Dirty Pick Up Lines That Work

Most dirty pick up lines will make a woman react negatively towards you. To avoid rejection when using dirty pick up lines, you must lines that have been TESTED on women in real environments, likes bars and clubs.

Here's the thing...

Other sites might have big lists of dirty pick up lines (and even claim to have tested them), but the reality is that most of them have NEVER been tested. They are just pick up line IDEAS that random guys have come up with on forums.

If you use dirty pick up lines that have NOT been tested properly, most of them will get you rejected, ignored, laughed at or even slapped by women. My dirty pick up lines have been tested and PROVEN to get positive reactions from women and make women become interested in you immediately.

I've personally used my dirty pick up lines at least 50 times and my 1,000s of customers from all around the world have used them as well. Here is a quick sample of tested lines:

  • Dirty Pick Up Lines #1

    One of my favorite dirty pick up lines is to walk past a woman, then back up and say (with a SMILE), “Hey, didn’t I sleep with you last week?”

    This dirty pick up line almost always gets a big smile and a laugh and immediately makes the conversation turn sexual. You can then judge the woman’s response to see if she’ll be up for sleeping with you that night. (I've been using it successfully for the past year and it leads to sex, or at least a phone number with 5 out of 10 women).

  • Dirty Pick Up Lines #2

    Another one I like to use is, "Hey, I thought you looked sexy...so I've come over to introduce myself...I'm Dan - what's your name?" This one is a little more subtle and classy and often leads to sex that night.
  • Dirty Pick Up Lines #3

    Walk up to a woman in a bar, smile, then say, "Smile if you want to sleep with me" Most women will not be able to avoid smiling and will start laughing when they notice that they're smiling.
  • Dirty Pick Up Lines #4

    Walk up to a woman and with a relaxed smile, make relaxed eye contact and say, "I think you're sexy and all I'm asking for is a 2 second kiss. No conversation, no buying each other drinks, just a 2 second kiss to see if we like each other" and then put your arms out as if to hug her and say, "Come here..."

    Not surprisingly, this often leads to a longer, more passionate tongue kiss. Why? Many women say that they can tell if they like a guy by the way he kisses, so most women will use it as an opportunity to have a bit more of a kiss. The best part is that after the kiss, you've already crossed the physical and sexual barrier so it all you both need then is a little more conversation before leaving together 20 minutes to 1 hour later (sometimes sooner).

  • Natural Pick Up Lines #1

    Sometimes, the best pick up lines are the honest, natural ones. My favorite is, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself, my name is _______ what’s your name?”

    If you want to turn that into a dirty pick up line, just add a SMILE and say, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself...I saw you a few seconds ago and now all I can think about is how sexy you are...I’m ________, what’s your name?”
  • Funny Pick Up Lines #1

    For some women and for some situations, a dirty pick up line is too much and will cause you to be quickly rejected. However a funny pick up line almost ALWAYS works, because it gets rid of any negative tension and makes a women interested in hearing what else you have to say.

    For example: Say with a SMILE, "Hey, did you invite all these people tonight...I thought it was just going to be the two of us!" as though you were both meeting up for a date. Women will usually play along with this and it is a fun, quick conversation to have before exchanging names and getting to know each other in the normal, formal way.

A great thing about using dirty pick up lines is that it is a perfect way to meet the type of women who are open to having sex that night, or early on in the dating process. I like using dirty pick up lines, because they quickly eliminate the girls who want to date me for months before having sex. Here are some more tips for using dirty pick up lines:

  • Consider the situation: Using dirty pick up lines on women at the supermarket is probably not the greatest idea, but they will work when hitting on the hot girl in the bar who is still drinking and dancing at 3am.
  • Get creative: The best pick up lines are those that you come up with yourself in the moment. Not only will they be original, but they include your own sense of humor. Dirty pick up lines come to you when you’re at your most confident. So one of the best tips is to ensure you are in a confident, fun mood and are ready to let the good times roll.

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