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How to get laid

By using certain techniques, ANY man can get a woman turned on and wanting sex. It is simple, just follow what I call The Flow.

The first thing you need to know about how to get laid is that many modern women are looking for quick sex, without necessarily needing to start a serious relationship.

It is no longer the 1950s where most women would wait until marriage to have sex; today's women are much more promiscuous and carefree. Despite the ease of getting laid in today's world, most guys ruin the sexual courtship process by being too nice, engaging in boring conversation and not escalating to touch and kissing. If you want to change things from being friendly to sexual, you need to kiss her first. Kissing her (instead of just talking to her) quickly changes the relationship between you from strangers to new lovers. Both of you cross that barrier instantly and the door to sex opens wide.

Knowing how to get laid on the first night or on the first date with a woman will completely change your life. It not only brings more sex, fun, love and relationships into your life - the ability to get laid gives you a deep, unwavering type of confidence that simply never goes away. When around women, you feel fantastic because you know that you can easily sleep with almost all of them without much effort.

Why learn from me?

I've had sex with more than 250 women and am now in a committed relationship. Let me teach you the secrets to getting laid and finding the right girl for you.

My Story: Learning How to Get Laid

Dan Bacon - Founder, The Modern Man

Dan Bacon - Founder, The Modern Man. More photos with women

Personally speaking, I can still remember how bad I felt when I didn't know how to get laid. The only time I got to have sex was when I 'got lucky' by talking to a drunk woman or to a desperate, unattractive woman who really wasn't my type anyway. Yet, I wanted to be able to get laid by hot, beautiful women that I chose. I wanted to be able to walk up to a woman and know what to say to get her to want to have sex with me.

Other guys that I knew seemed to be getting laid with women so naturally and easily, while I was left to look on in frustration and feel like a complete failure as a man. One day, I spent an hour thinking about WHY I wasn't getting laid. I quickly realized that I had a number of problems that needed fixing before it was going to be possible. For example:

  • I felt self-conscious, nervous and 'shy' around women.
  • I feared being rejected.
  • I didn't know what to say.
  • I was unsure how to make a woman sexually interested in me.
  • I didn't know how to move in for a kiss without the possibility of being rejected.
  • I couldn't keep a conversation going and keep it interesting when talking to a woman I liked.
  • I didn't know how to make a woman laugh and feel good around me.
  • I felt uncomfortable pushing things to sex on the same night I met a woman.

I was overwhelmed by how it seemed I needed to change about myself before I could get laid! I thought, "Surely there is an easier way to fix my problem with women. How the hell am I going to fix all this...and quickly...because I want to get laid now, not next year..." I attended a bunch of self-help seminars, bought a bunch of self-books...but, NOTHING and NO-ONE could tell me the start to finish process from approach to sex. No one could tell me HOW other guys where meeting women in bars and having sex with them on the first night night.

It was then that I decided to begin approaching random women in bars EVERY weekend until I worked out the secrets to getting laid. After much trial and error, many painful rejections and many 'almost got laid, but she backed out at the last minute' frustrating experiences, I eventually developed a 4-step system that I call The Flow. It allows any guy to go from approach to sex with a woman within 2 hours of meeting her (usually less!).

Read The Flow

Want to Learn More About How to Get Laid?

Would like to have the power to get laid ANY time you choose to? If you follow my simple, ready-to-use system, you are guaranteed to get laid on the first night you meet a woman, or on a day/night of your choosing. My system has been proven to work by me and 1,000s of my customers from around the world are using it right now as you read this.

The secret to getting laid is about going through the CORRECT process that needs to occur before a woman will want to have sex with you. You don't need to say use weird pick up lines, you don't have to trick them and you don't have to worry about wearing the latest fashions or putting on a great smelling cologne. It is a lot simpler than that. Approaching women in the right way allows you to get laid whenever you want, so you can enjoy a lot of sex with many women or find the perfect girl for you. The proven system that you are about to learn will show you how to date and have sex with the type of women that most men can't even get a few words out of. Plus, these women will want to have a serious relationship with you and it will be YOUR CHOICE whether you grant them that privilege or not.

By following my 4-step system, you will get laid naturally and easily any time you want. Best of all, my system works BETTER on very attractive women, so you will have your pick of women to have sex with. Just follow the 4 steps and everything will fall into place.

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  • Onaolapo Lawal  

    I enjoy all you’ve said so far…I’m about to buy your book but I’m scared of internet it for real???

    • Hey Onaolapo

      Thanks for your positive feedback.

      Wow, someone hasn’t asked that for years! :) After posting up so much of my private life (see photos), gaining 1,000s of Twitter followers (, appearing on TV (see videos) and having 1,000s of comments from guys all over the site, people have just stopped being worried about that sort of thing. Everyone knows that The Modern Man is real and no one questions it anymore.

      I looked you up (based on the e-mail address you’ve provided) and it appears that you are from Nigeria. If anyone should be afraid, it should be me! Fraud and scams are very common in your country! :) I guess that’s why it’s on your mind. However, for me and my 1,000s of customers, that is not an issue. Believe me mate, you can buy with peace of mind. I am a real guy and we (The Modern Man) have been online since 2005.



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