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What does success with women mean to you? Having sex with many different women, being in love with a great girlfriend, getting married to the perfect woman?

These days, not every guy wants to achieve the same thing when it comes to women. Some guys want to:

  • Marry a beautiful woman as soon as possible and then settle down for life.
  • Have sex and relationships with many beautiful women throughout their life.
  • Turn a female friend into a girlfriend and enjoy a loving, committed relationship with her.
  • Get the spark back in their existing relationship or marriage.
  • Get an ex-girlfriend or wife back.

Here at The Modern Man, we provide you with the knowledge and skills required to achieve the type of success that YOU want with women. Below you will find just SOME of the 1,000s of success stories we've been receiving lately.

Guys have posted up videos, provided us with audio recordings (or sometimes we've gone to meet customers in person to interview them) and written up 100s of testimonials. Have a look through them and you will begin to see how amazing YOUR life is about to become if you learn our techniques for success with women.

Dan Bacon - Founder, The Modern Man

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"I'm going to keep my success story plain and simple. Your advice WORKS! I've been having sex with different women almost every weekend. About three weeks prior to today I met a woman while walking through my local shopping mall. I followed your advice and her and I were having sex the very next night. It's amazing how quickly things move. Prior to finding you guys and learning I would be going on dates for weeks and not getting anywhere. Now I am in love with life and am having the time of my life. A big thanks to you Dan and to Ben and Stu. You guys are the real deal." Anande
"Howdy Dan! Gotta say bro, this new material is fantastic. I’ve just finished watching the Better than a bad boy program and your examples of conversation style, body language and flirting are exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking to learn. I like your way of explaining how to have swagger in one’s conversation style. Very enlightening and I had never been able to pin it down to that. Further, your advice on the masculine and feminine dynamic is brilliant. I think too many men in the modern world have been negatively affected by what they have seen in the media and almost feel ASHAMED to be a man. I notice that a lot of TV commercials pick on men, because it is now politically incorrect to pick on any other type of demographic, race and so on. I feel like a new man after watching the program. I will be going out this weekend with some buddies to meet girls. I will keep you posted. I will also say now that after using your advice from Mastery methods and mindsets, I no longer worry about approaching girls…I just do it by using your SEE > DO technique. It’s brilliant! I have been regularly have sex with new girls about 20 to 26 years old and I am now 37. My coworkers are always asking me how in the hell I am picking up all these young hotties. I just tell them that its a secret. Haha!" SK
"Hey Dan, I wrote to you a while back about a girl I dated, who I used to drool over in high school (my Dream Girl) and thought I would NEVER be able to have her. But 35yrs later AND after listening to your Mastery, Methods and Mindsets and Dating Power, I ran into that girl and swept her off her feet. Unfortunately I let the ball drop, having stopped using the techniques from that program and lost her. During one of our last dates, we were at a concert with some friends and there was another very hot girl that I had seen around, but thought I’d never be able to have. Now, since losing my Dream Girl,I’ve read The Flow and bought your Better than a Bad and Alpha Male Power Series and have run into this other girl from the concert (she’s now single). She started showing up at places I frequent and she’s made it obvious, that she wants me to ‘pick’ her. We’ve been together that last 4 weekends, but this last weekend she brought a girl friend along with us. We hit 4 bars and had a great time. The two girls driven to me together and at the end of the night and were leaving together, but the gf of my date hesitated getting out of my car, and my girl part jokingly but part seriously, had to tell her “get the f out” so we could say our goodnight. Then the gf of my date (who I had never met before that night) reached over the seat and gave me a great big smooch, before getting out. Needless to say it got very hot in my car before the other girl started beep the horn (they both had a long drive home). I have no doubt that using the techniques from your products are what got me to this wonderful place I am with women now." Erik
"Dan I can’t say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dan I have been having fun. I mean like a month ago I walked into a sports bar on a Monday night with these two hot chicks. One of them I’d been sleeping with. The other one was her friend I’d met that night for he first time. When I walked in with those two. The bars collective mouth dropped lol. These guys stopped watching the game and focused on the three of us. Now Mind you I’d slept with one of these girls before and was just meeting her friend. I took it to be some kind of test. Like will I pass The Friend Test. I laughed it off and used the flow on both of them. Soon bothe girls were competing for my attention and even the clueless guys in the bar picked up on the sexual tension and sparks flying at our table. I realized that most guys don’t know HALF of what you teach. Some guys are naturals like you say but they are the exception. None of he guys in that bar was living like that. The shock all around that bar that night proved that. They couldn’t dream that chicks as hot as that would be on what amounts to a date with an ordinary guy like me and be competing for my attention. That’s what I can’t thank you enough for. Just the sheer excitement and adventure my life has become since I came to understand some of this stuff. Because you see not so very long ago I was one of the clueless. And you had a very large part in my success. Thanks again and again Dan!" Jason
"Man what a relief! Dan I used your advice from Better than a bad boy and my girlfriend has decided that she DOESN'T want to break up now. I was making all the classic mistakes you describe in the program. All this time I had no idea that she wanted me to take control be a man and make her feel like a real woman should. Thanks so much. I don't know how I would have survived without her. She means so much to me and I am thankful that she now wants to stay together. She has even been talking about getting engaged lately!" Lee
"Thank you so much Dan!!! Today i decided to go out, and use what was talked about in Alpha Male Power. And when i did, I got to talk to 3 very beautiful women, that i personally consider very attractive, 8/10 in my book. Also one of them was considered THE very hottest girl in my high school a couple years back, and i got her number, i got to hold her, all in the store she was working at!!! Infront of her manager!! I can’t believe the amount of power that comes from just following your steps, and “flipping the switch on” for it. The other two women i was able to have really enjoyable conversations with them, and able to actually learn quite a bit about them, i may not have got their numbers’ (because they had boyfriends or was seeing someone, and i dont cut other guys grass.) but i could tell they were at the very least enjoying talking to me. I couldn’t be more happy right now and its thanks to you, and The Modern Man. I want to sincerely thank you for everything, and helping me get over my 20 year rut of not thinking i could talk to, let alone get the number of girls i thought would never give me a second look. Thank You Guys at The Modern Man so much!!
Sincerely Richie." Richie
"Hi Dan. I have been learning a lot of the techniques from the modern man and I would like to say a big thank you for all the things that you and the boys have put out there for men struggling with women. I’m sure you get a lot of thank you’s from many guys around the world, but I can’t emphasise enough, the impact you have had in my life." Jonathan
"Hi Dan! When I searched for advice from the Modern Man, my original objective was learning how a female mind works. It was not a longing for romance, surprisingly enough. It stems from the fact that I used to be puzzled that women’s preferences used to be so different from my expectations. I could not understand why they choose having fun with guys that I considered wimps! This put me in an uncomfortable position on various levels, e.g., at work, in social situations, in the local community. I played a nice guy and did not get appreciation. Or even women used to shy away from me, and I had a feeling that they suspected insincere intentions on my side – which was never the case. I instinctively started to change my attitude, and I have been successful sometimes, but I never knew which elements of my behavior would be ultimately responsible for the success with approaching women. I figured that it would have to take me another five years or more to work out the strategy based on my experience. Thus, I decided to learn from the experts like you. I like your expert advice, which is professional, eye-opening, solid and sincere. And it truly works! Before I finish, I would like to share what happened to me just recently. I spent a couple of days with other people travelling to a different city on a business trip. I have not met any of these folks before. During the two days we spent together I played a cool guy who used your proven techniques (still learning and have not mastered them, but they already work). By the end of this spree, I have effortlessly been able to achieve different levels of attractions of 5 girls (from lukewarm to hot), not to mention two other girls that I only met in a pub when we all went for a concert during one of the evenings. I could not believe this happening! Now, I could develop a further relationship with any of them. They are all in their early twenties, I am in my forties – I am puzzled again!" Jerry
"Hi Dan, First of all you saved our lives.. Now I am “the real me”. People just like me, men respect me and women love me. Now I get it when you said DO IT and get the evidences, because when you realize you can do it, it is like you go through a door and you see the world with different eyes. So whoever is reading this and still doubting about getting the products, stop wondering and just get it and try for yourself, if you don’t have the money, work for it come get these stuff and be part of the winners “The Real Men Team”." Art
"Just a note to say that the Alpha Male Power product is fantastic. Since watching, I have had a profound effect on a woman’s level of sexual attraction towards me. Just last week I had a 2-3hour conversation with a woman at a bar and she was dancing all over me showing me all the signs of interest moving closer, squaring up and eagerly continuing the conversation. In the same week I spoke to the female DJ at my gym for 15mins and set up a date. This stuff is the real deal." Andreas
"The information you offer here is information I have been searching for all my life. Guys, listen to Dan, Ben & Stu. It works!" Andrew
"Dan, Ben & Stu, I would like to say thanks to you guys. I started reading, listening to, and watching your products a few years ago. I can’t express enough the impact they have had in every area of my life. From work relations, to how I handle my family, to all the new friendships made, girls I have met, and goals pursued, the things you have taught me have stuck in the back of my mind and have made a major difference in how I have handled situations. While we all have different circumstances and different areas we need to put extra effort toward, no progress can be made until you can set your mind on the correct track. Your products do just that at an accelerated rate. Starting from such a low point in my life filled with lack of confidence, poor social skills, terrible anxiety, and nothing but memories of a painful long-term relationship gone horribly wrong, I have witnessed first hand a complete turn-around. While I still have plenty of work to do before I reach a mastery level and get consistent results, I can say that I have experienced many situations with girls that I would have once considered undoubtably impossible. I’m talking about situations with instant deep levels of attraction, multiple women fighting for my affection at once and a general instant acceptance from girls everywhere I go. I will admit these situations have caught me completely off guard, and I am now working on expecting these things to happen and fully accepting them as the evidence I need to improve. There are definitely ups and downs as you work through these things, but if I make an honest comparison of my life just 3 years ago to the way it is now there is a major unmistakable improvement. To anyone trying to decide what advice to take when it comes to success with women, this is it. As long as you continually give it a fair effort, you will improve and it will not just be some sleezy trick to use at a bar, you will actually improve your life and become something genuine that women truly desire. Thanks guys!" Bret
"Hi Dan Using the modern Man products has made a MASSIVE difference to my life. I suffer from social anxiety and for longer than I care to remember my interactions with women were awkward to the extreme, filled with feeble nice guy conversation with no flirting or attraction building at all. I was truly hopeless and had not a clue what I was doing. Defusing a bomb or trying to wrestle a rhino would have been more productive lol!
Anyway, on to the good stuff! Thanks to your awesome products I can handle myself much better around women now. I actually did something recently which the old me would never have dared do…something I kinda learnt from Ben! Ok, so I was in a club, busting moves on the dancefloor and got chatting to a girl. After a while she starting feeling my chest. I remembered Ben’s story at this moment and proceeded to give her tits a little feel for a few seconds to show her my confidence. The look on her face was priceless and her attraction to me shot up big time!
Thanks for all the help guys!" Sean
"Hi Dan, I have enjoyed reading your products and have had much success thanks to you,gone to speed dating events and got contacts which ended up in the bedroom, also same result from singles functions. And been on many fun dates. Do approach in bars and shopping centres and i have had success got some numbers and dates. I get a buzz from some of the girls responses when i approach them it gives me a high. I am now at a stage where i get remarks from girls saying that takes confidence to do what you did. And now i am approaching more women in supermakets which was the hardest thing for me but i relize the earth is not going to tilt more on its axis if it does not go the way i want I JUST KEEP AT IT and work hard and i know i will get results that i want from some other girl i approach. I am dating one girl at the moment but wish to date a few more and see how it goes. Thanks Dan, Ben ,Stu" Christian
"I bought The FLOW because I “got lucky” with a super hot chick and managed to fumble into a miserable 18 months in HELL relationship with her and proceeded to “stuff it up” as you say pretty much from the start. See, I’ve always been naturally a funny guy, and used humor and flirted well; but from there I was comletely lost. I had no idea what to say or do to get to kissing and sex. My experiences with women amounted to “getting lucky” with average looking girls or girls i wasnt really attracted to. Super hot girls always made me too nervous to be successful. I never had lasting real relationships with women.
I just KNEW I had messed up a good thing with this super hot ex of mine, and googled around trying to find the information online and found your site. I tried the techniques I found in the FLOW and just had my mind BLOWN. After my super hot ex left town for 8 months and returned, within a week I escalated to kissing and sex after spending most of our previous relationship as her personal doormat and just waiting for the scraps of her affection AND THAT WAS JUST AN EXPERIMENT. Also, now,I’m dating another super hot chick that I intended only to go through the first three steps of the flow with as practice and at every turn from hugs to kisses to sex it seemed STUPID not to go to the final level. Another experiment I set up for my self (an is still a work in progress) was to try the Flow on the hottest girl at work who never gave me the time of day. This woman seemed like she’d rather blow her brains out than hold a conversation with me. Now, after using the FLow on her we work out together at a local gym 6 days a week and though we havent proceeded to sex it seems like only a matter of time. I just want to say you guys ROCK! Your info WORKS. I cant wait to get and try ALL your other products! (Im too busy DATING and KISSING and HAVING SEX and reading and rereading the flow to get the other stuff NOW but im gonna!) At this time a supervisor told me dude we might have to fire you because you’re trying to sleep with half the staff! SO , I ‘d say you guys were right I shouldnt be trying the flow at work. Just cant say enough good things about The Modern man! Thanks Dan!" Jared
"Dan — just finished watching Better Than A Bad Boy and its wonderful! I’ve tried all the PUA stuff (routines, openers, embedded stories etc.) and it NEVER worked. As a matter of fact, on 2 occasions women called me out on a routine they were already familiar with! They’re not stupid — they catch on! IMO the PUA teachings tell you that you’re not good enough to attract beautiful women — so you have to resort to a “bag of tricks” to persuade them to approve of you and want to have sex with you etc. Not a good place to be as a man . . . constantly chasing after women with silly routines that have nothing to do with who you are as a person. Better Than A Bad Boy teaches that you already have what it takes inside you to attract beautiful women . . . that you need to be your best self . . . you need to be a REAL MAN . . . and women will respond! Get a life outside of obsessing over beautiful women (counter-intuitive stuff) and women will take notice! This is cutting-edge stuff!" Mike

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