How to Flirt With a Woman and Make Her Want You

Discover how to flirt your way into dating and relationship success with women

Very few men instinctively know how to flirt with women. The 20% of men who know how to flirt with women can easily find a loving, sexual relationship with a new woman without really having to try.

However, for the 80% of men who don't know how to flirt with women, dating and finding love can be a very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming process. These men often end up being ignored, overlooked or placed in the dreaded 'friend zone' by women.

If you've read this far, I take it that you're one of the guys who doesn't know how to flirt properly with women. That's okay, most guys are having the same problem with is as you are...and that's why The Modern Man is here. My name is Dan Bacon and I am going to help you.

Flirting is powerful. What most guys don't realize is that flirting starts before you first meet a woman. Imagine being in a busy nightclub: The music is loud and people are laughing, chatting and dancing.

As you scan the room, you may see a few women that you're interested in, but can they see you? With the right body language and flirting, you will stand out from your surroundings and spark the interest of women before they've even met you. That way, when you start talking - things kick off nicely from the very first moment.

An example of this is making eye contact in the right way. When the woman looks at you across the room for the first time, be sure to maintain eye contact until she looks away first. While you are both holding eye contact, give her a slight smile as if to say, "Yeah, I know you like me..."

Another example is to hold eye contact, smile and then stick your tongue out at her. Women love that and it's a great ice-breaker!

There are 100s of flirting techniques that I want to teach you right now. ALL of them have been tested in social situations all around the world (in at least 20 countries)...and they always work!

Who am I ?My name is Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern man program. I will teach you how to feel 100% confident and in control when you flirt with women, so you can get the results that you want...whether that is sex, love or relationships with women.

Feeling 100% confident and in control when flirting with a woman is critical, because if she senses that you are nervous and unsure of yourself while flirting, she will instantly lose interest. When you flirt right, the woman will feel a rush of sexual attraction for you and will want you right there and then...and no-one will be able to stop her.

By the way: The techniques you'll learn here at The Modern Man don’t just help you connect with women you’ve never met before - they are also extremely effective at helping you break down barriers with the women already in your life...

Maybe you want your sexy next-door neighbor to finally realize that you are the guy for her. Perhaps it’s the pretty girl at the gym you’ve been casually talking to for months. Even the hot older woman you’ve been too afraid to make a move on can now be yours when you learn how to flirt correctly .

Take a moment and think of 5 words that woman have used to describe you when they are rejecting you. Not nice to remember, huh? Confident, sexy, charming, powerful and irresistible are the 5 NEW words that women will now refer to you as when you learn how to flirt at The Modern Man.

Knowing how to flirt will truly change your life. Maybe you’ve always been shy or just the type of guy who stands by and watches while your friends flirt and hook up with all the pretty girls. Now its your turn to get the attention you deserve! The process is completely painless, and both your wallet and your libido will thank you for the smart investment you’re about to make.

It’s a smart decision. Learn how to flirt: Get phone numbers, get dates, find love and enjoy an amazing sexual relationship with a woman of your choosing.

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“I originally found your site because I wanted to know more about flirting. I was blown away to find that there you guys actually offer a SYSTEM to to approach, attract, flirt with and get into relationships with women. I got your audio program a few weeks back and have already had sex with a woman I've had a crush on for years by using your flirting advice. Then, last night I got a phone number of a girl at a bar in the city...this is big for me because for the 2 years prior to this - I was single and alone! Thanks guys - your stuff rocks"
Paul K, Los Angeles, CA
“I've always been very chatty, funny and a extrovert, so no issues there but i NEVER knew how to flirt, I'd always chat to girls and never get anywhere. Within 2 weeks of me listening to your advice i've introduced flirting and ended up with a seriously HOT girl last weekend. This is only the beginning and i'm starting to view rejection differently as well, no more despair - more like let's try again!!"
Gary F, Melbourne, Australia
“After reading your book, I have learnt some of the more important flirting/attraction techniques; (as well as boosted my already decent confidence levels) and thus have managed to attract a number of ladies =) I've got a new beautiful girlfriend, and I could say I have another 3 in the pipeline/waiting list :p It was absolutely wonderful to actually be able to CHOOSE a girl, rather than relying on luck! Thanks"
Patrick R, London