Alpha Male Power transforms you into a powerful, supremely confident alpha male.

It eliminates all fear, nervousness and anxiety related to women and socializing. It allows you to instinctively attract women on the deepest level possible.

Alpha Male Power is about tapping into the infinite power of your inner alpha male, which then allows you to approach women at will (and without any fear) and attract women on a deep and instinctive level.

Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male, so all you need to do is say and do a few simple things that trigger her natural attraction to alpha males and she will be immediately interested in you.

The techniques in this program also cause other men to feel a constant, overwhelming need to respect you and want to be friendly towards you. Guys avoid messing with you because they know that you’re someone they should respect and be nice to.

Format: Video.
Type: MP4.
Plays on: PC, Mac, phone, tablet.
Duration: 5 hours, 33 minutes.

Reg. Price: $597.
Special price: $297

What Will You Learn From Alpha Male Power?

Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch Alpha Male Power:

The only guaranteed CURE for approach anxiety: Many guys waste years of their life being too afraid to walk up and talk to women they find attractive.

No matter how much they pump themselves up or how much they learn about “pick up,” they just can’t seem to stop feeling anxious and nervous when it comes time to approach a woman they find attractive.

If you experience approach anxiety, get ready to say GOODBYE to it forever. We have found the CURE! From now on, your approach anxiety will literally CEASE TO EXIST. Prepare to experience a life completely free of anxiety and unnecessary nervousness.

Elite alpha male mindsets: These powerful mindsets will change the way you view your own personal power from now on. No longer will you experience periods of weakness, self-doubt or insecurity. You will feel powerful, unstoppable and always able to take on anything, no matter how challenging.

As a side bonus, women can SENSE when a man has these mindsets and it is DEEPLY attractive to them on the most primal of levels. Other guys will pale in comparison to what she feels for you.

Making women like you automatically: Imagine if the next time you spoke to a woman she liked you AUTOMATICALLY. Meaning, you did NOT have to try to get her to like you. This is not only possible, it is NORMAL and a small percentage of men around the world know how to do it.

You can have this type of power over women. Just use the techniques in this program and you will experience it IMMEDIATELY. Say goodbye to trying to pick women up or hoping that they like you. From now on, women will like you automatically.

Overcoming your “inner game” issues with women: Knowing what to say is important, but a woman can TELL if you are nervous or anxious when talking to her and it turns her OFF at a deep level. Women don’t want to feel like they are more powerful than you.

Fixing your inner game/confidence issues with women is CRITICAL if you want to enjoy the success you’ve been dreaming about. In this program, you will discover how to instantly and painlessly eliminate all of your issues with women. From now on, you will experience a life of confidence, self-esteem, power and control. No more insecurities, no more nervousness, no more fear.

Constant confidence: Do you feel confident in some situations, but really nervous and unsure of yourself in others? Get ready to experience life with unwavering confidence that NEVER goes away. You will have to experience it to believe it because we are well aware that it sounds “too good to be true.” Try it and you will see.

Powerful presence: Your presence and vibe is one of the top two most important things for success with women. If you’re vibe is off or you are “all in your head” because of nervousness or anxiety, women simply won’t be able to feel proper (if any) attraction for you.

In this program, I talk about the four most important types of presence: Assertive presence, sexual presence, relaxed presence and loving presence. Get ready to experience a completely new level of success with women! You will be simply amazed at what happens when you use these techniques around women.

Having sex with a LOT of women: A lot of guys dream of being able to “get laid” with a new woman every week, or even a few women every week. Yet, the closest most guys ever come to that is by watching porn.

The fact is, there is a small percentage of men in the world who do most of the sexing of the available women. Discover a SURPRISING way of interacting with women that causes them to want to have sex with you IMMEDIATELY. To say that you will be AMAZED by the reactions you get from women when you use this technique is an understatement. This is going to change your life BIG TIME.

Attracting very beautiful women: Why do so many ordinary and “ugly” looking men have very attractive girlfriends? What is going on there? Any guy can attractive very beautiful women, but most guys simply don’t know what to do.

In this program, you will discover the fastest, easiest and most powerful ways to attract beautiful women on the deepest level possible. You may not believe that you can do it until you use the techniques from this program and see it happening before your own eyes. Get ready to experience success with the types of women you’ve always wanted.

Respected by other alpha males: If other strong men don’t respect you, then you will often be the butt of their jokes, will be overlooked for many promotions in work environments and most importantly – you will be overlooked by women.

When women see that you an alpha male who is respected by other strong men, they will feel attraction for you on a level that they simply cannot experience for weaker men.

Being a powerful man: A lot of men are afraid of their true potential and shy away from positions of power and responsibility. When it comes to talking to women, many men would rather hand over their power to a woman in the hope that she will choose them and give them a chance to have sex with her.

Yet, that is not how an alpha male behaves and it is NOT what a woman wants. Women are attracted to men who rise up (even slightly or momentarily) into positions of power. Don’t shy away from being the powerful man you know that you can be.

Maximum masculinity: The fact is, the more masculine you are, the more attractive you are to women. A lot of modern men have been turned into “half men, half women” by pop culture and have suppressed much of their masculinity in a confused attempt to impress women.

Women are NOT impressed by men who drop their rank and place the woman as the alpha. Women are impressed by MEN and PREFER men to be in the top position

Making friends with the “cool crowd”: Some guys find it difficult to relate and get along with the “cool crowd,” especially if there are a number of alpha males or very attractive women in the group.

In this program, you will discover how to behave, how to talk, what body language to use and what vibe to have so you easily get along with that crowd. You’ll also learn how to make them want to be your friend and want you to stick around and be a part of the group.

Deepest level of confidence: Confidence is not finite. Your confidence can grow, build and increase as time goes on. However, most guys will only ever experience a superficial level of confidence, confidence in some situations or fleeting/temporary confidence during good times.

In this program, you will discover the secrets to deepening your confidence to levels that you simply cannot imagine right now. This will not only help you with women, but in all areas of life.

Using your alpha male power: Once you know what this elusive and highly-prized power is, how do you use it? Discover how to use your natural, alpha male power to change your life (and the world if you want to) for the better. Your alpha male power will make women submit to you, make other men respect you and make you feel like a king.

Alpha male behavior: Learn the many important behaviors that are critical to being a true alpha male. Find out the many mistakes that men make, which place them below alpha males and cause them to live the life of a lower ranking male.

Alpha male body language: Watch as I (Dan Bacon) demonstrate alpha male body language for various situations, such as: During conversation, making eye contact with a woman to make her attracted to you, making eye contact with a man to make him respect you, etc.=

Alpha male conversation examples: Listen as I demonstrate how to speak like an alpha male throughout the program, using various examples from different scenarios.

For example: You will see and hear me acting out examples of talking to one woman on her own, talking to multiple women as well as talking to other alpha males who attempt to challenge you, taunt you or tease you during conversation.

Being a “good guy” alpha male: Some men use their position as the alpha male in a bad way, to hurt, harm or hinder others. Yet, if you’re reading this right now – you’re probably not a bad guy with bad intentions with women and the world.

Most guys who arrive at The Modern Man site are good guys who want more success with women and more respect from others in general. In this program, you’ll learn how to maintain the good guy part of yourself while also rising up to become the alpha who others follow and whom women lust after.

Mojo for life: Discover how to tap into an endless source of motivation, drive, determination and passion unlike anything you have ever experienced before. This section is quite “deep and meaningful”, but also simple and practical at the same time.

From now on, you will feel like you can take on the world and will be full of confidence, drive and mojo for life. Nothing will bring you down, nothing will make you feel insecure and nothing will stop you from getting what you truly want with women and in life.

Being alpha around women: A lot of modern women behave as though they are alpha females, but in reality it’s just a test to see if you’ll fold and hand over your power. In this program, you’ll discover many things to say and do around women to show them that you are a true alpha. You will also learn how to be a true alpha because women can spot a fake and when they do, they lose interest immediately.

Avoiding bullying/being picked on: Bullies, bad men and mean people are ATTRACTED to weaker people as their victims.

If you don’t display alpha male behavior and psychology and place yourself below other men in terms of rank, you will invite these people to pick on you, cause problems for you and harm you to make help feel good about themselves.

In this program, you will discover the best way to AVOID being picked on as well as what to say (to make it stop permanently) if you are ever picked on.

Attracting women on the deepest level: Most modern men don’t understand what REALLY attracts women, so they get caught up in what they see in TV advertisements, magazines and movies. They assume that if they wear a nice shirt, build some muscle and have a nice hairstyle, they will then be attractive to women. Yet, that is only SUPERFICIAL attraction.

The most powerful type of attraction is what a woman feels DEEP down; her primal, instinctive attraction. In this program, you will learn EXACTLY how to trigger a woman’s deep, instinctive attraction for you no matter what you look like, what race you are or what you do for a living.

You will have to experience it to believe it, but when you do – you will smile because you will KNOW that your life will never be the same again. Suddenly, you will have the power to attract basically any woman you meet.

No more fear: Most men experience some level of fear when it comes to women, some more than others. However, as a true alpha male, you WILL NOT experience fear around women.

Whether you are approaching a woman for the first time, in the middle of a conversation, escalating to sex or in the middle of having sex with her – you will NEVER experience fear. Instead, you will powerful, confident and calmly in charge and women will LIKE that.

Being an alpha male: How do you actually be an alpha male? Is there a set list of things you simply must do? Discover the “blueprint” for being an alpha male and use the practical advice in this program to begin immediately.

Being alpha in work environments: When I (Dan Bacon) first developed my techniques for success with women and being an alpha male, I got promoted to a leadership position in my office job. 6 months later, I had been promoted a total of 3 times to a high ranking position in a global company.

From this, I have learnt a great deal about how to be a respected leader (alpha) in work environments and in the Alpha Male Power program, you will learn all of my best techniques and insights in this area.

Being alpha during sex: There’s nothing sexier for a woman to be with a man who is truly THERE when he is sexing her. If you’re afraid to embrace your alpha position, you will never sex her in the way that she truly desires.

In this program, you’ll learn the deeper side to sex as well as ways to alpha during sex. If you’ve been one to hold back a little during sex and hide your alpha, you are about to experience a whole new level of sexual pleasure and love with your woman.

Alpha techniques for approaching women: What does an alpha male think before approaching women? How about while he is talking to the woman? What body language does he use? How does he talk about sex with her? How does he approach groups of women? Discover the answers to all of these questions and a whole lot more. Learn the fearless, powerful approach methods that the true alpha males use.

Pick up ~ simplified: Approaching and picking up women can be the easiest or most complicated thing in your life. Learn the 3 most important things you need to do to be successful with women and discover how simple it really can be.

I (Dan Bacon) have taught this secret to many clients over the years and watched them transform in minutes, suddenly thinking, behaving and acting like a guy who has reached the mastery level. You will experience a rapid and remarkable transformation when you know this secret.

Avoiding sexual rejection: A lot of guys are afraid to show their sexual interest or escalate to kissing or sex, in fear of being rejected…and they have proper reason too! Many women DO reject the sexual advances of men because the men do it incorrectly.

In this program, you will learn the alpha male approach that my friend and I use to pull NEW women for sex EVERY weekend. Includes examples for: Conversation, touch, kissing, body language and leaving the bar/club.

You will also learn how to get a woman (who you’ve met in any environment, not just a club) eagerly wanting to have sex with you, to the point where SHE makes the first move on you.

Approaching women during the day: We all see women that we find attractive during the day, but most guys simply don’t know what to say or do to pull it off, so they let the opportunity slip through their fingers.

In this program, you will discover the natural, easy-going approach that I (Dan Bacon) use the pick up women in places like shopping malls, on the street and in basically any daytime environment.

No more worrying what people think: Do you sometimes feel self-conscious in social environments because you worry about what other people think? It’s a common problem and most people secretly suffer from it.

If you’re one of the many people who do feel nervous, self-conscious or anxious because you worry about what people think, then get ready to say goodbye to that FOREVER. We have found the cure to that unnecessary problem and you’re about to step into a new world devoid of all the anxious noise that comes with insecure thinking.

Get ready to experience a world of confidence, relaxation, comfort, calm, power, control and positive, easy-going feelings. Get ready to be a true alpha male!

Making women have a “WOW” response when you approach: A lot of guys fear approaching women because they don’t want to experience the dreaded response where the women don’t seem that interested in talking. Or worse, they reject him and ask him to stop talking to them.

Is it possible to get a WOW response from most women you approach? Yes. You would have seen normal, every day guys have that effect on women Why does it happen for them? Can you get that type of reaction from women? Yes. Just wait and see what happens when you use the techniques in this program.

It may sound impossible to some guys who really doubt themselves…and if you’re one of those guys, at least give yourself the opportunity to TRY IT first before counting yourself out. There is no harm in trying, but cheating yourself out of the chance to experience amazing success with women is no fun at all.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase of this program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy the great times ahead with women. I look forward to hearing about your success!

Dan Bacon

Dan Bacon - Founder of The Modern Man and author of The Flow

P.S. This amazing program will transform you into into a supremely confident and powerful alpha male. You will have an IMMEDIATE effect on women…they will FEEL YOUR PRESENCE and react positively.

Women will be UNABLE to stop themselves from feeling deep sexual and loving attraction for you. I’ve been having a lot of FUN using these techniques over the last 7 years of my life to enjoy endless love, sex and happiness with beautiful women.

Now, I am looking forward to sharing these amazing, revolutionary and life-changing secrets with you, so that YOU can enjoy all the love, sex and happiness that you desire with women. Get started now.

P.P.S. I’m so confident that the information in this program will positively change your life and get you the results that you truly want with women, that I am willing to take ALL THE RISK by offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

I will give you all my amazing secrets and if you don’t like what you learn for any reason, just contact me and I’ll refund your purchase.

However, I’m sure that if and when I do hear from you, it will be because you want to share a success story or an excited comment on the site saying how much you love this program. Enjoy the great times ahead! Try it today – 100% risk free.

“Amazing! This is the only word to describe Alpha Male Power.

I watched Alpha Male Power and then today I stopped women in the street who were walking towards me and things went really well. In the past I feared them walking off and not stopping.

I had a couple of other “firsts for me moments” during the day too, but the most important thing is that it felt like nothing mattered to me.

My anxiety and fear just disappeared.

Nothing the women or other people were thinking of me mattered.

Other guys in the “pick up” community who I know, who have had more success than me, still self analyse and ask themselves “why did she give me that bad response?”.

I got none of that after listening to Alpha Male Power!!!

I did start to question myself towards the end of the day saying, “Na, this can’t be… it’s too good to be true” but like Dan says at the very end of the program “you have to go through the transformation”.

What Dan said relaxed me and reassured that it is OK and normal for it to take a few days or weeks for it to become who I am (without having to think about it.)

I can’t praise this program enough for the instant powerful feeling it gave me. Thanks, Kaleb”

“Hi Dan,

I had to share with everyone that your Alpha male product has significantly changed my life- not just my love life, but my professional one as well.

I feel like I have an entirely new outlook on the world, and life is just naturally more enjoyable for me.

Incredible things have been happening for me since I’ve started living my life as an alpha male.

I got a huge promotion work, I’ve become much more well-respected in my group of friends, and I’ve had amazing success with women.

On top of meeting new women, I’ve also hooked up with a really hot girl who I’ve been friend-zoned with for 7 years! 7…years!

She came right out and said that she saw a huge change in me.

She couldn’t tell me what the change was, only that she found herself really attracted to me lately. She certainly demonstrated her appreciation for the “new me” the other night…

Anyway, for all of that (and for everything to come in the future) I want to sincerely thank you.

One more thing- To anyone thinking of trying out one (or all) of Dan’s products, I would absolutely encourage you to do so. Andrew”

“Hey Dan

I am very impressed with your Alpha Male Power programme.

I am based in London where every second guy seems to be an alpha and I was always being picked on at work and rudely rejected by women.

After watching your programme and going through the exercises I felt a distinct change in how I thought felt and moved when I walked around in public.

It built over 1 week and all of a sudden I noticed that guys would get out of my way when I walked down the street even tho I am not being aggressive. They can sense it.

I had a crush on a woman at work and she has rudely rejected me at a bar after work when we drank with colleagues, but after I went through the alpha transformations, she started hitting on ME.

I came to your site feeling a bit skeptical because I’d bought some other advice online and it didn’t do a thing for me, but you are the real deal Dan.

I will be going out going out for a date with her on Wednesday.

She was hitting on me and I simply said to her ‘You want me and you know it’ and she became shy and then I said ‘Don’t worry about what happened in the past. You and I should go for a drink’ and we both had a laugh together.

It would have been awkward except for the fact that I used the different types of presence that you explain in Alpha Male Power.

She just melted, smiled, laughed and said ‘You’re baaaad’ and said ‘Okay let’s do it’

I am truly amazed at the power that I have gained by simply watching your programme and following your advice. I will be getting more of your programmes in the coming weeks now that I know this is the real thing. Manny”

“January was was the month I decided to get back out there after my divorce.

I’ve hooked up with 3 girls and I seem to be managing them fine while also having others in the pipeline purposefully in different stages as I’m following your advice from 21 great ways.

Funny I just met a work mate. She’s pretty cool and she’s actually melting to your techniques and way of being.

It just happened.

These women are really starting to boost my ego during conversation, the phone, texting, and in person.

They are really opening up and being feminine, it’s like magic. Unbelievable.

I have some pics, text messages and journaling to document my own experience with your material.

I can’t stress enough how important is for your other clients to utilize all of your programs into their subconscious and take action.

Alpha Male power really woke me up and gave me the manly kind of confidence I was missing all this time.

I finally understand the game because of the help from you guys so I really appreciate all your time spent researching and putting this material together.

You are right – Life continues to get better and better with an Alpha mindset letting the rest follow. WB”

“I just wanted drop by and thank you.

I initially bought your products [customer bought The Flow and Alpha Male Power] to pick up girls but in return I learned how to be a ‘real’ man.

I am now able to handle any situation and talk to girls with no hesitation.

In fact while on holiday I used your technique to meet this beautiful Latin girl and was able to create some great memories with her. Your videos are definitely worth every penny. KG”

“Dan, I just want to thank you for all of the help you’ve supplied to me and every guy out there like me.

I found you guys last October and immediately noticed a drastic change in myself after watching Better Than a Bad Boy and Alpha Male Power, in particular.

I’ve since discovered my purpose in life and that created much higher confidence and self-esteem in myself.

I’ve never been one for bar environments to pick up women (so the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t really affect me in that regard) but I met a woman whose name I’d heard through mutual friends (and vice versa) in an environment in a place we’re at all the time.

All I did was display the traits you describe in great detail in your programs (and it was truly real, not just a facade). And we connected so damn well it was unreal. She told me we’re basically the same person.

And I just moved it forward…

10 days later we are in a relationship and she told me she’s never been more in love with anyone in her life, and she’s already planning out long term plans for us.

I only met her 3 weeks ago.

I bought your program “Make Her Love You For Life” right when we started our relationship too. Not because I need it. But because I know you have great information, and I know it’s gonna work.

Anyone who sees this message, I’m proof that everything Dan makes for the Modern Man is worth every penny.

I had no clue what to do and I was even a nervous wreck around women that were less attractive than my girlfriend now. My girlfriend is what most would call a pretty girl. A natural beauty. This is amazing. Thanks so much for everything, and cheers! T”

“I’ll start with a little bit about myself.

I am 23 years old, a senior at a major American football university in the United States.

Growing up, I never know how to act around women – my dad was very shy and quiet. I love him very much, and mean no disrespect when saying this – but he wasn’t a great role model when it comes to being a real man or being attractive to women.

So like many guys, I grew up being shy and being afraid to talk to women for fear that they might slap me or pour a drink on my head like you seen on TV and in the movies.

So I went on the internet and looked at all the different things – namely, pick-up artists.

After some trial and a lot of money spent, I came to the conclusion that they were a waste of money.

And then I stumbled on the Modern Man. I decided to give it a shot, and started with the Flow. I gave the techniques a shot, and when it worked, I was instantly hooked.

I can’t thank you, Ben, or Stu enough. My life has changed completely and it’s all thanks to your courses.

They are all great, and really teach what they are advertised to teach – but it is the responsibility of the person watching to actually perform the simple steps required.

Sometimes they take a little courage, but it’s not like you ask us to perform rocket science – just to have a pair of balls. You can’t find that many places these days.

I especially like Alpha Male Power and Better Than a Bad Boy.

Those courses to me were more about becoming a strong, powerful, masculine man who is pretty much guaranteed success in life because of the man those courses lead you to become, and secondary for me was the attracting women part.

Although, just as you advertise, they work incredibly well when it comes to attracting women naturally solely based on the person you are. I have had more women interested in me in the last few months than in the last 10 years.

I’ve also had sexual encounters that were frankly better than what I used to experience because the woman’s attraction and our connection was more real and deep.

Also, the Get Your Ex Back Super system worked for me as well, and I was surprised at how quickly and easily it worked.

Although, as it turned out the ex that I got back just wasn’t a good girl to have a relationship with, so I broke it off with her after a while.

She just wasn’t honest or trustworthy. But I learned a lot more than just how to get my ex back, including how to become a better version of myself and let go of any baggage that I had.

Anyway, I no longer feel like I have any limitations in what I can do or achieve in my life and I have all the tools that I need.

I can’t thank you or the guys enough. Keep up the good work! I’ll always appreciate what I learned from you! Jason”

“What’s up guys I’ve been using the following programs since I was 16 The Flow, Alpha Male Power and Confessions of a Natural.

I’m 23 now and in the past 7 years have done many approaches, I’ve been with some of the most beautiful women in the world…perfect dimes!

I have my choice with women. Do I get every woman? No, but 2 or 3 out of 10 women yes! Thanks Dan! I used to be a bullied socially awkward kid with no type of play and now I got some hot b*tches. Cheers, A”

“Hey Dan, I’m amazed at how, even with so many products, you never overlap the information.

I got Alpha male power and Better than a bad boy and both are truly unique and powerful products in their own right.

To be honest I wasn’t sure of the difference between the two before watching them, but then found them to be eye opening in so many different ways all throughout the program.

I’ve learned so much from you over the past month and my life has changed completely.

I feel so much more confident and self assured, no matter where I am. Women notice me now and smile. It’s so weird.

I’ve already gotten a bunch of phone numbers, set up dates and slept with 2 women this month.

That may not sound like a lot, but I hadn’t had sex in years prior to this.

So, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have literally changed my life and opened my eyes to the fact that I can select women that I want…and they actually want me in return. It’s priceless. Thanks man! Mitch”

“Hey Dan!

Alright your program can work miracles! For the past four years I have been in a relationship and recently my ex broke up with me.

I was devastated and even more so as I went through you program and realized where I went wrong being so desperate, needy, weak, etc.

I have really taken all of your programs to heart and am going full on with them because I do not want to be like I have been for the past four years. Okay, so today was huge. I followed the advice in 21 great ways to get a girlfriend and I went to the mall and talked to a number of girls.

I then went out Salsa dancing tonight and applied all of the good stuff I learned in the flow, alpha male power, and better than a bad boy.

I met this waaaay hot girl (I mean in the past I would have been completely intimidated by her) and taking her through the flow by the end I had her giving me her number! She is attracted to me in a way that I have never felt. I feel like I’m coming from a place of strength now and she can feel that too.

You’re right, Dan, when you say you may not even be thinking of your ex say if you have other way more attractive women in your life.

Thanks for this life changing program. It has helped me in one of the most difficult and yet strangely rewarding times in my life. Rudy”

“Hey Dan,

You have truly opened up my eyes and I have seen and experienced what it’s like to cross over from being an absolute fail with women to having most girls want me. I am starting to reach the point now where I can attract most girls that I like.

I now have a beautiful girlfriend who constantly tries to impress me and also wants to move in with me. She’s awesome!

Your programs, particularly alpha male power helped me to gain so much confidence that I no longer feel nervous around people and I know how to handle them.

Most people want to be my friend which is an amazing feeling! Just wanted to say thank you because it has really changed my life. Mark”

“I got Dating Power, Better Than a Bad Boy, Alpha Male Power and your Conversation product after using The Flow to get laid three times in about 6 months.

I wasn’t putting much effort into using The Flow because I am busy with my work but I think getting laid 3 times was good especially when I hadn’t had sex for 2 years prior to that.

Something hit me though about 3 months ago when I saw my friends getting into relationships and I was still just getting laid and not following up to keep the girl.

So I decided to keep learning from you and deepening my knowledge. I watched those 3 programs and listened to the ultimate guide to Conversation and then hit the bars in my city about 1 month ago.

I made a conscious decision to only talk to the very attractive women as you suggest and to my surprise I was able to get them attracted to me.

I was genuinely surprised but I know that your advice does work so it was sort of like another confirmation that I was doing this right.

I got 2 phone numbers and a kiss that night and then had a date the following week with the woman I liked the most. She and I started having casual sex and now we are seeing each other at least twice a week.

I am not yet fully ready for a relationship though I think. Something in me tells me to keep having fun and maybe settle down in about a year or more.

So I have been going out on Friday nights and I have had sex with 2 more women and I have another few who text me and call me looking to set up dates. It feels good to have this power.

I spent most of my life clawing and fighting to just get one woman interested enough to date me and now I have plenty of offers.

I will let you know when I have more success stories to share Dan but that is all for me now! Jake”

“Hey Dan,

Thanks for everything that you guys at the Modern Man provide.

This stuff is not only great for improving your life with women, it will improve your life in many other areas as well.

When I bought my first Modern Man product (The Flow), I was frustrated and very skeptical.

I actually didn’t apply the information for months after getting it. Then I built up the courage to do it and things changed very quickly with women. I got dates, had sex and quickly had 3 different women wanting to be my girlfriend at the same time.

To any guy who ever reads this, let me just say that when you apply this information, it will change your life in so many ways that these products are worth 100 times what they cost.

I am now on a career path and I am excelling in many areas in my life at a faster rate than I have ever progressed.

The Flow and Alpha Male Power had such a profound impact on me, that I went on to purchase ALL of the Modern Man products within 3 months of my first purchase (except for Get Your Ex Back).

They are all great products and you learn valuable nuggets of gold from each and every one of them. Guys, do yourselves a favor and get these products. The skills you learn are definitely transferable into any area of life you choose.

Don’t waste time stuck where you are. Listen to Dan and you will excel. It works! Brandon”

“Hi Dan,

I’d like to thank you for helping me turn my life around. I came across the modern man website having just been dumped by my long term girlfriend.

I was devastated and dejected at the time and didn’t know what to do. I’ve since worked my way through The Flow, Dating Power, Better Than a Bad Boy and I’m now onto Alpha Male Power, all I can say is wow!

I wish I had known this stuff years ago, it feels like I’ve been groping about in the dark up till this point in my life but I am so grateful that I found the modern man when I did.

The stuff you teach is amazing and enlightening yet simple! As I started learning and applying what you teach my perspective changed and my confidence grew and grew.

I had the choice of dating 4 women last week which is unheard of for me.

There was 1 out of the 4 who was perfect for me, so I had to let 3 of them down gently by saying I wasn’t available and I’m now in a relationship with the girl I liked the most.

Even though I am still learning, I am very positive about the future. I won’t be repeating the mistakes I now know I made in the past that’s for sure. Thanks again! Sean”

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1. What’s the difference between Alpha Male Power and Better Than a Bad Boy?
2. What’s the difference between Alpha Male Power and Mastery Methods & Mindsets?


3. What payment options do you offer?
4. Can I purchase in part payments?
5. Can I buy your products from my country?
6. Will anything be sent via postal mail to my home address?
7. What will the purchase show up as on my credit card?
8. What currency are your prices in?
9. Do you have a money back guarantee?
10. Are there any recurring charges when purchasing?
11. Do you offer any discounts?


12. Will this open/play on my phone?

1. What’s the difference between Alpha Male Power and Better Than a Bad Boy?

Alpha Male Power is a way of thinking and being that causes you to become fearless and go after whatever you want in life, whether that be approaching a woman you find attractive, asking a girl out or going after your dreams.

I taught the Alpha Male Power techniques to clients when taking them out to approach women.

It caused clients to suddenly break free of their anxiety and feel totally confident, brave and in control around women.

Women naturally feel attracted to that kind of alpha confidence in a man, as long as he is also being charming and easygoing, which is what is taught in the program.

In the program, I also explain how I used my own alpha male power to get promoted 3 times within 6 months in the corporate world.

I went from being a low level customer service representative, to coach of the team, leader of the team and then leader of the leaders (or manager of the managers).

It did all that at 25 years old, despite working with leaders who had a lot more experience than me.

You too have a hidden, inner alpha male power and can easily tap into it to get what you want with women and in life.

Better Than a Bad Boy is an approach to women and life that causes women to feel drawn to you and chase you. When you meet a woman and use the Better Than a Bad Boy approach, she looks at you as being a real man and hopes to get a chance with you.

When you begin dating her, she hopes to get you to commit and tries hard to impress you and make you fall more in love with her.

I used this approach when dating women and it caused multiple women to propose marriage to me (including my wife) and also caused women to be happy with even being just one of my girls.

The Better Than a Bad Boy approach causes a woman to feel an unstoppable need to be with you and be chosen by you.

That results in a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for both you and her.

2. What’s the difference between Alpha Male Power and Mastery Methods & Mindsets?

Alpha Male Power is about how to overcome anxiety and fear to go after what you want with women and in life.

It’s about tapping into your inner power as a man and using that to break free of anxiety, have bulletproof confidence and be wanted by women and respected by men.

If you have ever struggled with feeling worthy around women, or people in general, Alpha Male Power will fix that problem for you once and for all.

Mastery Methods & Mindsets are a collection of methods (actions you can take, behaviors you can begin doing) and mindsets (ways of thinking) that speed up your progress towards the mastery level of success with women.

The mastery level is where women try to pick you up, women chase you during the dating phase and you always feel confident and in control around women.

We created and used these methods and mindsets to level up from an advanced level of skill with women (i.e. where you can pick up women easily, but still have to do most of the work. Women usually don’t try to pick you up) to a mastery level of skill.

The mastery level is where everything to do with women becomes more fun, easy and effortless.

We also taught the methods and mindsets to clients (on our weekend courses, which cost an average of $5,000 to attend) to who ranged from absolute beginner to advanced levels of success with women.

Every client who used the methods and mindsets immediately began to ‘wake up’ and see the reality that we do when it comes to women.

All of sudden, the client would realize that it is easy to attract women and it is easy to feel totally confident.

Women would then sense his confidence and self-assuredness and start flirting, showing interest and even trying to pick him up.

For some clients, it was so hard to believe that, after getting a number and ending the interaction, they ask us things like, “Did you pay for those girl to be there?” because that kind of thing had never happened to him before in life.

So, we would then have him pick out some other women to approach at random and the same thing would happen once again.

He would then realize that he was actually doing it.

He was in control now.

Mind-blowing stuff that 99% of guys will never experience or even know about.

It’s just not something that most guys even think is possible, so they don’t even try.

Yet, we developed these methods and mindsets through trial and error and experimentation to go from being advanced to masters in terms of attracting and picking up women.

The methods and mindsets are amazing breakthroughs that level up your abilities and success with women.

It’s just something you have to experience to truly understand.

Note: You can still pick up women and get laid with an advanced level of skill, but getting to mastery is so satisfying because women now try to pick you up.

3. What payment options do you offer?

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard).

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4. Can I purchase in part payments?


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5. Can I buy your products from my country?


You can buy our products no matter where you live.

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6. Will anything be sent via postal mail to my home address?


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8. What currency are your prices in?

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9. Do you have a money back guarantee?


If you are not satisfied, you are welcome to contact us within 30 days to request a refund.

10. Are there any recurring charges when purchasing?


Any purchase you make at The Modern Man is a once off purchase only.

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11. Do you offer any discounts?


After purchasing a product and becoming a Modern Man customer, you will have instant access to 50% discounts on any additional products you would like to purchase.

We will occasionally send you 50% customer discounts for single products via email and you can also purchase at 50% off within your account (at any time), when you purchase two or more products at the same time.

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Essentially, your first purchase is at full price and you can then have anything else you want at half price.

12. Will this open/play on my phone?


All Modern Man products (eBooks, audio and video) open and play on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers without any problem.

You can download any product directly to your phone, or you can watch/listen online within your Modern Man account.

Alpha Male Power – Pack 1

Alpha Male Power Pack 1

  1. Alpha Male Power – 5 hours, 33 mins of video.
  2. Better Than a Bad Boy – 10 hours, 50 mins of video.
  3. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  4. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.

Total price: $888
Pack price: Only $427
You save: $461 (52% discount)

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Alpha Male Power – Pack 2

Alpha Male Power Pack 2

Provides you with additional training that has been designed to get you even faster results with women.

  1. Alpha Male Power – 5 hours, 33 mins of video.
  2. Better Than a Bad Boy – 10 hours, 50 mins of video.
  3. Mastery Methods & Mindsets – 7 hours, 35 mins of audio.
  4. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  5. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.

Total price: $1,185
Pack price: Only $497
You save: $688 (58% discount)

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Dating Mastery Pack (All Dating Products)

Dating Mastery Pack

Gives you all of our dating lessons, advice and techniques that result in you experiencing the mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up when you talk to them, women chase you when you begin dating, you always have bulletproof confidence, you always know what to say and do, you experience your choice of high quality women).

These 11 products are the culmination of Dan, Ben, and Stu’s more than 10,000 hours of mastery level dating experiences with women, as well as many years of experimentation, testing, trial and error and development prior to then.

You don’t have to go through many years of trial and error, testing and hard work all on your own to hopefully figure out the secrets we discovered about women and dating that result in the mastery level of success.

You can learn it all from us right now and begin enjoying the mastery level success with women, where women try to pick you up, chase you during the dating phase and hope that you give them a chance.

That’s what women really want when it comes to dating.

Women love to experience the excitement of truly wanting a guy, trying to impress him, hoping to get a chance with him and then being lucky enough to get that chance.

When you make a woman feel that way, she then loves and appreciates you so much more.

If that sound appealing to you, then welcome to the mastery level of success with women and dating.

Enjoy the amazing times ahead for you with women!

  1. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  2. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.
  3. 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend – 7 hours of audio.
      30 Day Challenge: How to date, have sex and get into a relationship with an attractive woman in 30 days or less, or quickly have casual sex with multiple attractive women. 108-page ebook. $97 value.
  4. Coaching Call Breakthroughs – 7 hours of video.
  5. Confessions of a Natural Interviews – 7 hours of audio.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – 10 hours of audio.
      72 Conversation Starters: Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.
  7. Text Attraction – 14 hours, 24 mins of video.
      1200 Text Examples: Quick reference guide with all texts from the Text Attraction program, so you can easily find any text you need right away when texting live with a woman. 535-page eBook. $297 value.
  8. Dating Power – 8 hours of video.
      Dating Power Private Examples: Dan, Ben and Stu share 28 uncensored, personal stories of how they’ve used the Dating Power techniques to enjoy mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up, women make it obvious that they like you, women want you so much that they have sex with you on the first night or date and they chase you during the dating phase). 3 hours, 46 mins of video. $297 value.
      Dating Power Presentation Slides: 261-page ebook with all the presentation slides from the Dating Power seminar. Helps you remember what you’ve learned from the seminar and strengthens your understanding of key concepts and advice. $97 value.
  9. Better Than a Bad Boy – 10 hours, 50 mins of video.
  10. Alpha Male Power – 5 hours, 33 mins of video.
  11. Mastery Methods & Mindsets – 7 hours, 35 mins of audio.

Total price: $2,467
Pack price: Only $797
You save: $1,670 (67% discount)

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