4 Failsafe Conversation Topics To Use When Talking to Women

What should you talk about during the initial conversations that you have with a woman prior to dating and having a sexual relationship with her? After much practice, testing and research, Ben, Stu and I have identified 4 conversation topics that almost every woman enjoys talking about.

Those topics of conversation are:

  1. Pets
  2. Travel
  3. Movies
  4. Food

An example of a travel related conversation topic is, “If you could click your fingers and be in the ideal holiday location right now, where would it be?” That type of question gets her feeling great around you. She immediately searches for her dream holiday destination and feels excited. When talking to women, you want them to feel a wide range of emotions rather than just feeling like she is having a polite, friendly conversation with you.

In The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, we provide examples of how to use each of the four conversation topics when talking to a woman that you’ve just met or already know. When you use these four topics in the way we advice, you will never run out of things to say when getting to know a woman.

When you listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, you will also hear us demonstrate many more interesting and exciting conversation topics and conversation styles that we use when talking to women that get women excited to be talking to us.

What Women Like to Talk About With Other Women

Have you ever sat back and listened to a group of women talking? What do they talk about? When asked these questions, some men will take a GUESS and suggest topics such as:

  • Hollywood celebrity gossip
  • Shoes
  • Clothes and fashion
  • Make-up
  • Relationships
  • Men

…and they would be correct. Well, kind of.

While it’s true that many women enjoy talking about the topics listed above, men who believe that women only want to talk about such things have a very shallow view of women and will struggle to connect with them. These men will also worry that what they talk about with women won’t be good enough.

Another important point to make about the conversation topics listed above, is that women tend to talk about those things amongst OTHER WOMEN. It’s not the kind of thing that you should be actively TRYING to talk to women about. Why? When a woman talks to a man, she isn’t looking to have the same kind of conversation she has with her girlfriends. She is looking for something different.
…and most guys have NO IDEA what that is.

Not knowing how to talk to women in an interesting way, some guys choose not to talk to women at ALL. Other guys decide that they will just wait and hope to get lucky by meeting a woman who will immediately be interested in talking about the things he finds interesting…but, finding such a woman is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Why? Until you’ve started dating a woman, she usually won’t be interested in talking about the kinds of things you chat about with your male friends. For example: Sports, the sciences, cars, politics, philosophy, computer games, career, finances, investing and so on.

Why is that?

Why do women only become interested in talking about subjects that YOU LIKE (or that men typically like to talk about) after you’ve begun dating? It’s simple. Initially, a woman wants to see if you’re the kind of guy who can make her laugh and FEEL GOOD during her conversations with you.

If her initial conversations with you are boring, she assumes that the relationship will end up being boring too, so there’s no point in starting one with you. When you can make a great first impression on a woman by making her feel attracted to you during a conversation, the door opens to sex, love and a relationship with her…

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