In this video, Dan Bacon addresses the common scenario where a woman plays hard to get when a man is interested in her. He explores the various reasons why women exhibit this behavior and offers insights into how men can handle it effectively.

Dan starts by emphasizing that this situation applies when you’ve met a woman you’re highly attracted to, both physically and personality-wise. However, she begins to display signs of playing hard to get. Rather than immediately walking away from such a situation, Dan explains how men can navigate it to ultimately achieve their dating or relationship goals.

He proceeds to list several reasons why women may play hard to get:

  1. Insecurity: Some women use this tactic to boost their self-confidence by seeing if a man remains interested despite her initial disinterest. Sometimes a woman will do that by talking about other guys who like her, to see if he remains interested.
  2. Testing Your Interest: Women want to know if a man is genuinely attracted to them and not just seeking a casual fling.
  3. Evaluating Your Character: They want to observe how you react when faced with resistance, testing if you remain true to your persona, be it a “nice guy” or a “bad boy.” Sometimes a woman will talk about other guys who like to her, to see if you become angry, overly-protective, insecure, etc.
  4. Assessing Relationship Dynamics: Women may be testing whether you’re the type of guy who chases or if the relationship will be balanced.
  5. Testing Your Ability to Handle Challenges: They want to know if you can remain confident and composed when things get a little difficult.
  6. Seeking Appreciation: Playing hard to get can make you appreciate her more, seeing her as a special and unique individual.
  7. Avoiding Casual Hookups: Some women want to demonstrate that they are not easy to hook up with and can control their emotions.
  8. Awkwardness in Expressing Feelings: Some women find it challenging to express their interest openly and resort to playing it cool instead.
  9. Avoiding Previous Mistakes: They might have experienced men losing interest when they showed too much interest too quickly.
  10. Gaining Power: After being in a relationship where they felt powerless, they may want to regain control and rebuild self-esteem.
  11. Not Ready for Commitment: Some women may not be looking for a committed relationship at the moment, while others are but fear appearing too eager.

Dan then emphasizes the importance of having independent confidence rather than dependent confidence. Independent confidence means feeling self-assured regardless of how a woman behaves, while dependent confidence relies on her actions to validate one’s confidence.

He provides examples of how to apply independent confidence in different dating scenarios, such as texting or going on a date. Dan encourages men to maintain their confidence and not lose it if a woman plays hard to get, highlighting that women are often attracted to men who exude this kind of self-assurance.

In conclusion, Dan Bacon advises viewers to focus on building independent confidence, allowing them to handle situations where a woman plays hard to get with composure and attract women who may initially seem difficult. He also recommends reading his ebook, The Flow for comprehensive guidance how to attract women for dates, sex and relationships.

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