Dirty pick up lines that work
The key to using dirty pick up lines is to say them in a confident, easy-going way. Smile and just have a laugh with her. Don’t take it too seriously.

If you can do that, she will appreciate it is a joke and have a laugh with you. However, if you are too serious or tense about the dirty line, it will make her feel awkward and even annoyed.

You Only Need a Few Good Lines to Get Started

My dirty pick up lines are the only ones that you will ever need to know. Why?

Other websites may list out 100s of dirty pick up lines, but most of those lines have NEVER been tested and will only get you rejected if you try them. Most lines that you find online are simply IDEAS that guys have come up with while sitting around and thinking about what they COULD say. Yet, most of those guys don’t have the confidence to actually say the dirty pick up lines to women in real life.

All of my lines have been tested and are proven to get positive reactions from women. I have personally used my dirty pick up lines to pick up 100s of hot women and 1,000s of my students from all over the world have used them as well. If you want dirty pick up lines that actually work, then don’t waste your time looking through huge lists of lines that haven’t even been tested. My lines will get you laid and help you find women who are open to having sex on the first night.

If you’d like to have that type of power over your dating life, don’t make the mistake of reading through huge lists of imaginary pick up lines that have never been tested. Just learn from guys like me…all of my advice has been tested by me and by 1,000s of my happy customers from all over the world.

My Tested Dirty Pick Up Lines

Dirty pick up lines that work
Here is a quick sample of some of my best and highly-tested dirty pick up lines:

Dirty Pick Up Line #1

One of my favorite lines is to walk past a woman, then back up and say (with a SMILE), “Hey, didn’t I sleep with you last week?” It almost always gets a big smile and a laugh and immediately makes the conversation turn sexual and playful. You can then judge the woman’s response to see if she’ll be up for having sex with you that night. (I’ve been using it successfully for the past year and it leads to sex, or at least a phone number with 5 out of 10 women).

Dirty Pick Up Line #2

Another dirty pick up line that I like to use is, “Hey, I thought you looked sexy…so I’ve come over to introduce myself…I’m Dan – what’s your name?” This one is a little more subtle and classy and often leads to sex that night.

Dirty Pick Up Line #3

Walk up to a woman in a bar, smile, then say, “Smile if you want to sleep with me.” Most women are unable to stop themselves from smiling and will start laughing when they notice that they are smiling. It’s fun for both you and the woman to start off a conversation like this. It just gets right to the point. After that, you should flirt with her and then get to know her a bit before escalating to sex. However, if you can see that she is open to getting physical right away, then just kiss her.

Dirty Pick Up Line #4

Walk up to a woman and with a relaxed smile, make relaxed eye contact and say, “I think you’re sexy and all I’m asking for is a 3 second kiss. No conversation, no buying each other drinks, just a 3 second kiss to see if we like each other” and then smile in a relaxed way and put your arms out as if to say, “Come here…”

Not surprisingly, this often leads to a longer, more passionate tongue kiss and doesn’t go for the agreed 3 seconds. Why? Many women say that they can tell if they like a guy by the way he kisses, so most women will use it as an opportunity to have a bit more of a kiss. The best part is that after the kiss, you’ve already crossed the physical barrier, so it all you need then is a little more conversation before leaving the venue together 20 minutes to 1 hour later (sometimes sooner).

Natural Pick Up Line #1

Sometimes, the best pick up lines are the honest, natural ones. My favorite is, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself, my name is _______ what’s your name?” If you want to turn that into a dirty pick up line, just add a SMILE and say, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself…I saw you a few seconds ago and now all I can think about is how sexy you are…I’m ________, what’s your name?”

Funny Pick Up Line #1

For some women and for some situations, a dirty pick up line is too much and will cause you to be quickly rejected. However a funny pick up line almost ALWAYS works, because it gets rid of any negative tension and makes a women interested in hearing what else you have to say.

For example: Say with a SMILE, “Hey, did you invite all these people tonight…I thought it was just going to be the two of us!” as though you were both meeting up for a date. Women will usually play along with this and it is a fun, quick conversation to have before exchanging names and getting to know each other in the normal, formal way.

One of the Great Things About Using Dirty Pick Up Lines

A real cool thing about using dirty pick up lines is that they help you find the types of women who are open to having sex on the first night. I like using dirty pick up lines, because they quickly eliminate the girls who want to date me for months before having sex. Here are some more tips for using dirty pick up lines:

  • Pick your moment: Using dirty pick up lines at the supermarket is probably not the greatest idea, but they will work when hitting on a woman at a bar who is still drinking and dancing at 3am.
  • Get creative: The best pick up lines are those that you come up with yourself in the moment. Not only will they be original, but they will include your own sense of humor. The best dirty pick up lines come to you when you’re at your most confident. Watch the video below for tips on how to be more confident when approaching women.

Would You Like to Get Some Advanced Training on How to Succeed With Women?

Unlike the millions of rubbish “dating advice” or “pick up line” sites online, the people behind The Modern Man (me, Ben and Stu) are actually successful with women. When you learn from us here at The Modern Man, you will discover exactly how to:

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  • Choose your perfect girlfriend from the many women who are interested in you, or just have sex with a lot of women until you are ready to commit to a relationship.

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The Secret to Success With Women

This FREE, 21-minute video explains what every single guy needs to know about how to be successful with women.


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