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If you consider yourself to be a nice guy, but you also tend to get rejected by women who instead go for jerks or bad boys, it's only natural that you might start to wonder, "Are women lying when they claim to want a nice guy as a boyfriend?"

You see, when asked what she wants in a man, a woman will usually say something like, “I just want a nice guy ...someone who cares, who listens and treats me like a princess", but those SAME women will then do the OPPOSITE and date a bad boy, a jerk...or a guy who doesn't treat her well. Why is that? It's simple: When a woman says, "I just want a nice guy" she really does mean it. However, most guys confuse being a nice guy with being really, really nice to a woman...and that's where the problems begin and why most nice guys finish last with women when it comes to dating and relationships.

Nice Guys Who Finish Last With Women

When a woman refers to a nice guy she is NOT referring to the type of wimpy nice guy who:

  • Is overly nice and polite to her, like he would be to his grandmother.
  • Tends to accept her demands or bad behavior, just so she will spend time with him or continue talking to him.
  • Is nervous around her.
  • Is shy in social situations.
  • Is intimidated by her and feels like he needs to impress her.
  • Doesn't know what to say to her to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting (usually linked into trying to impress women).
  • Calls her too often, not allowing her to miss him.
  • Tells her that he has "feelings" for her too early.
  • Behaves submissively around her and looks up to her as though she is the more dominant one.
  • Always puts her needs ahead of his own, even though she doesn't do much or anything nice for him.
  • Listens to all of her problems and discusses them in the same way that her girlfriends would.
  • Lets her wear the pants/boss him around.
  • Asks her what she wants to do, instead of being a man and taking the lead on a dates and or in relationship.

When used in combination, the above behaviors and actions will absolutely DESTROY the attraction a woman feels for you. Ultimately, behaving like that goes against everything that women are naturally attracted to in a man.

Nice Guys Who Finish First With Women

Now that we have talked about what women DON'T want in a nice guy, what DO they want? A woman's version of a nice guy is a man who:

  • Is a good guy, but is not a pushover or doormat for women or people to walk all over.
  • Is confident around women.
  • Is confident around other guys.
  • Is charming.
  • Knows how to behave like a 'challenge'.
  • Takes on the masculine role in an interaction, on a date or in a relationship.
  • Respects women and enjoys their company, but also gives plenty of time and attention to his life and what he's achieving/trying to achieve.
  • Uses humor in a confident, attractive way.
  • Confidently makes conversation in an interesting way with women.

Which type of guy are you? Are you the nervous nice guy type who finishes last with women or the confident nice guy who is desired, admired and respected by women? If you are more like the nervous nice guy around women, then let me help you fix that right now. My advice is guaranteed to transform you from a nervous nice guy type into the kind of man that all women are desperately looking for. After 5 years of research, speaking to 1,000s of women face to face and teaching men (the secrets to success with women) from all around the world, we have found that nice guys DO NOT finish last with women if they stop being such pushovers and start being a confident, alpha male. You don't have to become a "bad boy" to attract women - you just need to learn a few more techniques about attraction, flirting and conversation and become more confident than you are right now. You can still be a nice guy to women, but you also need to know how to make a woman feel sexual attraction for you.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how I can help transform you from a nice guy who finishes LAST with women, to a confident nice guy who has his choice of women:

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