Body language is the easiest, most natural way to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you

Body language is the easiest, most natural way to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you

You can use body language to make a woman feel attraction for you, want to have sex with you and want to be your girlfriend. Body language is the most natural, ancient and easy way for two humans to communicate their desire for each other.

The fact is, women analyze your body language during conversation to work out what you are really thinking. Do you like her? Are you playing hard to get? Do you feel unworthy of her? Are you nervous?

A woman will also observe your body language to determine whether or not she would feel comfortable having sex with you, or enjoy being in a relationship with you. If you come across as nervous or awkward with your body language, she will naturally be turned off by you and won't feel much, if any attraction. Here is a free clip about body language from the Dating Power seminar. Purchase the full version (8 hours of video) and you will be able to watch it online immediately or download it to your computer, phone, tablet, etc.

By making a few changes to the body language you display to women, as well as the confidence you exude through your body language, you can EASILY get any woman to feel sexual attraction for you and want to sleep with you. Here are some introductory tips for body language that causes feelings of attraction inside a woman:

  1. Lift your chest up and convey relaxed confidence

    You'll find that most guys are too afraid to use this type of attractive body language, because they fear attracting negative attention from other guys in the form of fights or verbal abuse. However, it the guys who cower, look weak and hide their confidence who get picked on by bullies and jerks.

    When a guy tries to blend into the crowd by hiding his confidence through weak body language, women simply cannot feel attraction for him. Why? Women are naturally attracted to guys who aren't afraid to make their presence known in a social situation. If you lift your chest up and right now as you read this and take a moment to feel relaxed and confident – you'll notice that you appear more open, present and approachable. This type of body language will naturally trigger attraction inside of a woman.

  2. Use a relaxed, slightly mischievous smile

    A common body language attraction signal is when a guy gives a woman a slightly 'mischievous' smile while talking to her. This communicates that he is not afraid to show sexual interest in her. When a woman reciprocates by smiling, laughing or flirting back - it shows that she is interested also.

By the way...

When you're using body language to attract women, the most important thing you need to include is flirting. The mischievous smile is a perfect example of flirting body language and is something that you can do 1-2 times during a 5-minute interaction with a woman. I recommend using the mischievous smile when a woman is telling you a story about something she did (to playfully tease her a little), or when the conversation gets a little sexual (to acknowledge and build on the sexual vibe being created by the two of you). The smile leads right into the next area I want to teach you about, which is reading body language to determine a woman's interest in you.

Watch Dating Power and you will gain access to all of our AMAZING techniques that we've discovered, tested and mastered for reading a woman's body language and interest. There are 3 Stages of Interest that a woman will go through and you can SEE all of them by watching the changes in her body language. If you want to know how to use your body language to quickly move through the 3 stages of interest with a woman - get started now and we will teach you all of our very best body language techniques that instantly cause women to feel attraction for you.


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