If you’re looking for some sexy names to call your girlfriend, here are a few popular choices to ponder over…

Angel eyes, sugar lips, honey bunny, baby face, sweet cheeks, hot cakes, sex kitten, sugar babe, cutie pie, snuggle bunny, snookums, bubbles, munchkin, or sexy legs … the list goes on and you’re probably familiar with all of them – and that’s the problem.

All of these names are generic cutesy names that anyone and everyone might use; you might even have given one of them to your previous girlfriend – and your current girlfriend might not appreciate it.

In effect, if you’re looking for sexy names to call your girlfriend, you’re kind of getting things the wrong way round.

The sexy name you give your girlfriend should be something that reflects her personality and has a special meaning for both of you in your relationship, not just a random name you pull from a list because you like the sound of it. The name should come to you naturally because of who she is rather than trying to make the name you choose fit your girlfriend.

With all of the above in mind, the following five commonly made mistakes should be avoided when thinking of sexy names to call your girlfriend.

5 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Don’t make it all about you

Okay, so you like to have a sexy nickname for your girlfriend, but does your girlfriend feel the same way? Whether or not you use nicknames for one another is going to depend on your individual personalities and your relationship.

The mistake to avoid here is thinking that just because your previous girlfriend loved to be called by a sexy name, your current girlfriend will be the same. Maybe she hates being given nicknames; maybe she even hates her own name being abbreviated; maybe the sexy name you’ve chosen to use reminds her of her previous boyfriend – a memory she wants to forget.

You see, it’s not just about you, and you need to give something like sexy names time to evolve naturally. As you get to know one another better, you’re going to figure out what kind of sexy name is right for your girlfriend and whether she even likes to be called by a sexy name at all.

2. Try to come up with an original name

Using the term “babe” or “honey” is fine but these are not terms that hold any kind of special meaning and using them won’t make your girlfriend feel special in any way. The sexy nickname you choose should make your girlfriend feel that she’s the only one you’ve ever called by that name.

Trying to make it special to her by using her actual name in a sexy way is also a big mistake – especially if you try to make it rhyme. For example, names like “Juicy Lucy” or “Sassy Cassie” are unlikely to do it for her because you’re going to make her feel like she’s back in the schoolyard.

3. Don’t make it meaningless

Following on from the above, the nickname you choose to give your girlfriend should have a specific meaning in your relationship.

For example, calling her “starlight” or “twinkle” might remind you of the time you stayed up all night making out under the stars, or a name like “dancer” might come to mind naturally because of how you met and got together or the way it fits with something your girlfriend loves to do.

Think of it this way, if anyone asked your girlfriend why you call her by that nickname, she should feel there’s a special or secret meaning behind it and it’s a name that you thought of because of who she is to you.

4. Don’t make it embarrassing

The sexy name you call your girlfriend should be something that has some kind of special meaning but making it too sexy or too personal would be a big mistake. Something like “Starlight” has a sexy special meaning to both of you but using it public won’t embarrass anyone – other people will think it’s cute.

However, something overtly sexual such as “Blo Jo” or any other term that refers to stuff that should be kept personal will not only potentially embarrass your girlfriend in social situations, it will make other people feel uncomfortable around you too. Make sure the name you use can be used anywhere.

5. Don’t force it

The sexy name you give your girlfriend should be something that feels right for both of you and something that fits with your personalities and the relationship you have.

Trying to think of a name just because you feel it’s something couples should do or because your friends have names for one another in their relationships is forcing the issue and trying to make something happen that should happen naturally if it’s meant to be.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t really need to look for sexy names to call your girlfriend as the time you spend together should lead to sexy names springing up naturally just through being relaxed in one another’s company and having fun together.

In many cases, guys find themselves using nicknames they didn’t even realize they were using, the sexy name just made sense in the moment and then it stuck.

Knowing what kind of name your girlfriend will love to hear you use and when to use it to make it meaningful is something that comes with learning how to understand the way women think and how they love to feel in a relationship.

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