured I’ll do whatever it takes. I watched a lot of your free relationship videos until I finally decided to invest into “make her love you for life”.

With your clear, simple, and powerful perspective, I got things back to how they’re supposed to be.

All it took was an hour long date. Even though she made it difficult… She was late. Distant. Barely wanted to interact with me. But BAM! I penetrated right through that shit.

I know she was turned on!! Even though she tried to hide it.

YESS! Upward spiral of confidence!

She is totally into me again. It’s an amazing feeling to get that back.

We’ve only been dating for a little over 4 months, but I can’t wait to see what this relationship will be like 1, 5, and 10 years from now!!!!! It’s gonna be so fucking awesome! And I haven’t even listened to 25% of your program yet…

What you teach works and it was easy to do, so thank you!!!


“Hey dan all thanks to the flow and better than a bad boy.

I managed to get a genuine babes number on the plane. Even though my opening line was do u have any panadol i never cracked under pressure when she was talking to me and stayed calm the whole time.

She pretty much talked my ear off the whole flight and i did pretty much nothing i just listened and added in a few facial expressions. after a while i started acting bored and that made her work even harder to get my attention. Thanks dan and the modern man for everything.and now we are catching up for dancing on sunday. Jesse”

“Hey i just wanted to give you some feed back. My ex left me because she didn’t love me. I watched your get your ex back super system videos and it changed my life. I got her back in about 3 days because I become the man you spoke about. The sex is amazing and she can’t get enough of it. Thanks Dan I’m loving my new life, Dave”

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“Dan, I just got to say yall are brilliant and thank you for sharing your secrets. I been reading “the flow” quit a bit haha and listening other programs too.

It’s amazing how all things work haha. I was no good with the ladies(most was I cared to much what everybody thought of me but really it doesn’t matter,cared to much how I look in public and had lil confidences) haha Now I see the big picture.

I was at a party with some mates and I saw my ex girlfriend there. I quickly started using the techniques from “the flow” and other programs ( using the three L’s technique, flirting, starting conversation, good mindsets and etc)

Less than a hour, we started to make-out and had a lot of fun together! It was a awesome night! I’m still working my way up to become a natural like you. Dan,Ben and Stu, thank you! Guillermo”

“Thank you modern man, at age 21 my virginity is no longer an issue and your program has helped me develop a natural flow with women so I have had plenty of sex lately.

Learning about confidence has made a difference. Recently one of the girls I am dating offered to take me out for lunch and pay for both of us. Obviously, attracting women is no longer an issue for me. Thato”

“Hey Dan!

Alright your program can work miracles! For the past four years I have been in a relationship and recently my ex broke up with me.

I was devastated and even more so as I went through you program and realized where I went wrong being so desperate, needy, weak, etc.

I have really taken all of your programs to heart and am going full on with them because I do not want to be like I have been for the past four years. Okay, so today was huge. I followed the advice in 21 great ways to get a girlfriend and I went to the mall and talked to a number of girls.

I then went out Salsa dancing tonight and applied all of the good stuff I learned in the flow, alpha male power, and better than a bad boy.

I met this waaaay hot girl (I mean in the past I would have been completely intimidated by her) and taking her through the flow by the end I had her giving me her number! She is attracted to me in a way that I have never felt in that I feel like I’m coming from a place of strength now and she can feel that.

You’re right, Dan, when you say you may not even be thinking of your ex say if you have other way more attractive women in your life.

Thanks for this life changing program. It has helped me in one of the most difficult and yet strangely rewarding times in my life. Rudy”

Thank you Dan Bacon and TheModernMan! My whole life I have been believing the wrong myths about relationship and women in general.

I have made huge mistakes on treating my girl who was my childhood sweetheart and also I was an alcohol addicted /low self-esteem/jealous-filled and controlling boyfriend which I thought I was doing the right thing.

I took her for granted and she was about to leave me or at least taking a break.

After I went through your ex back program and changed my approach, guess what, my girl gave me a second chance surprisingly. I kept on pushing her away from me but you taught me how to pull her back. Thanks Sir! K”

Hi! I’m from the USA and I’ve put your concepts of what to say to women and how to say it into practice.

I would say to anyone how well it works.

Women used to look through me like I was invisible.

Now whenever I choose to turn it on, women respond very positively and I get the results I want. It’s like a revelation to me. This is what I’ve been missing all these years. Thank you. Mike

Hi Dan

I got your ex back program last week, secured a meet up with her and then did that last night.

She was very hesitant at first but I persisted as you mentioned in the program and she agreed.

We met up for what was supposed to be a quick coffee and that turned into her having feelings for me again and getting worried about it, so I suggested we got for a walk and while walking I suggested we go hang out at my place and she said yes.

To cut a long story short we ended up having sex and she said that she didnt know why but she felt differently and wanted to give us another chance!!!!

I knew at that moment that my decision to get your system was by far the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Her and I are taking things slow now but it looks good because she came over to my place yesterday and stayed the night so I am confident that I can continue to spark her feelings more. We even talked about going away for a weekend soon so it is looking very positive.

I can’t thank you enough Dan. You are saving a lot of men from a lot of messed up pain and problems.

I will certainly recommend you to friends if they go through a break up!


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I was literally blown away by “Get Your Ex Back Super System”! The information on relationships is fantastic and for the first time I saw my mistakes in such a clear way. It completely opened my mind as to what was killing my girlfriend’s attraction for me while I had been trying to get her back. She was saying that her feelings were dead and I should just move on and find someone new. I made some quick changes based on what Dan said and she immediately began to react differently and open up to seeing me. That was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t believe it man. Then I got her feeling so attracted when we met up that we kissed and had sex in such a passionate way. So thank you to Dan and The Modern Man. You guys saved me from losing my girlfriend. PK”

Hi Dan, I just to say thank you for the information you’ve provided in The Flow. I only wish I’d had something like this 30 years ago when I was out and about chasing the young girls. But never too late I guess. I’ve struggled my entire life with shyness and eye aversion issues so hasn’t been easy . I’m just over halfway through you ebook and have seen some results already. I was at a show earlier today and found myself flirting with the assistant. I acted as though I knew she liked me already and used one of the humor examples you provide in the book. It worked! Her eyes lit up and she showed a lot of interest in me right away. I didn’t quite go all the way and try to get her number or anything – but you can’t imagine what a huge deal that was for me. I can feel that it’s only the start of much more to come. Thank you again. You are the smoothest talker with women I’ve ever heard, by the way. G”

“This email is basically just to say a massive thank you to Dan and all the team at the modern man. I messed up big time with my girlfriend of 14 months at the start of the year and she broke up with me. I was devastated and thought I’d lost her for good. I purchased get your ex back super system and watched Dans YOUTUBE videos over and over because I was determined to get her back. I also purchased Alpha male power and better than a bad boy. These programs rebuilt my confidence and self belief and gave me the push to go after her and win her back. It took me 2 months of persistence and several knock backs to eventually get her to agree to meet me for a coffee. She was ice cold at the meet up and gave me no hope of getting back together what so ever. But I remained calm and confident through out and used Dan’s attraction techniques, and 20 minutes after getting home I received a text from her telling me she still had some feelings for me. I quickly arranged another meet up with her which went well, and today we met up again and ended up in bed together at my house. We’ve spoke about where things went wrong and what needs to change, but we’ve reconciled things and we’re back. I’m not losing her again because she means the world to me. I’m 40 in June and we had a holiday to Las Vegas booked to celebrate the milestone before we broke up – which is now back on as well. Dan, if you ever visit Scotland on holiday, send me an email and I will have a bottle of the finest malt whisky for you as a thank you for your excellent advice. Ryan”

“The products at The Modern Man are the REAL deal and have changed the game dramatically for me!

Thanks to Dan and the techniques in the Flow and Dating Power, my results with women are off the charts! I never had serious girl problems but I knew there were definitely gaps in my “game” where I could improve.

Implementing the formula from the Flow and now understanding HOW women enjoy being talked to, I find myself being a much better gentleman and overall person. Major props to Dan and the team at The Modern Man for changing my life. Lavon”

“Your materials [Make Her Love You For Life] have made the single biggest change to my marriage of 10 years that you could imagine.

9 months ago we were in a bit of a nightmare. Now we’re flying. We used to argue a lot. We barely argue at all now, and if we do it’s in a healthy way, where we actually come out of it with something.

I have found the biggest change to be that if I say I’m going to do something, I do it so she can rely on me.

If I don’t think I can do it or I don’t want to, unless I’m being unreasonable I tell her that Ive thought about it but I’m not doing it.

I don’t take the lazy man way out and agree to do something I can’t or won’t deliver.

To be honest I could so on for hours singing your praises, but I’m typing this while at work, so I better get going.

Anyway, as someone raised predominantly by his mum and three sisters, I just wanted to say thanks. They should really add your stuff to the curriculum for teenage boys. 🙂 Simon”

“Hey Dan!

I’ll just like to share with you my success story.

I bought both “The Flow” and “Better than a Bad Boy”, and it has helped me win back my ex (now girlfriend again).

The lessons you taught has truly helped me gain perspective on how to carry myself not only as a person, but also as a MAN.

I decided to take the slow route, to gain back trust from my girl using all the methods you’ve recommended and it so works! The best part? I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing any aspect of myself! I’m being true to who I am and while a [Edited by Dan. Customer revealed critical technique that we teach. Have to keep it a secret for our customers only].

It was definitely a conscious decision to behave a certain way, but as time goes along, I realised it’s slowly become a part of me.

Still, quite awhile before I reach the mastery levels, but I know I will eventually. Thanks a lot Dan! And to anyone who is second guessing themselves if they should invest in any of the programs here, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. Aaron”

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“My relationship was failing fast and i was set to move out.

She started talking and hanging out with a male co-worker.

I found your website and realized i was the problem.

I got your make her love you for life program. Not two weeks later, i turned it around, by being strong, masculine and confident.

It felt a bit fake for me to be so confident and masculine at first because she was dominant for so long in our relationship and she pushed back but i held my ground.

She told that co-worker he wasn’t me and that she didn’t want him anymore.

We have been on fire since. She desires me, she knows she can lean on me now and not lead me.

A woman needs a man! I’ll continue to read the blogs, and work on myself first.

I’ll recommend this to anyone who needs it. Thanks, you’re doing good work. Adrian”

“Hi from Norway. Just want to say, thanks. You have changed my life. I am so happy. 46 years..should have known all this before. But anyway my ex is back. Thanks. I love your programs. Ed”

“I got your book The Flow thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get much of a different result than I’d had with women for much of my life. I am surprised to say the least.

Your advice is spot on and the conversation and humor and flirting examples you provide worked the first time I tried them on a woman. I got myself a phone number when I went out the first night of approaching with a friend from work.

I then went on a date with her and it was at her place for dinner and we had sex afterwards.

She wasn’t my perfect woman so I kept looking and a couple of weekends later from that I went out with my friend again and met a stunning blonde.

She was getting hit on all night and bored of it and I saw that, so I used your Flow approach and got her laughing and enjoying the conversation. Next thing you know and her and I were kissing. We’re now three weeks into a new relationship and I feel on top of the world.

You deserve a lot of credit for the work you have done Dan. It is spot on to say the least. It really does work and I thank my lucky stars for the day that I found your site. I will be definitely looking at getting your relationship program now and may the Better than a Bad Boy video series. Ethan”

“Any guy who isn’t learning from The Modern Man is missing out big time. I’ve been getting laid like crazy lately….it’s funny how easy it is once you get it.


“I bought better than a Bad Boy and listened to it for months. I changed from being okay with women to then becoming stellar with women and attaining the ability to have my pick and choice of the hot chicks I wanted.

After some time enjoying myself (& I certainly did enjoy), I then decided on a one on one relationship with a great girl. There were some issues at the start, I got Make Her Love you for Life… And I can definitely say this shit works!

We are going amazingly well, she’s become a great woman and lover and does everything I love from dressing and making herself beautiful wherever we go to loving and pampering me.

And… I have definitely become a better Man to and for her. Which is all part of it but now I can see ahead of time if she is going to act up or be overly emotionally feminine, or testy. I cannot describe how so so good it is to know how to react, the what to do and what definitely not to do and how to respond to bring things back to where we both want to be, loving, happy and laughing.

We laugh a lot, it’s great! I fucked this up a lot in previous relationships in my life, reacting in a way that didn’t benefit me nor my lover, if only I knew what to do back then things would have definitely gone better my way…

Anyway this is no fake commentary, I just had to say that I have definitely reaped the benefits of taking the time to learn this.

My partner benefits from having a man she loves and respects. And other parts of my life down to my work, friends and family also are better than they ever have been, as this certainly has transferred into all other aspects of my life.

This worked! I only wish I’d known earlier in my life… but hey no regrets as life is so good now. Frank”

“Hi Dan

I wanted to share my experience with you guys so far.

I found Modern Man last summer when I was driving up to a coffee shop while watching a beautiful girl getting out of her car.

She saw me checking her out and I parked and got in line inside. She was directly in front of me and started giving me all the signs to start interacting with her. I didn’t know what to say, or even continue a conversation.

I froze, said hi and smiled and left feeling frustrated. I went home that day and found The Modern Man. It started with The Flow, and now I own all your products.

I don’t want to sit here and say how immediately I was getting laid to try and make myself look good.

I really needed a lot of work. So I took it one step at a time. Firstly I new that I had a SOLID foundation of being a great person. I treat people well and am a great guy. Secondly, I needed better communication skills.

I based a lot of this on your TI technique. I really began improving interactions not with just women, but with everyone. I found that I’m good at this.

It came fairly naturally and quickly. So I built on these “new found” communication skills and began interacting with new people everywhere. Soon I was much more comfortable in my own skin because everyone I have found so far is open to friendly conversation.

I began to realize, women are easier to approach. I am now getting more phone numbers easily. More women are involved in my life, which means more opportunities. I am now in control of who I like and decide to move forward with intimately.

My desperation has depleted dramatically and my standards are continuously rising. My life and confidence (or ability to be myself around others) has increased exponentially in the last 10 months and funny enough I appreciate women a lot more. I foresee continued growth as I seek a level of comfort that you guys at the Modern Man are able to enjoy.

I was a little intimidated at first because I knew that I would eventually have to interact with beautiful women. Now, it seems I just be myself, talk with everyone, and women tend to seek out my attention. More importantly, I’m aware of it now. It may not have been the fastest method, but it works for me and I’m comfortable doing it.

I still have goals to reach and skills to refine, but it would not have been for all your invaluable advice and knowledge. Thanks Dan, Ben and Stu! I’m so grateful. Dave”

“Hi Dan, just bought your Flow book today after watching some of your youtube video’s. I’m amazed.. listened to the mp3’s this afternoon. First girl I approached tonight (that I would never had the guts to before) proved me this stuff works! At first she wanted to take things slow, now basically begging me to give it to her.. It’s simple, but amazing! Got over my breakup really quick too 😉 Thank you so much, well worth the investment.. Simon”

Hello Mr. Bacon, I just wanted to say thank you. After my initial purchase of Make Her Love You For Life about 4 years ago, I also purchased Better Than a Bad Boy. I watched the programs probably a dozen times to really get it and these days I still watch it from time to time to fresh up on the attitude you teach. I am now happily married to the woman I love and we had our first child in February. It’s the same woman I bought the program for, so I could be a better man for her. And it worked. Thank you very much for your program. Its probably the best money I ever spent. I regularly recommend your program to my male friends and acquaintances. You are truly the best I have ever learned from. Thank you again for everything. I will always support you. Sincerely, Michael.”

“It’s painful to admit, but I now acknowledge that I’ve wasted a good 15 years of my life doing the wrong things. I am so glad to have found this material. I’ve got a date lined up with a pretty girl this coming week. Michael, Canada”

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“I am blown away at how quickly I have gotten results.

I expected a long road to victory but I used the conversation examples and the attraction methods from the book and it is scary how well it works. No one knows that I am using techniques but they are all asking me why so many women like me all of a sudden.

It is incredible.

I have been having sex with two women over the past three weeks and now another girl from work is all over me. Absolutely incredible. Your book is best investment I have ever made in myself. Paul, South Africa”

“Dan, after 4 long months I am happy to say I got my wife back!!! I got your system in November and started applying what you teach and worked just like you said it would. One bit of advice I have for guys out there is please please focus on making your women feel a renewed sense of attraction and respect and forget about what she may be saying or doing to discourage you. Thank you Dan! Walter”

“Hi Dan,

I have nearly everyone of your products except the Alpha Male Power and they have utterly changed my life.

My GF broke up with me on December 14th, and lets just say I cried and begged for about 2 weeks then realized it wasn’t going to do anything to get her back.

So I found your series and worked on me and forced myself to interact with women. It wasn’t long before I got numbers, built rapport, and moved forward to kissing and heavy petting, however no sex.

I cut off communication for 3 weeks with the EX, and then I was on a job interview in NYC about 3 weeks ago and posted on my Facebook I was at a Bar, my ex whom also lives in NYC was coincidentally 2 blocks away and we meet up…

Long story short, were back together, at one point she asked me if use getting back together was a good idea and if it was a good thing….I just laughed at her and said it was the best thing for us, cause the things you told me I lack (confidence, emotional understanding of women and body language) I’ve fixed and women now love me (showed her pictures from my phone) ….man…Dan….she flipped so quickly it wasn’t even funny…I told her she needs to behave and do things I like or I’ll just walk away and go to one of the other girls…I told her if she does things I like I’ll give her a reward, She was like really….I tease her with a reward and then giving her rewards, keeping her on her toes. When she does things I don’t like she goes to time-out, but only for 5 seconds, then I tell her to give me a hug and say she’s sorry….

I’ve turned the tides in the relationship, and now she always messaging me, chasing me….I tell her every time I talk to her, ” Ok talk to you in a week, I’m busy the next few days” 12 to 18 hours later she messages me wondering what I’m up too…

She says I’m different and understanding….

Right now I tell her I’m Version 2.0 with firmware 3.0 coning out soon, you better figure me out quick or you’ll be learning how to figure me out all over again…she’s like are you for real…I’m like stop being so serious, she’s like your mean…I’m like ya so??? O.o …she is pushed in the feminine every time….

Your material is spot on, I keep her in the feminine , but sometimes show my feminine then go right back to be a dominant male and she loves it…

Again thanks for your content, I’ll keep listening to it over and over again. Maybe sometime when I’m in Melbourne or your in the States, we can meet up!!!


“By the time I got to page 40, I had already broken the ice with a girl I had never even been able to get a smile out of.

Reading it was like flicking a switch in my head that changed my mindset straight away. I can only imagine how much easier things are going to get once I start really start to follow the techniques fully. P, Australia”

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“Your techniques are fresh, intelligent, sincere and written in a easy to understand casual way – real life. Your 3 second look up and down followed by “Your pretty and I like your style” comment is great. I’ll be using that one tonight at a party I’m attending. Lee, Canada”

“Dear Dan, I watched your ex back program regularly after my breakup in July. I was heartbroken and desperate. Since then I worked on your advice and surprisingly, in August she returned in my life. Our bonding is now stronger than ever. Everything has worked out and going smoothly. Thank you so much! Sam”

“After years of enduring on with the odd bit of luck – I’m now having sex with new women all the time, which is what I want because I think I deserve to have enjoy this before settling into a relationship.

The flow ebook was a total bargain and I can’t thank you enough for the clarity of the examples and instructions you provided. Five stars from me. Brian, USA”

“I just want to thank Dan for saving my relationship!! She was engaged to another man with a date set for next month and I got her back! Wow. Keenan”

“Fantastic! Absolutely eye-opening. Dan – your ability to take the reader through the process of a natural courtship, while making it all so simple is amazing.

The results speak for themselves – I can actually walk up to girls now and chat to them confidently. It’s only been a week and a half and I’ve gotten 3 phone numbers…this is awesome. Steve”

“First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dan!! You have helped me SIGNIFICANTLY with my life when it comes to women!

I have been dating this girl for about 2 1/2 months, and I used to have this 2 month curse when it came to women.

I never really was all that bad with women to begin with, but I had a horrible problem of trying to hard with them (like trying to impress them) and with falling in love with them too quickly. Because of your book, I have learned what I need to change in my life to get the results that I want out of life!

Thanks to your book, I have got this girl to go from “let’s just be friends” to “when are we gonna hang out again?” if you know what I mean. 😉 Anyway, thanks again, Dan! You are a LIFESAVER! Drew, New York”

“Hi I hope this message gets over to you. I bought the system. You saved 6 lives literally. My family was about to be broken up because my wife wanted to leave me. Not even a social science psychologist at $193 dollars an hour, $25,000 on lawyer fees, couples retreats and many others got even close to your results. You got a gift. Thanks bro thanks I got my family back. Jerry”

I wanted to say thanks. Found your advice to be very different from most other online searches. No contact seems cruel and disrespectful to me so I put on my bigly pants and called her, after making the changes you recommend in your program Get Your Ex Back Super System. I made her laugh and listened to her…apologized for how I must have made her feel unloved and under appreciated too. We had a great conversation and I’m confident the relationship is saved from your advice because we’ve since met up and kissed and she says she is open to getting back together, but taking things slowly. She wants to catch up again in a couple of days, so it’s all looking good. I’d love to share more but wanted to take just a minute and say thank you for helping to save my relationship. It means the world to me. Thanks again, Rob”

“I haven’t even finished all of your programs – missing the rest of 21 great ways, make her love you for life, and mastery methods and mindsets but I’m noticing rapid results.

January was was the month I decided to get back out there after my divorce. I’ve hooked up with 3 girls and I seem to be managing them fine while also having others in the pipeline purposefully in different stages as I’m following your advice from 21 great ways.

Funny I just met a work mate from Adelaide, AUS, she’s pretty cool and she’s actually melting to your techniques and way of being. It just happened. These woman are really starting to boost my ego during conversation, the phone, texting, and in person. They are really opening up and being feminine, it’s like magic. Unbelievable. I have some pics, text messages and journaling to document my own experience with your material. Being a man of purpose mixed with the Modern Man program is proving to be powerful.

I can’t stress enough how important is for your other clients to utilize all of your programs into their subconscious and take action. Alpha Male power really fuckin woke me up. Better than a Bad Boy too. I finally understand the game because of the help from you guys so I really appreciate all your time spent researcing and putting this material together. You are right – Life continues to get better and better with an Alpha mindset letting the rest follow. Wes”

“Not a month after reading your book, I went out to the bar with some friends.

Well, in the past I would have hung out with my friends and thought “If I talk to anyone else aside from my friends, I’m going to get ridiculed”

I decided that, no matter how much I might trip over myself and goof things up because I’m not used to going up to strangers and striking up a conversation, I would do it that night, and let me tell you.

Its amazing how much different things were just taking some of your tips on just projecting confidence and not slinking away at first sign of resistance. Your book is like my bible now!

To this day, being Wednesday, it has been 4 days since I was out with those friends, and I have phoned a couple of the numbers, didn’t go fishing for a date, actually never asked for one in the first phone call, and THEY called ME back asking me to meet up for coffee or drinks or whatever.

Women are now calling me to set up dates, so I just have one word left for you guys….THANKS! Jeff, Canada”

“Hi Dan – I know you deal with mainly single guys, but here is some encouragement for any married guys who need to sharpen up on their relationship skills. I have read and listened to just about all of your material.

While I was already familiar with much of what you teach out of having had to get my own masculine act together the hard way, your work has filled in a number of important gaps for me and has inspired me to be much more proactive in my relationship with my wife.

Flirting, being risque, being unpredictable, being sexually adventurous, being the higher status person and so on, has my wife clawing at my clothes and literally begging me into the bedroom every night.

I can say from direct experience as a happily married man, that what you and your team teach, has great implications for married men as well as single ones. My wife will be the first person to back me up on this. Richard, Australia”

“I have gone through the get your ex back material and it is simply amazing. You should be given a medal for allowing men to be men in a relationship. I had no idea that I was not supposed to act the way that I was acting in response to her behavior. I have started making changes and she is attracted to me again. We’re back on! She was over at my place last night. Thank you!” Mike

“Brilliant! I was the typical nice guy who was nervous around women but in a matter of weeks, all of that has changed.

I was chatting up a girl at a bar the first time I tried your material and I was shocked at how well it worked. I had her eating out of my hands for 20 minutes and we left the bar together that night. My confidence has gone through the roof and I’ve made a load of new friends as well. Anande, London”

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Hi Dan, I am not normally one for “kiss and tell stories”, but I know that success stories are good for business, and I reckon I owe you one.

I watched Better Than A Bad Boy only a couple of weeks ago. Then I met a girl through a friend (so, in fairness, it wasn’t a completely cold pick-up), nevertheless I brought her back to my place the same night and we had sex – which I had never done before with a girl I had met only a few hours earlier.

Throughout the evening, I kept thinking “Stay confident, stay masculine, don’t get sucked into acting feminine”.

Well, as can be seen from the result, it was obviously brilliant advise which continues to work perfectly, as we have been together three times since and are going away on a “dirty weekend” together tomorrow.

It bothers me that I got suckered into the mind-set of suppressing my natural masculine traits that happens for so many guys these days.

I can see now that is a problem for many anglo-saxon men, and women clearly don’t realise how much damage they have done to their own self-interests by giving out misleading signals over the past twenty or so years.

Anyway, thanks for opening my eyes. I owe you big time. Paul”

“Hi Dan, Thank you for the most interesting emotional and sexual weekend I’ve ever had, at the age of 48 with my ex girlfriend who is 32.

Backstory: She broke up with me coldly over the phone at 5am last Tuesday, which I took very badly.

I spent the day in a depressed mess, literally didn’t see the point of being alive (and I have never been the kind of person to get depressed or even vaguely contemplate suicide).

Anyway, halfway through that day I had written all sorts of things to change her mind, remind her of what we’d shared, blah blah blah, – thankfully I didn’t send any of them. Just wrote and wrote and agonized. Somewhere along the line I clicked this wasn’t going to work. That it was going to drive her even further and harder away from me.

So I started looking up “how to get your ex back”. And found a host of stuff – including your material. The first thing I read was written by a woman and included things like: Write her a letter, telling her how you feel; Acknowledge your faults and apologize; Buy her flowers – after throwing up in my mouth a bit, I moved on to advice closer to yours.

When I first saw no contact advice, I could see the logic, but when I saw your material and what you have to say about no contact, the penny dropped.

I then decided to get your program and simply arm myself for success.

Based on your advice, the first (and hardest) thing I did was to accept the breakup.

I sent her a text apologizing for being such a pussy about things, and said that if she wanted to break up, we should break up and that there was no point holding on to something she didn’t think was working – that it’d still be nice to see her for dinner at the weekend, to give her the gift I’d bought her daughter and get my spare key back, followed by a wink emoji.

She thanked me and said it would be nice to have dinner, that she still loved and cared about me, and that I could decide if I wanted to remain friends or not.

I didn’t reply and didn’t contact her again, until she let me know on the morning of our dinner that she’d said a travel prayer for my daughter and her mom who were driving back home that day, and so I turned it into a bit of fun, and that conversation ended with her sending a LOL emoji.

That evening, by the time I walked into her apartment to pick her up for dinner (and share a glass of wine at her invitation), she was already flirting with me.

I just kept it light and distant and let her flirt.

Then I moved to pick her up off the counter to start heading out, and the intimacy exploded – we ended up kissing passionately for a bit, and then I broke it off and said, come let’s go to dinner. Which we did.

The rest of the evening was super-flirtatious and fun, and we ended up having mind-blowing sex that evening back at her place.

Long story short she ended up coming to my place the next day (after morning sex), and the whole weekend was just a glorious sex-fest, with many deep and meaningful conversations, lots of laughter and flirting, no stress, just pure enjoyment of each other.

To be this attractive to a woman you really love and like, after she was as cold as ice, is a life-changing experience.

She just couldn’t help herself!

And the change in me was so simple to effect.

I went from being a depressed mess of an emotionally needy wuss, to being upbeat, fine, light and humorous – and emotionally bigger than her – a man – within a 48-hour period (including the watching of your program).

And the change was so obvious to her. And extremely attractive.

She told me at one point – lying in bed together that my face looked different (before she knew what I’d been through that week), to which I replied ”I’m not surprised”, implying that something had happened.

Later the next day I told her what I’d been through, told her what I’d learnt about myself, and how I’d helped screw things up, and jokingly apologized for forcing her to have a lesbian relationship with me, and she looked at me with glowing eyes and said “You hit the nail on the head” and said how much she respected me for being able to effect that change and basically reverse our interaction.

(At another point she playfully punched me for not leaning in for a kiss, when I usually would have.)

So in a nutshell, I have gotten her back and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you! Amar”

“I wish I ordered your ebook earlier. I just met this lady online and spoke to her over the phone, we hit it off very well and we decided to meet half way from where we live. We live 4 hours apart. It amazing how easy this is when you know what to do. Alan”

“Norwegian girls are notorious for playing hard to get and making guys work for months to get anywhere with them.

Well that is what I thought prior to using The Flow on them. I got laid the first weekend I went out approaching and got a serious girlfriend the following weekend. You are saving lives Dan Bacon…I was severely depressed and lost about what to do about my situation with women before I stumbled across your website. Pete, Norway”

“After a lifetime of women basically ‘ignoring’ me and seeing me only as a friend, I read your book and in 3 months I’d already had 8 dates.

Its mindblowing how well your stuff works…I ended up choosing one of the best women out of those 8 and she’s now my girlfriend. Couldn’t have done it without your techniques, so thank you! Evan, USA”

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“Dan, I just want to thank you for all of the help you’ve supplied to me and every guy out there like me.

I found you guys last October and immediately noticed a drastic change in myself after watching Better Than a Bad Boy and Alpha Male Power, in particular.

I discovered my purpose in life and that created much higher confidence and self-esteem in myself. I’ve never been one for bar environments to pick up women (so the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t really affect me in that regard) but I met a woman whose name I’d heard through mutual friends (and vice versa) in an environment in a place we’re at all the time.

All I had to do was display the traits you describe in great detail in your programs (and it was truly real, not just a facade). And we connected so damn well it was unreal. She told me we’re basically the same person.

And I just moved to forward…

10 days later we’re in a relationship and she told me she’s never been more in love with anyone in her life, and she’s already planning out long term plans for us.

I only met her 3 weeks ago.

I bought your program “Make Her Love You For Life” right when we started our relationship. Not because I need it. But because I know you have great information, and I know it’s gonna work.

Anyone who sees this message, I’m proof that everything Dan makes for the Modern Man is worth every penny.

I had no clue what to do and I was a nervous wreck around women that were less attractive than my girlfriend now. Thanks so much for everything, and cheers! T”

“Hey Dan, I’m amazed at how, even with so much product, you never overlap. Instead, you hit different angles which helps round out the topic, excellent. I’ve learned so much from you over the past month and my life has changed completely. I feel so much more confident and self assured, no matter where I am. Women notice me now and smile. It’s so weird. I’ve already gotten a bunch of phone numbers, set up dates and slept with 2 women this month. That may not sound like a lot, but I hadn’t had sex in years prior to this. So, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have literally changed my life and opened my eyes to the fact that I can select women that I want…and they actually want me in return. It’s priceless. Thanks man! Mitch”

“I ordered the e-book Flow, figuring I’d blow $100 taking a girl to dinner, so what the hey. You’re right on point!

I used the conversation examples with a woman from work and we went out that Friday night for drinks. We hooked up on Sunday afternoon for lunch and then had sex that night!

Now she is my girlfriend! Getting your book was the best money I’ve ever spent on anything online. I highly recommend this to other guys out there. Trust in Dan, he is the real deal and he gets you results. Tyrone”

“So I bought all of the Modern Man products recently, and I’ve been using them quite a bit and it’s unbelievable how much it has transformed me.

Not only can I be myself and not worry about “acceptance,” but I have earned much more respect from guys and girls alike. I’m 19 and look relatively young, but this stuff works like magic. For example, I’m on tour right now with my band.

After one of the shows, I had a 20 year old girl come up to me and I could tell she was very attracted to me, so I talked to her a bit and then ended up going back to her place and having sex with her. She said that I was “amazing” in bed, and after the first night she literally begged me to have sex with her again.

This is only one girl, but I have 5 other girls that are all in love with me and want to go out and have sex with me basically on demand. It’s a great feeling, and I never would have encountered it if it weren’t for you and the Modern Man. Thanks Dan! Brent”

“Hi Dan! I just want to thank you so much for all your help and support! I bought and read all of your ebooks, I used your techniques and mindsets and they really worked. So far approaching women and attracting them has been a piece of cake. I met my ideal woman, I lost my virginity to her and started a relationship with her. I really appreciate it and I’m definitely gonna start spreading the word to other people. She loves how other girls take notice of me even though I’m attracted to her and feel madly in love with her. Take Care, Zee”

“My names Anthony i’m 19 years old and used to be the shy guy who didn’t have the balls to go up and talk to girls at all and when I do I had no idea how to speak to them.

Honestly I had no idea how to speak properly to anyone new I would always try to copy what my friends do and found out the hard way that it was the wrong move. The Modern Man products work not just with making you the man most women desire, but making you the man that everyone wants to be around. I used three products to help transform myself these 3 products are:

The Flow, The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and Better then a bad boy. In this economy the price for the last two are pretty expensive especially at my age but let me tell you it was the best purchase I have ever made and it has made my life more enjoyable.

Rather than just hanging out with a girl and hoping she sleeps with me I have the confidence to enjoy every aspect of our time together and escalating to that last step has never been easier.

If your looking to get with women, lose that social awkwardness, and get the confidence and knowledge to do what you truly want in life then I recommend you use products from the Modern Man. My only regret is that I didn’t use this sooner thanks Dan Ben and Stu!! Anthony”

“Hi Dan, Ben and Stu. Thanks for all the effort you have been done all this years, a true remarkable mark you have made in the history of man kind.

Thanks to you I know better about myself and about women and am enjoying my love life! You are a great! Thanks, really thanks!!! Marco Pereira”

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“I recently bought the flow after watching and learning about the modern man.

I’ve been studying since January and my confidence levels have increased ten fold! I’m a 19 years old disabled man in college and working. The only one in my friend group attracting older women between 21-30 years old! May have a date with a 21 year old friend! You’re the best Dan! Grant”

“Best pick up advice online. TMM are the real deal. Got several women on the go now.


“Dear Dan,

My success story is that I was miserable at picking up girls and whenever I tried, I always get stuck in the friend zone. That really made me lose it.

I found your site in hope of my solution and it really works! I have bought your ” The Flow” product and I improved so much! I couldnt believe it would work for me before I tried it but it did.

Eversince I bought “The Flow” I’ve had plenty of girls hitting on me. I always liked this girl in my class and I got her to be my girlfriend. So I am very happy to have found your website. John”

Amazing! This is the only word to describe Alpha Male Power.

I emailed you guys the other day telling you that I still have approach anxiety and hesitate.

Well I watched Alpha Male Power and today I stopped women in the street who were walking towards me and things went really well. In the past I feared them walking off and not stopping.

I had a couple of other “firsts for me moments” during the day too, but the most important thing is that it felt like nothing mattered to me.

Nothing the women or other people thinking of me matters. Other guys in the “pick up” community who I know, who have had more success than me, still self analyse and ask themselves “why did she give me that bad response?”.

I got none of that after listening to Alpha Male Power!!! I did start to question myself towards the end of the day saying ” Na, this can’t be… it’s too good to be true” but like Dan says at the very end of the program ” you have to go through the transformation”.

What Dan said relaxed me and reassured that it is OK and normal for it to take a few days or weeks for it to become who I am (without having to think about it.) I have bought 6 other programs in the past, but this is the one I believe will change my life.

I already feel different, which I never felt after the other programs. I feel that everything I have learned from the other programs will come naturally while I interact with women and live my life, but I can’t praise this program enough for the instant powerful feeling it gave me. Thanks, Kaleb”

“I was surprised at how quickly I got results because I was always the typical nice guy who girls saw only as the friend. This has been the most exciting year of my life. There’s no better feeling than to have control over this area of one’s life.


“My ex girlfriend loves me more than ever now that she can relax into her feminine mode. Even though I don’t want an exclusive relationship anymore, she still wants to date and have sex with me and hopes that I will change my mind. Your ex back system is priceless and has given me an insight into women that was missing in my life until now.


“Hey Dan, Just want to let you know that your approach is gold.

My x friend-zoned me about a month back because I was getting clingy and jealous.

She said she was cool with hooking up every once in a while but she didn’t want the relationship.

So I used your attraction/respect building approach and we hung out this weekend. We hooked up and I spent the night at her place.

She said she feels like I am a totally different man now and wishes I was like this before. She also said that she is now open to getting back together. I am going to continue using your tactics to completely secure the relationship. Thanks! J”

“Hey Dan!

“Hey Dan, I have been studying the Flow and this Saturday I will see the first girl that I used The Flow on.

So far I have been becoming more confident and clear of my life and the future, and I am starting to manage the stress and life of college better in the last months, and I have nobody else to thank but you and your wisdom.

It feels like if instead of feeling afraid, now that I jumped into adulthood, I feel I want to grow up and learn more, instead of feeling down because of the challenges that will come into my life, like people tend to act.

I have been successfully fighting my unhealthy social anxiety, and am overcoming and understanding the feelings of guilt from beating up the Nice Guy syndrome I lived with for years.

I haven’t had a panic attack in two weeks now, and I used to experience them almost daily! I wanted to write this post to share my progress. Thank you very much man, you have no idea how grateful I am. Kevin”

“I got your Dating Power program a couple of months ago and have been having endless sex with women I’ve been meeting in at uni, at bars and through friends. I would have paid DOUBLE if I knew that it was going to be this good. 5 stars from me!


I’m an older guy (59) who was interested in having a relationship with a much younger chick (20).

After I became single again, hitting the social scene was a shock to my system. Lost in a world of older divorcees and totally frustrated with them, I started your video sessions for a few tips to get myself kick-started and figure out how to get what I really wanted.

I found success on an internet site which promotes older men dating younger women. Once I hit my “target audience” it was just a matter of time before I struck gold. Even though the age difference was huge, I found and identified the perfect woman from your guide on types of women. She’s an awesome girlfriend and life is great again!

It’s really an advantage to pick “from the top of the tree” instead of settling for those rotten apples laying on the ground. If you want to meet a quality women, you will have to work on it and have the confidence and skills to attract her to you. Thanks again Dan and the gang!

Cheers from Don”

“Hey Dan thanks for making such helpful product.

I used to think that girls like nice guys and so I was being overly nice and wimpy instead of nice but also strong and confident.

I was awful with girls, I couldn’t even say hi to them I was very afraid of girls, approaching them was my nightmare but now after using the flow, mastery methods and mindsets and dating power and using it in my life I now enjoy my life with many girls in it. Girls like me and I have lost my virginity just because of you, stu and ben’s products. Tarun”

“Hi Dan,

It finally feels good to be on this side of the line.

Earlier I used to read all the comments about guys getting girlfriends when they followed you and I used to think when will I be like them.

I finally got my old friend to date me after such a long time of me just being in the friend-zone.She was a bit reluctant at first but seeing my newly found confidence and alpha-male attitude,she said she too started to see me as someone else.Hope I continue the good run. Arjun”

Hi Dan, bought my first program from you early in the year. And have almost all of them. Live in Norway. But can not thank you enough. Become 47 next year but you’ve changed my life completely and are forever grateful. Have my girlfriend back, and lots of ladies who likes me all around me all the time, and the job has changed for me because of you. Continue the good work and never let anyone tell you that what you do is wrong. My son is 16 years old and very unsure. Must take him through this. Hope sometime there will be such programs that can help girls also become alpha/beta girls, and more feminine girls. Some strong girl that can start that. Thank you very much. Best regards Ed”

“Dan big beard bacon!!

I want to write a personal success story of mine after having watched the following programs over the last 7 months:

– Get Your Ex back
– The Flow
– Make Her Love You For life
– The Ultimate Guide to Conversation
– Alpha Male Power
– Better than a Bad boy
– The Modern Relationship

Being a professional table tennis player and Olympian, I always thought I should be able to find “The one” someday soon and have a great relationship the more successful I am in my life.

Since watching the Modern Man, I have finally been able to enter the true world of knowledge in how to become a “real man” and attract women properly, as well as even understanding how female psychology truly works!

Truthfully, I had zero idea until I stumbled across The Modern Man in a time of huge need (When my relationship with my current girlfriend was bad and I could sense she wanted to leave me due to insecurities and lack of being a “man”).

I have never been able to access this knowledge anywhere else! In fact.. I have been given terrible advice countless times online, and by other friends who really have next to no idea!

I’m starting to be consciously competent and I’m going to really enjoy the process of becoming the man I dream of, by implementing what I have learnt from Dan, to become a better me everyday! I strongly believe I have so much to learn and can’t wait to keep watching more of your programs and learning more and more!

My current relationship with my girlfriend of 11 months has been a roller coaster with me being initially a wimp who put her on a pedestal and would do anything for her.

I now understand so much more, and she is begging at my feet for more affection and time of mine.

Nowadays, she supports me and openly expresses how lucky she feels to be with a man like me.

Last but not least, when I meet her girlfriends, I can sense how jealous her girlfriends get when I behave in a relaxed cool manner whilst still totally being myself and fearlessly showing my love towards women without being an asshole at all about it!

Thank you for removing so many problems that I would have gone through later in life and having no idea why… these programs are worth every cent!!

I love you Old man and belated congrats on being a father!

Cheers, Heming”

“I’ve had sex with 4 women in the last 2 months.
Your techniques are gold and have worked every time I’ve used them. I’ll be getting more of your programs soon to boost my game further.


“Hey Dan,

You have truly opened up my eyes and I have seen and experienced what it’s like to cross over from being an absolute fail with women to having most girls want me. I am starting to reach the point now where I can attract most girls that take my fancy.

I now have a beautiful girlfriend who constantly tries to impress me and also wants to move in with me. She’s awesome!

Your programs helped me to gain so much confidence that I no longer feel nervous around people and I know how to handle them. Most people want to be my friend which is an amazing feeling! Just wanted to say thank you because it has really changed my life. Mark”

“Guys, I can’t stress enough how well Modern Man’s products work.

I started to use M.M. while I was living in Spain to talk to the beautiful women we all hear about. It turns out, no matter where you are in the world, the M.M. approach works flawlessly. 10/10 Thanks from Taylor”

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“Hey, what’s up Dan, just wanted to say that I have experienced some tremendous progress after reading the Flow and watching Dating Power.

Just about every chic at my work place is into me. I’ve had sex with around one new woman every month and I want to start picking up women in many different places now. Joseph”

“Hi Dan,

I first learned about your material in my search for better information regarding women and dating. I went through college with moderate success with women, but I never had the confidence to approach the “hottest” girls who would even give me positive signals that I should approach and escalate with them.

At one point, I was hanging out and having dinners with a beautiful girl who would even come by herself to parties at my house and flirt with me the entire night. She gave me every signal that I should pursue her, but I felt like I was being fake and didn’t want to reveal my inner wuss by messing it up with her or getting rejected.

I also felt that there was something wrong with how I was going about this because I had fantasies of waking up with her in bed and being my girlfriend, yet I hadn’t even gotten physical. Therefore, I did nothing and this “relationship” fizzled.

I later learned that she had had many sexual encounters with other popular guys around my campus. Other experiences like this left me frustrated and somewhat angry.

I read the flow and watched Alpha Male Power about 6 months ago. With the knowledge and empowerment from these products, I began consciously to implement the concepts into my life. I still haven’t fully mastered them, but they have made a huge difference.

A few months ago I met a beautiful, smart girl on vacation in Miami. She was showing me positive signals, and I decided to pursue her during the trip using the concepts I learned from your material.

The knowledge and inner confidence from your products allowed me to become intimate with her on the trip and because we happen to live close to one another, start a happy, committed relationship. I thank you for helping me reverse the habits I learned from ineffective role models in order to become a more attractive, happy man. Sincerely…Will”

“I just wanted drop by and thank you.

I initially bought your products to pick up girls but in return I learned how to be a ‘real’ man. I am now able to handle any stituation and talk to girls with no hesitation. In fact while on holiday I used your technique to meet this beautiful Latin girl and was able to create some great memories with her. Your videos are definitely worth every penny. KG”

“I only just got the book and I’m already on page 48- can’t put it down!

The attraction and rapport techniques seem so obvious, but I know I’ve always been doing the opposite with women and can see how that’s been sabotaging my efforts.

I’ve had the chance to practice today on my colleagues (mostly female) and I’ve already felt like there was added warmth in the way they were interacting with me as a result. I’m looking forward to fine-tuning this skill and learning more.


“Hi Dan – Well first of all THANK YOU!. I

never thought I was going to say what im going to say but here it comes! in 4 or 5 years I was not seeing any girl! Today 6 months after buying the “better than bad boy” I have to many Girls!

I really dont know what to do, Ive gotten to many Girls and I dont wanna break their heart.

Most of them keep calling me daily and I keep ignoring because im not interested anymore. And when I tell them some stupid story of how we are not ment to be together, they keep crying everytime, every single one of them! I have what you Call a Luxury problem these days!

Even 2 of my co-workers who I happend to not be interested in keep asking me out for dates! and believe me im not attractive im just standard! Never been good with girls, But hey what you teached me have made Complete different, even all my friends now come to me for advise or tells me what to Write when they are texting some chicks, even they get laid sometimes because of me! Its really crazy!

And if you happend to know how I can turn Down this womens in a Nice way without the tears and all that stuff I would be for ever gratefull! But anyway im happier than I was. Thanks Dan! Majid”

“Hi Dan,

I had to share with everyone that you’re products have significantly changed my life- not just my love life, but my professional one as well. I feel like I have an entirely new outlook on the world, and life is just naturally more enjoyable for me.

Incredible things have been happening for me since I’ve started living my life as an alpha male. I got a huge promotion work, I’ve become much more well-respected in my group of friends, and I’ve had amazing success with women.

On top of meeting new woman, I’ve also hooked up with a really hot girl who I’ve been friend-zoned with for 7 years! She came right out and said that she has seen a huge change in me.

She couldn’t tell me what the change was, only that she has found herself really attracted to me lately. She certainly demonstrated her appreciation for the “new me” the other night… Anyway, for all of that (and for everything to come in the future) I want to sincerely thank you.

One more thing- To anyone thinking of trying out one (or all) of these products, I would absolutely encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed!” Andrew

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“Hi Dan

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for saving my marriage. It was dead in the water and my wife had already began going on dates with a new guy that she knows from work. But I put your advice into action from the Get Your Ex Back system and boy did it work.

My wife came crawling back to me, crying and apologizing. I am now in the position of power in the relationship and we are more in love than ever before. Your tips on sex where a huge eye opener for me as well. I would rarely get her to orgasm before but now it is happening almost every time we have sex.

You are doing great things for the men of this world Dan and you deserve a lot of credit. Had I known what your program would do for me I would have happily paid double the price.

I’ll be a loyal fan of yours for life. Best regards Bryon”

“Hey Dan,

I have been working on everything you have taught me and I think its finally starting to come together.

I have visited my ex a couple times now and she seems so in love again. She now compliments me about how much more masculine I am and treats me so much better. I am so happy ,thank you. We are better than ever and I feel like (with your help) I’m learning to keep the dominant role and stay in control of my emotions.

Now that I am more aware my role in the relationship we have a deeper connection and are on the way to an Amazing relationship. Alex”

“My parents were quite worried that I still didn’t have a girlfriend at age 29 and it was really getting me down. So I searched online, found The Modern Man and gave it a try. I experienced more success with girls in three months that I’ve had in my entire life. I now have a great girlfriend and my parents have finally stopped pestering me, except now they want grandchildren…!


“I got a girlfriend two weeks after reading The Flow.

I was out in the city with some buddies and they were too afraid to approach any girls. They tried to talk me out of approaching because they said girls are bitches and always have a boyfriend. I didn’t listen to them.

I approached and they were astounded at what happened. All night I had girls interested in me and eventually snogged the girl who is now my girlfriend. Brilliant book Dan. It has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and now my buddies are asking me for advice. Macca”

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“Hi Dan, I purchased your program Get My Ex Back Super System for $297.00.

I started not with the first video, but rather with the video about how to contact your ex. Trying to take a short cut.

Downloaded all the texts what you should say or text when you contact your ex to set up one “last” catch up meeting. And I loved the whole structure and approach ( I am a sales guy, who does not have any problems with getting beautiful women). But then I said to myself let’s check out everything from the start.

So I watched the first two videos about why women leave you and how to fix and improve yourself. This took almost 5 hours!!! But I took a look of notes in form of screen shots and replayed many sections.

So we are talking more about 10 hours just for the first two videos. All the sales stuff how to contact her became irrelevant to me, because it was clear to me how much I have screwed up with my wife and even more importantly how can I fix things with her by improving myself.

I wrote my Letter of Pain (part of the program) based on your template (almost copied it!) and my emotional state went from devastated and being an emotional wrack to let’s do it, let’s get her back.

That was the beginning of a very quick recovery process which did way more for me than me going to a therapist!

With these two videos I found my inner peace and my emotional center once again. Then the events with my wife turned from horrible to good to fantastic!

My wife left me two month before, raged a nuclear war on me in the family court system, with a no contact order and even before that a restraining order and filed for divorce. So I did not even had a legal chance of contacting her unless I wanted to end up in jail.

My only way was to bump into her by coincidence twice or three times a week or so. Basically from an outsider perspective my case was hopeless!!! All my friends were telling me to move on.

I applied everything from the first two videos only in my limited interactions with my wife and it took me from the day I bought the program, 6/22 until 7/3 to finally succeed. In less than two weeks I was able to turn the worst nightmare in life around to a much better relationship than ever before.

I changed the approach a little bit because of my particular difficult circumstances, but the Letter of Pain was my winner among a few other things.

Once back with my wife on July 3 I showed her the letter and she loved it!

Yesterday July 8 she dropped everything in the family court, all the divorce actions were retracted by her, the lawyers were fired and we are living back together since July 3.

My wife is a highly educated and intelligent career woman and looks beautiful with plenty of options to get men.

So you can’t just fool her.

What made all the difference in the world were three things:

1. Understanding/Acknowledging my faults in detail and improve quickly
2. Get back to an emotional attractive state (I was able to do this in a week)
3. NEVER GIVE UP!!! (Don’t even think about to listen your friends: move on, time will heal all wounds, there more girls, give her time…)

I really suffered in the 2.5 month my wife was gone. This was not a joke at all. And I consider myself an Alpha guy. The $297.00 was nothing. Our lawyers charged that for 45 minutes.

But your advice and your thoughts and insights were everything! Screw my friends in this regard. But Dan was the one who really made a difference.

I became for $297 and 10 hours of watching the first two videos a much better man. And that was the important part for my wife.

What I am trying to say I never even needed to apply all the contact her techniques from video 5. Can I recommend the program? Hey is the pope catholic? Hell, YES!!! Thank you, Dan!


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“Hey Dan.. I just wanted to take the chance to thank you and share my success story with you.

I hope you don’t kill me though when you read some parts of my journey. Well I’ve known about you and have had you in my e-mail list for about 4 years now and I’ve been reading your stuff and I always wanted to get your products though I was still on a primary school kids allowance (I was in high school at the time).

Until that one day I bought the flow. And then I kept it on my phone without even touching it and decided to go P.U.A for advice…what a waste of my bloody time I tell you.

You know I’ve always been obsessed about being a natural with women and being a dating coach.

So on this so called pua journey of mine I had a lot of stupid shit happen until one night I decided to go back to the Flow and finally read it .Well I’m half way through it and………. I’ve got a girlfriend, yes I thought I’d be sleeping with every bombshell on planet earth when I got my dating game right though nah…I fucked around and got me a good women lol.

Well you did say that many of us will be starting at different levels and you were right. I started getting attention from women just after getting my mind sets right and today I’m at a point where I can be in an interaction with a woman and actually have her wanting me to take it to the next level.

I’m having so much fun with this mindset stuff sometimes I’ll flash a grin and just sit back and start repeating in my head…”I am a man..a strong sexually aware man and women want me “…did that once and she started doing touching on me under the table lol good times.and the vocal exercises have been helping with my mindset.

I just twisted the exercise a bit for a two in one benefit though that’s a story for another day; Though what I wanted to highlight the most was how you actually helped me take attraction to the next level.

Now I’ve always been practicing cocky and funyness throughout my life without knowing it because I’m the type of guy from a young age who liked cracking jokes and being cocky and making sexual jokes.

And that’s what I did throughout my life even with girls I tried to date and since I started reading the Flow I now see why it never worked in the long run. I could use my natural self to spark attraction very easily and that where my downfall was.

I would just keep doing the same thing throughout the interaction with a woman just because it got her attention instead of shifting into the 3rd phase and developing an emotional connection. And that’s how I always ended up as the funny guy with jokes and nothing more.

Though now Dan thanks to you I’m the MAN!!!…..and my girl knows if she messes up I can have my choice of other women. I now know and believe that.

Now I can finally focus on other parts of life. Thanks Dan


“Hey Dan! I’m 25 years old and i’ve been using he flow since my senior year in high school.

I’ve had tons of success with the flow, and recently just broke up with my smoking hot girlfriend of 2 years because it was ME who was not happy.

In the 2 weeks being single, i have already slept with 4 girls.
And my phone is blowing up with hot woman, most of who’m i just don’t have the time for because i have more woman than i know what to do with.

Almost every night i have a different date, and some booked days, if not weeks in advance. And it’s all thanks to this life changing product. THANK YOU!!!

Tony M”

“I finished reading “The Flow” 2 days after I had purchased it.

On the third day, I went out into the town to put what I learned in action. It works so well! I talked to two girls, and they both wanted me! What I attempted was wayyy out of my comfort zone, and not what I usually would do, but I put that passed me and just gave it a go.

Worked like a charm.

The first girl I talked to was definitely interested, so much so that I felt taking her home was absolutely possible, but after talking for a little I decided i didn’t want her. YES, I chose. Then moved onto the next girl, who was also much more beautiful.

I put the techniques I read about in the book to use, and now she is my girlfriend. It was literally so easy after you know the right things to do.

Before this book I would have NEVER talked to her. Before this book I wouldn’t have even tried because I mean seriously, she seemed way out of my league. Buy this book. It is absolutely worth it.


“I recently lost my virginity and I owe a huge thanks to you and your Flow book. I also kissed another girl at a party and have two other girls interested. I’m on fire!


“Initially I was a little put off by your prices, but I decided to give it a go anyway since you guys offered a guarantee. To say that I am happy with my purchase is an understatement. I turned my female friend of 3 years into my girlfriend with a simple conversation and a couple of your attraction techniques. Amazing!


“Good morning Dan, and thanks for all you do. I’m writing to inform you that I am back again with my girlfriend. We broke up seven months ago. I thought I had no chance anymore because of how long we had been apart, but I tried the steps in your program and it worked! I never for once thought it would be possible because she previously confessed we would never be able to talk together again. I wouldn’t know she was anticipating to hear my voice if I never come across your blog and then try your program. So thank you Dan. I appreciate all you do. You saved me from losing the love of my life, and I will always be grateful for that. Abdullahi”

“Getting your book The Flow has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself as a man. It has not only taught me how to be confident, but has given me the type of skills with women that make my friends super jealous. I am currently seeing four different girls at once. Don’t hate the playa! Hahaaa…


“I do not go out much however last night a good friend invited me out and I figured “Why not?”

I go out and have a few beers, after a few we end up at a late night bar. There this drunk douche bag introduces himself, he was wasted. Shortly after we see his girlfriend who is very attractive trying to put him into an Uber. He does not want to and the two of them get into a big fight causing a scene. I tell my friend that no woman should have to deal with that type of man, if anything the roles should be reversed.

They finally leave. 30 minutes later SHE comes back, talking about how bad her boyfriend is etc. I see this as an opportunity. I start talking to her, she needs a real man not some idiot who makes a fool out of himself and has her clean up his mess. I end up taking her back to my house and having sex her with her all night. It was fantastic pussy! She was down for just about anything! Lots of fun. I don’t feel bad about it one bit, I did not coerce her she just fell the urge for a real man, not some pussy who hides behind her, as I learned from watching your videos.

I have been surprised at how easily the techniques work on all types of women, not just single women. Women can’t stop themselves from wanting you when you approach the conversation in The Modern Man way.

It was a great time for me the other night, so just thought I would share this with you guys.

It was definitely not something that I was expecting, I am glad I went out. I see it as a huge confidence boost moving forward!


“Your products are worth every penny you charge. My experience with the ex back supper system has changed my life. Though my ex initially expressed no interest on reconciliation, she opened up to it very quickly when I used your approach. I then got her back, but eventually changed my mind and left her.

Your products have allowed me to “man up” on so many levels. They have allowed me to genuinely move on and experience share love moments with many different women since the break up. I appreciate your eye opening books and relationship advice, it is truly priceless as I now, with confidence can attract almost any woman I talk to.

I cannot believe how effective your advice is. Best of all, they reciprocate and share themselves with me and this is the most free I’ve felt my whole adult life. I may have left my wife of 17 years behind, but I’m experiencing a whole new life that I love now. Thank you for your help, stay strong. Cheers, Kyle”

“Your program [Get Your Ex Back Super System] is such a gem of knowledge. I was blown away at how many mistakes I was making in the relationship and how they basically all applied to me even though I am a woman. What I found out from your program was the catalyst to push me to give it another chance with my ex girlfriend and it worked. I was about to give up before I stumbled across your youtube videos, but I gave it a chance and we’re seeing each other again. So from me, thank you. Thank you so much. G”

“I got my ex girl back and I’m a woman. I just wanted to let you know that because I know you only advertise your products for men, but it worked for me too. Lots of love, Penny!”

“After my wife and I separated I didn’t know where to turn for help.

I tried a bunch of things that I’d found online, but it was just pushing her further away from me. Another guy was in the picture so I knew that I needed to act fast. A friend suggested The Modern Man, I got the Ex Back program and her and I are back together in a better relationship than we had before.

I’ve become a better man than I was before which has not only helped my marriage, but my standing at work where I have recently been promoted. I can’t thank Dan and his team enough.


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Because of Dan Bacon’s get your ex back super system, My ex wife actually set up a meet up sort of anyways.

I’ll give a little back story here…

I made every mistake imaginable during our divorce. So much that at a point I was worse than where I was when she filed for divorce. I ended up on drugs and really felt sorry for myself for awhile.

Then after going to jail for violation of a restraining order with her somehow in that time of no contact and being in jail I decided to change myself. Not to get her back but just for me. To be a better person more loving and compassionate and less like the person I used to be that used people for what he wanted.

After jail the no contact order was still in effect. I worked on myself still battled with drugs for a little while but soon came to the conclusion that’s not where I wanted my life to be.

Now a little less than a year of being out of jail came a circumstance where her and I had to do a drop off and pick up face to face. I came and got our son and took him back. When I got him it was very much just stay outside I’ll bring him to you and I didn’t expect anything more than that and was just happy to see my son for the weekend and spend time with him. However the interesting part was the drop off.

I in no way shape or form think this was an accident. I got there asked if I could smoke outside cause I was currently borrowing a car while mine was in the shop and the owner is an anti smoker. She offered for me to come in and I accepted. She then offered me a drink so I had a beer. She poured hers in a fancy glass I took mine straight from the can like a real man, lol.. Something about that actually did feel more masculine to me so I went with it.

Anyways got a tour of the house and while I was there she texted a friend. Her friend blocked me in the driveway. Now I’m stuck here but had no idea at the time. Everyone began to chit chat and have a good time but I realized I said I wouldn’t keep the car for long. Realizing I’d been there a half hour longer than I expected I just simply said I needed to head out. T

hen her friend who was a married woman this is how I know it wasn’t an accident, said oh I think we blocked you in when we got here.

So as not to ruin the moment or pressure them into not visiting each other I said oh no worries I can wait. I end up there a half hour more before they leave. I felt like I could’ve stayed longer but didn’t push it instead I went with the I’m busy got stuff to do routine and headed on my way.

During our visit I was asked if we could be Facebook friends again and if everything between us was straight. I said yes that I didn’t hold any anger towards her so if she wanted to be Facebook friends that was fine with me.

Now this is the same woman who told me no when I asked her the exact same way for the exact same reason.

Well now I’m at a point where every tactic I tried years ago only to fail she’s now trying on me. Offering a drink with her was my idea a couple years back, offering facebook friends a couple years ago, all things I did a couple years back.

She is open to me again and wants to see me. She seems drawn to me again. I have re-attracted her, despite it all. Now it’s just a matter of time and patience.

Even in the worst of my struggle with drugs I hoped her and I could at least be good friends again.

Now that she actively is trying to see me again, my second chance is at my feet and because of God and this program I feel like I really do have a second chance now.

Thank you guys very much you put together an awesome program that actually let me learn a lot about women and even more about myself and who I am as a man. Anonymous”

“Girls, girls, girls.

That is basically what my life consists of now. I spent my teens and 20s playing video games and never got to socialize much at all so my social skills were quite awkward and underdeveloped.

Just a month after reading your Flow ebook, I am swimming in girls. I’ve been having sex with 2 girls I met through friends at work and I picked up a girl last weekend at my local bar.

I’m confident and I can vibe with any type of person in a social situation now because I know what to say and I know what behaviors to avoid to prevent any awkwardness from occurring. I want to write to you and thank you for making the process of attracting and picking up girls so easy especially for a guy like me who had never really had any attention from girls.

I will be buy more of your programs in the coming months when I get paid. I’d like to learn about relationships now because I feel like I would like to settle down in a year from now so I want to be prepared.


“I was skeptical before getting started because there is a lot of crap online that promises to help guys out with chicks, but I am glad I did because I now have a pretty girlfriend to call my own. Dan’s products are simply awesome – I recommend that you try it for yourself and see.


“Approaching women was a nerve-wracking experience for me until I decided to learn from Dan and his team.

The Flow helped me overcome my fears, become confident and get results fast. I didn’t have a single woman in my life for more than three years, but by using The Flow I now have a fiance and we are planning to marry in the fall of next year.


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