In this video, we’ll explore why some guys seem to have no fear when it comes to women, whether they are single or in a relationship. When a guy is single, he exhibits no fear when approaching women, starting conversations, asking for phone numbers, going on dates, and even making the move for a kiss. Similarly, when he’s in a relationship, he remains unafraid when interacting with his partner, even during times of uncertainty or moodiness. He has the confidence to initiate affection and intimacy without fearing rejection.

So, why is it that some men exhibit this fearlessness, while others are held back by fear in their interactions with women throughout their lives? Whether single or in a relationship, they struggle to overcome this fear, always feeling helpless and lacking control in the realm of women and relationships.

One significant factor contributing to this fear is when it is based on a few negative experiences that didn’t go well or on perceived outcomes if they were to try again. These experiences could be early rejections or instances where they felt embarrassed or humiliated. These memories lead them to believe that women reject them universally.

Another reason men don’t conquer their fear of rejection is their failure to adopt a new, effective approach. Many employ a “friends-first” strategy, aiming to build a friendship with a woman before expressing romantic interest. However, this often leads to the friend zone, as it doesn’t create the necessary sexual attraction. Learning how to make women feel attracted during interactions is crucial.

Additionally, some men think in a tribal way rather than a modern one, assuming everyone will notice and judge them if they approach a woman and face rejection. In today’s society, most people live anonymously in large cities, making it unlikely for anyone to care or remember such interactions. The fear of social repercussions is largely unfounded.

Furthermore, some men wrongly believe that attracting women is incredibly difficult and that women are exceedingly picky. In reality, making women feel attracted is a skill that can be learned. Many men simply lack the knowledge and techniques required to trigger attraction during conversations. They mistakenly assume that it’s an inherent trait rather than a learned behavior.

Lastly, even when presented with a random opportunity, unprepared men tend to mess it up, reinforcing their fear of rejection. Without the necessary skills and confidence, these opportunities often go to waste.

In conclusion, conquering the fear of rejection involves recognizing that it is not based on reality but on past experiences or misconceptions. Men need to adopt new, effective approaches, think in modern terms, and understand that attracting women is a skill that can be learned. With practice and knowledge, they can gain control over their dating and relationship lives, ultimately eliminating the fear of rejection.

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