Women really like balls, both in the physical sense and the emotional sense.

Physically, women like to play with balls, suck balls and have balls banging against them as they cop it, doggy style.

Emotionally, women like to interact with a guy who has relaxed confidence and relaxed courage.

He has what I call Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have the capacity to have and display that type of confidence around women, but they’re unable to due to a tiny little mistake that completely destroys their success with women.

This tiny mistake destroys a guy’s success with women from pick up, to dating, to sex and being in a relationship.

The tiny mistake is where a guy will fear a woman’s reaction to what he wants to say to her, or how he wants to behave around her.

When a guy fears a woman’s reaction, his confidence is going to be stifled.

It’s going to be suppressed.

He’s not going to be able to express his true personality around her.

He’s not going to be able to express his true masculinity around her and as a result, she’s going to feel like she isn’t interacting with the real version of him.

She’s going to sense that he isn’t comfortable around her and he isn’t being completely real with her.

As a result, she can’t really trust him.

She can’t really let her guard down around him and feel attracted to who he is, because who he is is being hidden.

Yet, when a guy has Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence, a woman senses that she is interacting with the real version of him and what’s more, is that she feels deeply, primally attracted to his masculinity and confidence.

Instinctively, she knows that if a guy has the confidence to be his real self around her, then he is going to be confident around other people and in life.

People are going to be able to respect him because he’s not living in fear.

He’s not fearing the reactions of other people.

Yet, at the same time, he’s not being one of those loud, over-the-top, macho type of guys.

It’s not about that.

It’s about relaxed confidence, relaxed courage and having the balls to say and do what you want, while also being a good guy; being a good man.

So, I’m going to give you some examples here of how this tiny mistake destroys a man’s success with women all the way from pick up to being in a relationship.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Pick up

A guy will talk to a woman that he finds attractive, wants to pick up and have sex or have a relationship with, but because he fears the woman’s reactions to what he may say or do, he holds back.

He hesitates and as a result, his conversation doesn’t flow.

He runs out of things to say and topics that he does bring up become boring very quickly because he is worried about saying the wrong thing.

So, he doesn’t say much and just asks another question, or brings up another topic.

Yet, the interaction then starts to feel a bit awkward and forced and there’s no spark between him and the woman, or the women that he’s trying to pick up.

The interaction ends and he then goes home.

He’s thinking later on about what he could have said or what he could have done and then he thinks, “Damn it. Why didn’t I just say that? She said this, I could have said that. Why didn’t I say it?”

The reason why he didn’t say it is that he was fearing her reaction.

He was thinking, “If I say that, she might think that I’m not cool or she might think that I’m needy or she might think that I’m this or that.”

The thing is he could be right about that.

He could’ve said something and it wouldn’t have gone well as a result.

Yet, he would have learned from that experience.

He would have gained in his understanding of how to talk to women rather than just having superficial conversations all the time like, “What do you do for a living? How long you’ve been working there? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Where you’re from? Where did you go to school and so forth.”

He could’ve said the thing that he wanted to say, expanded a topic in a certain way, or made a joke at a certain point in time, but he was fearing the woman’s reaction.

He thought, “She may not like it. She may not think that it’s funny. She may think that I’m boring and so forth.”

As a result, the interaction felt awkward and forced and it ended.

The next example is with dating…

2. Dating

Here’s a comment from a woman on one of my videos recently.

She said, “As a woman, I think these videos are absolutely spot on. I met a guy recently and I was flirting with him the whole night, but he didn’t seem to notice.

At the end of the date, I was waiting for him to ask for my number and he wasn’t going to, so I said, “You’re not even going to ask for my number?” and he went, “Oh, what? I get to have your number?” He put himself in the friend zone right there and he thought I was out of his league, when in reality he is handsome.”

The thing is if a woman goes on a date with a guy, then, she is interested in him.

She is open to something potentially happening.

It’s not a guarantee that she wants to kiss, have sex and start a relationship, but she is open to it.

She wouldn’t go to the date otherwise.

Now, in this particular case, a woman went on a date with a guy and was flirting with him the whole night and he still was worried about her potential reaction to him taking things to the next level.

For example: Him saying something like this to her, “Alright, well look, let’s finish up here and I’ll walk into your car” or, something like this, “Hey, so, let’s continue this. Let’s go back to my place and hang out for a bit. We’ll chill out.”

In many cases, a woman will say yes to that because she wants the date to continue, or she wants to get to a kiss or sex, or she just wants to get to know the guy more.

So, she’ll go along with it.

Yet, in some cases, a woman won’t want to go to a guy’s place on the first date and that’s fine.

A guy hasn’t ruined it by suggesting that they hang out.

He hasn’t ruined the situation.

Additionally, some women will initially say no to hanging out or chilling out at your place or you going back to her place because they don’t want to seem too keen, eager and interested.

They’re playing it cool.

Alternatively, she just doesn’t want to seem too easy, so she will initially say no, but if a guy then says something like this, (in a relaxed, easy-going, but assertive way) “Oh, come on, let’s just go and hang out for a little bit. I’ll show you my place. We can get to know each other a little bit more. We’ll hang out for like half an hour or something. Come on” she can now say yes on the grounds of not being so boring, or being a little bit more adventurous and just going with the flow.

So, she has a reason now to say, “Alright, cool. Well, let’s go and hang out.”

On the other hand, if a woman says no, that she doesn’t want to go back to the guy’s place, it’s totally fine.

He doesn’t need to suggest that again and he hasn’t stuffed up the situation.

He can simply suggest catching up another time and it’s no problem.

He hasn’t ruined the situation.

So, in this particular case, the guy missed out on being with a woman who really liked him and thought that he was handsome.

His looks didn’t get the job done because he made that tiny mistake, that little tiny mistake that completely destroys a guy’s success with women all the way from pick up, to dating, having sex and being in a relationship and that is fearing the woman’s reaction.

The next example is with sex…

3. Sex

In this example, the man is having sex with a woman and he wants to bend her over and pound her from behind.

Yet, rather than just changing the position, turning her around, bending her over and giving it to her, he asks her if she wants to change positions.

He asks her if she wants to do doggy style.

Does she like that? Does she want to do doggy style?

He fears her reaction to his moves in the bedroom.

The thing is, most women aren’t going to complain about that (a guy asking if she wants to change positions).

A woman usually won’t complain and say that she doesn’t like it when a guy is asking her what position she wants to do, or asking her to change positions because it ruins the natural flow of the sex.

It ruins the mood.

Most women won’t say it, but they will feel the difference between a guy who is always asking her if she wants to change positions, or asking her what position she wants to do, versus a man who occasionally asks if she wants to do a particular position, but for the most part, he doesn’t stop and start talking and discussing during sex.

He just does what he wants.

He turns her around, he bends her over, he gets on top of her, he starts giving it to her missionary style.

Essentially, he does whatever position he wants and as a result, they get lost in the enjoyment of the sex.

So, when it comes to sex and a woman has her legs spread and is receiving it, she wants to be able to see that the man she is having sex with doesn’t fear her potential reactions to how he’s going to move, how he looks at her, how he touches her and so on.

He has that Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence that allows them to get lost in the enjoyment of the sex.

The final example is with a relationship…

4. Relationship

If a man is in a long-term relationship or a marriage with a woman, then, over the years, he will have experienced her tantrums and even rejections at times.

She will have thrown a tantrum about something, or when he tried to make a move on her or he said something, she will have rejected him in some way.

For some men, that is like water off a duck’s back.

It doesn’t matter.

The man knows that women will be women; they get emotional and sometimes, they will reject and you don’t need to take it personally.

For some men though, they take it very personally and as a result, it begins to change the dynamic of the relationship.

For example: Rather than having Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence around his girlfriend or wife, a guy will start to become neutral around her.

He’ll start to be more like a friend.

He’ll want to just get along with her.

He doesn’t want to experience a potential tantrum.

He doesn’t want to display too much confidence around her because she might reject him.

She might test his confidence by saying no at times, by not kissing him when he wants to kiss, by not saying yes to one of his requests, like, “Go make me a coffee”.

She might say no to his reject.

She may reject him in a moment like that.

So, for some guys, the fear of their woman’s potential reaction to what they may say or do, can cause them to hide their balls.

Their balls become hidden.

The guy becomes a neutral, hesitant, even in some cases, soft guy around her.

Now, he may see himself as being a masculine guy.

He may see himself as being tough, but around his woman, he has been tamed beyond tame.

He has become domesticated.

He has become neutralized and he doesn’t have that Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence that he knows he can have and that he may have had in the past, or that he has around his friends.

Around his woman, he just doesn’t have it.

As a result, the attraction between him and his woman isn’t there.

It feels neutral.

They don’t really feel that draw to each other because his balls are hidden.

He fears her reaction to how he may touch her, how he may talk to her, how he may behave around her and the actions that he may take.

So, he just plays it safe, becomes neutral and tries to get along with her.

Yet, even though relationships like that can last for years and even decades, they aren’t as enjoyable for the man and the woman as a relationship where the man’s balls are out.

He is living balls out around his woman.

He is still being a good man.

He is still treating her well, but he’s able to interact with her with that Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence where he doesn’t fear her potential reactions to what he’s going to say or do.

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Remember This Rhyme

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that if you fear a woman’s reaction, she won’t feel attraction.

Women are attracted to balls.

Women are attracted to that Relaxed, Ballsy Confidence in a man.

When a woman senses that a man is panicking, he is worried, he is nervous, he is unsure, he is uncertain, it doesn’t turn her on.

It doesn’t make her feel attracted.

Yet, when a woman senses that a man is confident, courageous, at ease and isn’t worried, she feels turned on.

As you interact with her, she can literally start to become wet about the idea of having sex with you, about kissing you, about being bent over by you.

So, let women sense your balls, play with your balls, suck your balls and have your balls banging against them when you give it to them doggy style.

Finally, always remember: If you fear a woman’s reaction, she won’t feel attraction.

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