How to Get a Girl to Like You

Discover the secret to getting a girl to like you so she wants to have sex with you and be your girlfriend

Do you remember having a crush in high school and wondering how to get a girl to like you back? Maybe you tried walking up to her and froze up or maybe you just watched her from a distance for weeks or months, without talking to her much at all. Eventually, you watched in disappointment as she hooked up with some other confident guy, while you were left frustrated about your lack of abilities with women.

After leaving school or college, it would be fantastic if our dating lives automatically improved as we entered our 20s and enjoyed our 30s. Giving us the courage to make eye contact with any girl, walk over and know what to say so she begins to fall in love with you right away.

Unfortunately for most guys, their dating lives don’t improve much at all as they finish studying and enter the big, bad world. Without the right knowledge on how to get a girl to like them, most guys end up looking for advice from Hollywood movies, magazines and TV shows. What they don't realize is that the content in movies, TV and the media is designed for entertainment purposes, not education. Many of these guys begin to base their understanding of how to get a girl to like them from entertainment sources.

...and that's where a whole bunch of problems begin. These guys begin to believe that they need to be tall, dark and handsome. Or, need to be rich and have an amazing lifestyle to offer a woman just to even begin to get her like to like him. If you are one of those guys, you need to STOP trying to learn about life from entertainment sources.

Stop and take a moment to understand what women want and need from you. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, you first need to find out what girls REALLY find attractive in guys. Let's look at two types of guys that the media claim to be attractive to women and then look at what women REALLY think.

1. Sensitive guys

What girls say they want: Girls often claim they want sensitive guys, but sensitive guys lack excitement. A sensitive guys tends to be the type who hangs over every word a woman says, is constantly in her space and smothering her. In short, sensitive guys come off as wimpy and girly, which is unattractive to women.

What girls really need: The assertive, masculine (alpha male) personality that is within you. The most attractive type of alpha male is emotionally strong and gives off a confident vibe in any situation. He never has to follow a woman around to get her attention, or call her constantly to get things going. In fact, he is unpredictable and women are constantly calling and trying to reach him.

Be the alpha male by never hesitating to make confident, relaxed eye contact with people. Talk as though you know people want to hear what you have to say. Feel in control of any situation, without ever need to boss people around. Girls will instantly notice that you give off a different vibe and they will like you for it.

2. Nice guys

What girls say they want: Girls claim they want nice guys but if so - why do nice guys struggle to get dates with the girls they want? Girls see nice guys as friends not lovers. The nice guy is the safe harmless guy that a girl can hang out with, when her boyfriend or lover is unavailable.

What girls really need: If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you have to understand that women truly want a good guy with 'edge' (don't believe the BS about women only going for bad boys. It just isn't true...and you already know that, because you see evidence of girls going for good guys who are also cool...true?).

Nice guys fail with girls because their personality doesn't arouse exciting emotions inside a girl. Girls NEED to feel a lot of emotion for a guy to be attracted to him. You can't be boring and expect a girl to feel something for you. It just doesn't work like that.

To go from being a boring nice guy, to being a good guy with edge (a good guy who is also cool), you need to speak with confidence, display masculinity and use humor and flirting. You also need to become a bit of a challenge around girls. Every girl likes the challenge and the excitement of being with the guy who isn't super easy to tie down into a relationship. A girl will rarely if ever admit this, but she wants to have to impress you and hope that you choose her.

If you stop worrying about how girls see you and instead focus on how you see them, your chances of picking up a girl improve immediately. Of course, no girl is the same. What one girl finds attractive is sometimes a turn off for another.

That is why it is so important that you learn how to get any girl to like you in any social situation. Imagine approaching girls during the day or going out on any night of the week and:

  • Getting girls to hang on to your every word, finding anything that you say interesting and intriguing.
  • Scoring more numbers than you call in a week - plus, having the girls suggest you take their number instead of you having to ask.
  • Being the envy of all your male friends as they see you hook up with the hottest girls available.
  • Getting women to laugh and relax around you, enjoying your company instead of feeling awkward and wanting to leave.
  • Using eye contact to break the ice and ensure you won't be rejected when you approach a girl.
  • Having girls see you as the alpha-male instead of a boring nice guy or friend.

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