Coaching Call Breakthroughs helps you overcome the final obstacles that are holding you back from easy, natural and consistent success with women.

The unique techniques allow you to begin getting amazing results with women NOW, not next year.

Everything finally clicks and you break through to the level of success with the kind of women you’ve been dreaming about.

Format: Video.
Type: MP4.
Plays on: PC, Mac, phone, tablet.
Duration: 3 coaching sessions approx. 2 hours each. Total duration: 6 hours, 54 minutes.

Reg. price: $197.
Special price: $97

Structure: 50% of the program is a recorded phone coaching call between Dan Bacon and a client who is attempting to overcome the final hurdles on his way to mastery success with women.

Listening in to the call allows you to instantly realize where you’ve been going right and wrong. The remaining 50% of the program is expanded video commentary by me (Dan Bacon) to provide further examples, techniques, explanations and insights for you.

  • Coaching Call #1: Anthony, New York, USA.
  • Coaching Call #2: Chris, Sydney, AUS.
  • Coaching Call #3: Oli, South Carolina, USA.

What Will You Learn From Coaching Call Breakthroughs?

Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch Coaching Call Breakthroughs:

Get results now, by avoiding common mistakes: A lot of guys think that it’s only THEM who is making mistakes or struggling to get to the mastery level. The fact is, every guy makes mistakes along the way. By watching this program, you will SKIP all the mistakes and save yourself years of wasted time and unnecessary heartache. You will get results now, not in a few years time.

Advanced customer questions: As guys develop their understanding of what it takes to be successful with women, they begin to ask more advanced questions about more complex problems that guys encounter on their way to mastery success with women. Rise through the levels faster by getting the answers to questions you probably haven’t even thought of yet!

Stop messing up great opportunities: If you make mistakes during the “pick up process” or sexual courtship, most modern women will simply give up and lose interest.

These days, women expect men to have “good game” and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll find that a woman who was interested in you suddenly loses interest and the whole opportunity is gone.

In this program, you will learn all the little mistakes that guys make along the way that ruin their opportunities with women…and you’ll learn what to do instead so you can enjoy the opportunities you come across with women.

Pick up examples (different scenarios): You don’t always see women you want to meet in bars, club or at shopping malls. Sometimes you see them as you’re walking along the street, getting a coffee or sitting in a restaurant.

In this program, you will learn how to approach and talk to women in many different scenarios, so the next time you see a woman you like, you will know exactly what to do.

Right or wrong: Do you know EXACTLY where you’ve been going right and wrong when it comes to your success with women? Most guys will answer “Yes” because they mistakenly believe that they know everything about themselves.

More commonly though, you will be surprised to find that you’re doing more things wrong (and right) than you realize. This program will give you true clarity on what YOU need to do to overcome the final hurdles before you get to enjoy the type of success that you want with women.

Get missing pieces to the puzzle: Success with women is simple WHEN you have all the pieces to puzzle, but if you’re missing some of the pieces it just won’t make total sense to you. Some guys know what to say, but don’t know what they shouldn’t say.

Some guys know how to approach, but find that attractive women lose interest after a few minutes of conversation…and they can’t work out why. In this program, you will get the FULL PICTURE of what it takes to be successful with women. You’ll get the pieces to the puzzle that YOU have been missing and it will all finally make sense.

Virtual coach: To hire me (Dan Bacon) as your personal coach via my phone coaching service costs $447 per hour. The Coaching Call Breakthroughs program runs for a total of 6 hours, 54 minutes and is only $197. If you booked phone coaching with me for that amount of time (7 hours), it would cost more than $3,000.

With this program, I will be your virtual coach for a fraction of the cost. Plus, since you’ll be listening to phone coaching calls with other guys who are on their way to mastery success with women, you will get answers to questions that you probably wouldn’t have thought to ask if we spoke on the phone!

Guaranteed ways to eliminate fear, nervousness and anxiety: Many guys learn what they need to do to approach and pick up women, but they get stuck at a certain level of success because they are held back by their fears, nervousness and anxiety.

In this program, you will hear about the fears, nervousness and anxieties that other guys experience, as well as tailored solutions to eliminate it and transition to a world of confidence, self-esteem, relaxation, calmness, power and control.

Get motivated and inspired: When guys first start learning how to be successful with women, they usually get inspired, motivated and pumped up about the amazing possibilities. Yet, after making a few mistakes (or more commonly, getting the wrong advice) they go back into their shell and start to lose belief in their ability to be successful with women.

When you watch this program, you will not only get the RIGHT advice, but you will learn how to BUILD on your motivation and drive to succeed, rather than letting it wither away and die. You will feel pumped up and inspired and that feeling will REMAIN and grow as each day passes.

Conversation techniques: During each call, you will hear unique examples of what to say in various conversational situations. For example: Talking to a woman you already know who likes you, but is playing hard to get.

Talking to a waitress and getting her to invite you to a party with her friends. Responding to challenging things that women say when you ask for their number or call them to set up a date, etc.

New flirting techniques: Flirting is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces to the puzzle of success with women. If you don’t use it properly, you will never reach the mastery level of success with women. Period. In this program, you will see me (Dan Bacon) demonstrating flirting conversation, body language and vibe for various situations you’ll find yourself in with a woman.

This video training is PURE GOLD and could have easily be packaged up and sold as a separate program for twice the price. The flirting examples and training in this program will change everything for you.

Suddenly, you will notice how OFTEN women flirt with you sexually to show you their interest…and you’ll know what to do to captilize on that so you actually end up having sex with her!

Advanced body language demonstrations: Unknowingly, a lot of guys use body language that turns women off or makes women overlook them as a sexual option.

Once you watch these demonstrations, you will instantly know where you’ve been going wrong and will know the right body language to use from now on. Plus, you’ll notice that most guys make these body language mistakes without knowing it!

Unique approaching examples: During each pre-recorded phone coaching call between Dan and the client, you will hear discussions about approaching women in various scenarios. Along with those discussions, you will discover unique and interested techniques and insights for approaching women. As you listen in, you will have many “ah hah!” moments as previously complex areas of approaching women finally make sense and suddenly become simple for you.

Getting a girlfriend: Getting a girlfriend is EASY if you know what mistakes to avoid along the way. As you listen in to the coaching calls, you will discover the many minor and major mistakes guys make that RUIN the final step in the process from dating to girlfriend.

Plus, I (Dan Bacon) will expand with video commentary to further highlight those mistakes and tell you exactly what you need to do instead so you can smoothly transition from a conversation, to date, to sex, to having a girlfriend…and even how to skip the dates and get straight to sex!

Escalation (to kissing, sex) techniques: How do you move in for the first kiss? What can you say to make a woman desperately want to kiss you? How do you transition from a restaurant date to sex at your place? How do you leave a bar and take a woman home for sex?

What do you do when you’re back home with her? You’ll get the answers to all these questions and more in Coaching Call Breakthroughs!

Stop her from losing interest during conversation: One of the biggest problems guys face is being able to keep the conversation interested and keep the woman interested in talking to them.

After they run out of things to say, they often begin to panic and show signs of desperation, which then turns the woman off. Discover how to effortlessly keep conversations going, keep them interesting AND best of all – make a woman try to keep YOU interested in talking to HER.

Rise through the levels: There are certain levels that you need to go through to reach the mastery level of success with women. Some guys get stuck at the newbie level, too afraid to take the action they need to succeed.

Other guys get stuck at an intermediate level, able to approach, but not able to consistently seal the deal. Others get stuck at an advanced level, able to close the deal,  but unable to do so with attractive women.

Whatever level you’re currently stuck at, this program will help you rise through the levels rapidly so you can reach the mastery level and experience all the fun that comes with it.

Confidence explained: Every guys knows that he needs to be confident to be successful with women, but very few guys actually know what true confidence is and how to build it. In this program, you will discover the answers you’ve been seeking about confidence as well as practical, ready-to-use techniques that you can apply to begin building true confidence immediately.

Overcoming approach anxiety: The feelings of anxiety, fear and nervousness that most guys experience before they approach women are NOT necessary. There is a way to avoid feeling that way altogether and instead feel confident, calm, relaxed and in control.

In this program, you will hear the problems that other guys are experiencing with approach anxiety and as I (Dan Bacon) coach them and cure them over the phone, you too will go through the same transformations…you too will finally get the answers you need to rid yourself of the unnecessary fears, anxieties and nervousness associated with approaching women.

Avoiding rejection: Do you know the many mistakes men make that cause women to reject them? There are several little errors and mistakes that guys make, which cause a woman to automatically go into “rejection mode” and the guy to lose his opportunity.

In this program, you will discover the causes of rejection and how to avoid them. Plus, you’ll know exactly what to do so a woman is receptive and open to you when you approach her, escalate to a kiss, ask her out on a date, etc.

Becoming a natural with women: Any guy can become a natural with women if he follows the right path and has the right advice to guide him along the way. There are 4 specific stages you must go through to become a natural.

In this program, you will be provided with guidance and advice for each stage of the process, so you can finally breakthrough the success that you’ve been dreaming of!

Facebook secrets: Techniques to use when on Facebook to make women start chasing you. Plus, how to pimp up your Facebook profile so new women that you add instantly fall in love with you and want to be your girlfriend.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase of this program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy the great times ahead with women. I look forward to hearing about your success!

Dan Bacon

Dan Bacon - Founder of The Modern Man and author of The Flow

P.S. This amazing program will allow you to overcome the final obstacles that are currently preventing you from reaching the mastery level of success with women.

This program will get you pumped up, inspired and full of confidence as well as providing you with loads of ready-to-use techniques for conversation, flirting, humor, body language, approaching, escalating to kissing and sex, relationships and more.

By using the techniques and very specific advice from this program. you will enjoy natural and easy success with women during conversation, on dates, during sex and in relationships. Women will try to pick YOU up when you meet them and they will try to maintain YOUR interest during a relationship.

I’ve been having a lot of FUN using these techniques over the last 7 years of my life to enjoy endless love, sex and happiness with beautiful women.

Now, I am looking forward to sharing these amazing, revolutionary and life-changing secrets with you, so that YOU can enjoy all the love, sex and happiness that you desire with women. Get started now.

P.P.S. I’m so confident that the information in this program will positively change your life and get you the results that you truly want with women, that I am willing to take ALL THE RISK by offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

I will give you all my amazing secrets and if you don’t like what you learn for any reason, just contact me and I’ll refund your purchase.

However, I’m sure that if and when I do hear from you, it will be because you want to share a success story or an excited comment on the site saying how much you love this program. Enjoy the great times ahead! Try it today – 100% risk free.