Make her orgasm

Some women orgasm easier than others, but I have found that the following 2 things make women orgasm easier and more often:

1. Lick Her to Orgasm

Most men feel excited to have an opportunity to munch away on a woman’s pussy. Sometimes, they make the mistake of licking it all over, sucking on her flaps and basically devouring the pussy like they are eating a burger.

The best way to approach a woman’s pussy with your tongue is to tease it and then focus on the clitoris.

For example: Get her to lay on her back with her legs open wide, but still in a comfortable position that she can maintain for a while.

Rub your chin, lips and cheeks around her inner thigh and brush your chin or lips past her pussy very lightly. Then, lick up and down the slit of the pussy without sticking your tongue inside her hole.

Just lick up and down softly and slowly to tease her into the mood. After 10-20 seconds of that, make sure your tongue is wet and begin licking her clitoris softly. When you do that, she will most-likely react with a pleasurable moan or by arching her back.

Then go back to a bit of tease licking up and down her slit and then return to the clit. Once back, focus on the clit and continue licking it in a repetitive passion while using your hands to caress her legs or body.

As long as you keep at it for a good 5-10 minutes, almost every woman will orgasm from that.

2. Get Her on Top, Briefly Suck Her Nipples and then Help Her Grind

Make her come
Get your woman on top, so she is squatting or sitting on your dick. Then, let her build up a bit of enjoyment first by moving up and down or around in whichever way she wants or you want.

Then, try to sit up as much as you can so you can reach her nipples with your mouth. Briefly suck on her nipples (5-15 seconds on each nipple) like a baby would if it was trying to get milk, but only do is softly and passionately.

Then lay back down and reach your hands around the backside of her butt cheeks. Once you have a firm grip, start grinding her pussy back and forth across your dick. Make sure that her clitoris is facing down onto your pubes (hair) and she is grinding back and forth on that.

As long as you keep a steady rhythm, most women will orgasm from that (or at least feel amazing) after a few minutes.

Great Sex is Mostly About the Mood You Create

What is Pillow Talk With a Woman?

You don’t have to spend a long time building up a passionate mood to have great sex that leads to an orgasm for your woman.

Sometimes, it’s great to do that, but the majority of time, you can both get horny from just 30 seconds to a minute of active effort.

For example:

1. Kiss her like you used to when you first met.
Depending on how long you’ve been together, you may have gotten to a point where you don’t really kiss that often anymore. That’s fine. You don’t have to passionately kiss each other all time if that’s not what either of you want, but make sure that you do it sometimes.

In a long term relationship, having a passionate kiss like the old days is enough to respark old feelings and remind both of you of another reason why you’ve stayed together for so long.

If you haven’t passionately tongue kissed in a while and if she is insecure about kissing without brushing her teeth first, don’t be afraid to say that you want to kiss her properly like the old days and that both of you should brush your teeth before getting in bed this time.

2. Make her feel girly in your presence

Another great way to get in the right mood for sex is to unapologetically be manly around her in the bedroom.

For example: Pick her up and carry her to the bed, pick her up and draw her to you to kiss her, put your hand on the back of her neck and draw her into kiss you, etc.

Just do the most masculine, manly thing you can do while also being loving and respectful towards her. When she sees that you’re not afraid to be the man, it will make her feel more feminine in your presence, which is a deep turn on for women.

How Often Does a Woman Need to Orgasm to Be Happy in a Relationship?

When a woman truly loves her man, respects him and feels attracted to who he is as a man, she won’t be overly concerned about how often she orgasms.

If he gives her an orgasm once a month or once every year, she can still be satisfied with that as long as he is the sort of man who is making her feel deeper feelings of love, respect and attraction in the relationship.

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    Good solid advice that all men, irrespective of age, should know. Kudos to you for putting it out there, Dan. I would say the last point is the most important one – for a woman sex starts in the brain first. It’s your job as a man to lead her on the journey that is the other points.

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    I must sincerely state that you have really taught me so much lessons that I need to know and practice. I have always taught is all about having big dick.

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Rescue Your Relationship Before it’s Too Late!

Rescue Your Relationship Before its Too Late

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Rescue Your Relationship Before it’s Too Late!

Rescue Your Relationship Before its Too Late

What is the secret?

Watch the video