What to Say to Get a Girlfriend

If you want to know what to say to get a girlfriend, you've come to the right site!

A lot of guys don't know what to say to get a girlfriend, so they say NOTHING at all and avoid talking to women they like. Yet, as you may have experienced, not saying anything to a woman you like means that she won't really know you exist! It also means that another guy will easily be able to step in front of you and take her.

So, what should you say to a woman to make her want to be your girlfriend? It's not so much about what you say, but more about how you make her FEEL by what you say. A woman wants to feel excited, turned on, nervous, happy and comfortable all at the same time when she talks to a man that she wants as her boyfriend. Most guys make women feel bored, awkward and turn them off within 30 seconds of conversation. [Learn how to talk to women here].

What if you already know the woman, but she only sees you as a friend? Now you might be thinking that she needs to change, you need to tell her how you feel, but you would be wrong. The truth is that it’s you who needs to change, by learning more about what to say to get a girlfriend.

If it’s a woman you’ve already met, or know quite well you actually have some advantages of getting her to suddenly see you as dating material. The most important is that you already know a lot about her. You know her likes and dislikes, activities she likes to do and you probably know the types of guys she likes. Now you only need to know how to take this information to get you from friend to lover.

  • Review your treatment of her: Are you treating her like a friend, being too nice to her...or are you treating her like a lover would? She may have become too comfortable with you as a friend, so you need to switch it and turn on her attraction for you. (I’ll explain how as we go along).
  • Act as though she is a woman who wants to have sex with you: You need to do less talking and more flirting, smiling and making her laugh. It’s not as much of ‘what to say to get a girlfriend’ as ‘what to do to get a girlfriend’. You need to move things forward to a more intimate level.
  • Do all the little things: Those same little tricks you do when dealing with any other girl you’ve dated will also work on women who don’t see you as dating potential yet. Opening a door, hugging her goodbye and then planting a kiss on her lips and looking into her eyes with a smile to let her know that you find her sexually attractive.
  • Spend time alone with her: Invite her out alone with you. The intimacy of being out alone will help her begin to see you as boyfriend material, away from the advice and teasing of her female friends.
  • Change your look: You’ll be surprised how something as simple as a new haircut or wardrobe can make a woman see you in a completely new light. By changing your look you also change the dynamics of your relationship. If your new look makes you more attractive to other women or mutual friends, she will begin to realize just how much of a good catch you would be.

Follow these tips and you’ll quickly say goodbye to your best female friend and hello to your girlfriend. Of course, these tips are only the start. If you want to learn more about what to say to get a girlfriend in various places that you meet women, then click below to begin.

I’ll teach you exactly what to say to get a girlfriend. These tips are not revealed anywhere else on the internet!

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Chris, NY