Picking up Women at the Supermarket

Get a dinner, date and a delicious desert all from your local supermarket

Picking up women at the supermarket is one of the smartest ways of meeting new women. I've found that since you are meeting the women at a safe and neutral location, they are less likely to be uptight or reserved when you approach.

Picking up women at the supermarket is also ideal for men who don't have loads of self-confidence, or who have trouble knowing what to say or do when in a woman’s presence. The supermarket and what it sells is a perfect way to start and continue the conversation.

Imagine you are inspecting the fresh fruit and a breathtakingly beautiful woman is picking out some fruit next to you. Instead of stuttering for something to say, you can casually make a comment about the freshness of bananas or ask her opinion if a vegetable is too ripe.

Try these tips for picking up women at the supermarket, to increase the odds of exchanging numbers, or getting her back to your place for dinner and desert:

  • Decide on a regular supermarket: You want to visit the same store and become a regular. Cashiers and other store employees will start to recognize you by name, if you greet them by name. This helps reassure the girl that you’re not a threat to her safety, because other people like and approve of you.
  • Present yourself well: You obviously don’t need to put on a suit and a tie, nor do you want to give the impression that you are dressing up for the purpose of picking up women at the supermarket. However, do present yourself well so when you approach a woman, she doesn’t roll her cart away as fast as she can.
  • Ask for advice: Depending on what area of the store you are in you can get a woman’s opinion if a particular vegetable is ripe, or if a particular brand name product is better than another one. Just about any question directly related to food is appropriate here.
  • Be subtle: Just because a woman’s guard is down, it doesn’t mean that when picking up women at the supermarket you should go storming full speed ahead like you might in a bar. After asking her a question, thank her, tell her your name and ask for her name so you can thank her using her name as well, then wander a short distance away.
  • Take your time: You’ve approached her and have found out her name. Congratulations! However, you don’t yet have the all important phone number, so the shopping trip isn’t over just yet. Keep her in your general eyesight as you both continue to shop, but don’t look like you’re following her around.
  • Run into her again: Before heading to the checkout, walk over to her again, thank her for her help and offer a casual invitation to talk again sometime. If you don’t feel like your connection is secure enough yet, take your time and wait until next week. She will likely shop at the supermarket again, on the same day of the week and at the same time.

Enjoying what you’re learning so far? Why not let me teach you my best ever tips and techniques for picking up women at the supermarket? My name is Dan Bacon and I’m the founder of TheModernMan.com

If you’re interested in learning the fine art of picking up women anywhere you go, click below and get started!

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