How to get laid

The first thing you need to know about how to get laid is this: Most modern women are open to having a one night stand (sex on the first night) with you, without needing to start a serious relationship first or even go out on a first date. In the past, most women would wait until marriage to have sex, but that has changed along with many other fundamental things about our society. These days, the majority women are open to having fun (i.e. casual sex and dating) and trying out different relationships until they find the perfect guy.

The Steps to Get laid

Essentially, what you need to do is:

  1. Approach a woman.
  2. Make her feel sexually attracted to you.
  3. Connect with her as a person.
  4. Escalate to a kiss.
  5. Get her to leave the bar, club or party with you.
  6. Bang her.

Here's how to tell if a woman wants you to kiss her...

My Story: Learning How to Get Laid

Before I worked out what I now teach here at The Modern Man, the only time I would get to have sex was if I got lucky by talking to a drunk woman or to a desperate, unattractive woman who really wasn't my type anyway.

When I watched other guys talking to women at work, at parties or at bars on the weekends, I couldn't work out why women liked them, but didn't like me. I would down a few drinks and try to work up the courage to approach women, but when I approached most of them would look at me like I was covered in dog shit. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I thought to myself, "It can't be about looks. There has to be another reason why others guys are getting laid and I'm not."

One day, I spent an hour thinking about WHY I wasn't getting laid. I realized that I had a number of problems and issues with women that needed fixing before I could get laid by choice and not by luck. For example:

  • I didn't know what to say to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting, long enough for the woman to really start to like me.
  • I didn't know how to flirt with a woman to create a sexual vibe.
  • I didn't know how to avoid rejection when moving in for a kiss, so I avoided it and ended up losing out on real opportunities to get laid.
  • I doubted myself around attractive women, which turns them off.
  • I feared being rejected.
  • I didn't know how to make a woman feel sexual attraction for me.
  • I didn't know how to go from a conversation to having sex on the first night.

I Stopped Hiding From My Problems With Women and Decided to Fix Them

When I realized all the problems and issues I had with women, I accepted that needed to fix them rather than hide from them. If I kept going on as I had been, I wouldn't be getting laid anytime soon unless I got lucky and scored an unattractive woman, or a drunk woman who would then realize her mistake when she sobered up in the morning. If I wanted real success with women and if I wanted to get laid by choice and not by luck, I would have to make some real improvements in my confidence and skills with women.

It was around that time that I decided to begin approaching women in bars EVERY weekend until I worked out a step-by-step system for getting laid. After a lot of trial and error, many painful rejections and many "almost got laid, but she backed out at the last minute" experiences, I eventually developed a 4-step system that I call The Flow. My step-by-step system allows any guy to go from approach to sex with a woman within 2 hours of meeting her (usually less!).

Are You Serious About Wanting to Learn Exactly How to Get Laid?

I realize that there are millions of sites claiming they can get you laid, but what makes me different is that I actually do have the secret. I transformed myself from a guy who couldn't get laid into a guy who has now had sex with more than 250 women. I've also helped 1,000s of guys to enjoy the same type of power when it comes to getting laid (Success stories).

If you are serious about learning this stuff, then I am here to help you right now. If you follow my step-by-step system, I guarantee that you will get laid every time you go out to meet women at a bar, nightclub or party. Just walk up to a woman, follow the simple steps and you will be kissing her within 1-20 minutes and then having sex with her shortly after that. My system has been proven to work by me and my 1,000s of happy customers from around the world Success stories.

The secret to getting laid is to go through the right process. Follow the steps of The Flow and before you know it, a woman will be on her back with her legs wide open and moaning, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me!"

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Dan Bacon

My name is Dan Bacon and I used to be hopeless with women. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get women to like me and I was single and lonely for many years.

When I discovered the secrets that I now teach here at The Modern Man, women began flooding into my life and I've had my choice with women ever since.

I've already helped 1,000s of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. View success stories. If you're sick and tired of not getting the results you want with women and want to try something that is guaranteed to work, then get started here.