How to Date Women in the Modern World

Stop making costly dating mistakes that lead to rejection. Learn how to date women with ease by using proven techniques

You and I live in a different time. You may not have noticed, but the rules of the dating game have changed a lot in just a few short years. To make matters even more confusing you have movies, TV and a bunch of self-help books that all teach a different method of how to date women

The problem with most of the advice on ‘how to date women’ is that the people who developed it haven't tested it out in the real world! Often, the advice on TV shows comes from a comedy angle and doesn’t work in the real world. Anyone can give you some random dating advice, but without real world 'testing' it is useless and often harmful to your success with women.

What we offer here at The Modern Man are proven techniques and strategies on how to date women that have been developed over the past 5 years. With my help you can learn how to date women and finally understand how dating works in the 21st century.

Get out of the ‘friends zone’ and stop having women see you as the ‘nice guy’. I can teach you dating tricks and tips that will show you how to date women in any social situation. Here are a few quick techniques that you can use on a first date:

  • Make her feel good around you: Confident, relaxed eye contact lets a woman know that you are listening and helps her to get over her own nervousness. You might be suprised to learn that most women feel nervous on dates, no matter how good-looking they are.
  • Keep it light: A first date is typically not the right time for deep intense conversations, so keep it light-hearted and fun. However, if you are well informed on a subject that you will both find interesting, then go ahead and discuss it together. Women love a man with firm opinions and it can help keep the conversation lively throughout the night. Just make sure to throw in the odd joke here and there, because ‘funny’ is the #2 trait that women look for in men.
  • Watch her signals: Pay attention to what she does with her body throughout the night. Look for signals that she is attracted to you, such as touching and licking her lips, or twirling her necklace with her fingers. If the signs are there and you know how to respond, sex on the first date is an easy move. I’ll teach you more about that when you login for free below.
  • Keep her mind on you: Don’t call her the day after the date. Let her miss you for a couple of days, before getting in touch again.

I hope you enjoyed those beginner tips on how to date women. I want to teach you the more ADVANCED stuff if you will enter your e-mail below. Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Dan Bacon and I have recently transformed myself from a dating reject into a dating superstar with women. Before I developed the techniques that I now teach through The Modern Man, I was fearful of approaching women. If I did manage to work up the courage to approach a woman, I didn’t know what to say to keep the her interested in talking to me.

Fast forward 5 years later and I have now traveled the world and taught 1,000s of men how to date women. I've also conducted one-on-one training as well as taught my methods at sold-out seminars.

I can teach you how to date women and find love, sex and a relationship, right from the privacy of your own home. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to date women is found here on this site.

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“Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line and let you know that your book in absolutely incredible! Not a month after reading your book, I went out to the bar with some friends. Well, in the past I would have hung out with my friends and thought "If I talk to anyone else aside from my friends, I'm going to get ridiculed" I decided that, no matter how much I might trip over myself and goof things up because I'm not used to going up to strangers and striking up a conversation, I would do it that night, and let me tell you....Its amazing how much different things were just taking some of your tips on just projecting confidence and not slinking away at first sign of resistance. Your book is like my bible now! To this day, being Wednesday, it has been 4 days since I was out with those friends, and I have phoned a couple of the numbers, didn't go fishing for a date, actually never asked for one in the first phone call, and THEY called ME back asking me to meet up for coffee or drinks. I just have one word left for you guys....THANKS!"

Jeff, Winnipeg, Canada
“I've only had this program for a week and I've already got 2 phone numbers. For me that's a lot because I've always been to shy to meet women (especially during the day). Using your conversation examples, I met one girl when I was buying some lunch during my break and another on the train..I've decided to date both of them and then work out which one I like best. Been chatting on the phone to train girl and went on a date with lunch girl last night (kissed her at the end). I can't thank you guys enough..."

Allan, Sydney, Australia
“After a lifetime of women basically 'ignoring' me and seeing me only as a friend, I read your book and in 3 months I'd already had 8 dates. Its mindblowing how well your stuff works...I ended up choosing one of the best women out of those 8 and she's now my girlfriend. Couldn't have done it without your techniques, so thank you!"
Evan, USA