Romantic Conversation Starters That Really Work

Create a sensual mood and make her aroused by starting off your conversations on a romantic note...

Beyond sex, women look for men that can stimulate their minds and emotions. If you don’t know anything about romantic conversation starters, then you’re doing yourself a disservice...and possibly missing out on the hot and wild sex life you have been dreaming about.

By using subtle sensuality to increase a woman's desire, you don’t have to wait weeks or months before you have sex with her. Heck, you usually don’t even have to have a first date – she’ll be up for it immediately.

Romantic conversation starters are truly that powerful and if you want to be a gentleman, while also getting to the good stuff – then, try out one of these beginner techniques to see what happens.

  • Start with a compliment: Women love a man who can compliment them with a romantic conversation starter. However, make sure that you don't put too much emphasis on the compliment. Just keep it light-hearted and easy-going.

    For example: "You walk with such grace and finesse - I like that in a name is Dan - what’s yours?"

    "You are easily the most beautiful woman in the room. I had to come over and introduce name’s _________ what’s yours?"
  • Connect with her: Some of the best romantic conversation starters cause a man and a woman to instantly feel comfortable in each other's presence. To help with this, encourage her to talk about things she is passionate about and show your passion about what you are interested in as well. Maintain good eye contact to build sexual tension.
  • Have fun: Some guys (especially shy guys) tend to disregard ‘having fun’ and ‘being silly’ as an important part of dating. Big mistake! Laughter is a lot like a cold - it's contagious! When a woman laughs, she feels great around you. A woman who is happy and feels great around you is more likely to have sex with you than a woman who finds you boring.

Romantic conversation starters aren’t limited to the first time you talk in person. Talking to a woman over the phone gives you the perfect opportunity to vary your vocal tonality a little to make your voice silkier and smoother.

Wherever you choose to start a conversation with a woman, just remember to keep the focus on romance. You can share your most erotic fantasy, but remember that romance is more than just sex to a woman.

Steer conversations towards her earliest memories in life, her dream vacations and what she likes men to do the most, to make her feel great and to keep her mind on having sex with you. Want more romantic conversation starters or additional help with your dating life with women? You’ve come to the right place!

My name is Dan Bacon and I am the founder of The Modern Man. We pride ourselves on being the one and only start-to-finish dating approach that is guaranteed to work for any guy to help you get any woman you want to fall in love with you, want to have sex with you and want to be your girlfriend...for life!

If you are tired of your current sex life and want to know how to find a beautiful woman to for a relationship, click below to access to my very best romantic conversation starters and modern dating advice.

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“I actually came to your site looking for sexual conversation starters about 2 months ago. Anyway, used your techniques for approaching and got a one night stand on my 3rd approach. Amazing how easy it is to get women thinking about sex, simply by saying the right things. Thanks a lot for your advice guys...”
Steven, QLD, Australia
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Ricky, Louisiana