When Should You Have a First Kiss on a Date?

When should the first kiss happen? Discover how to avoid rejection when going in for a kiss on a date by using these proven techniques...

When should you have a first kiss on a date? For most guys, about 1-minute into the first date with a woman and they are already feeling stressed out over when the first kiss should happen. Do this instead:

  • Kiss her cheek when you meet: When you meet her for the date, give her a casual kiss on the cheek when you say hello. She will naturally lean into receive it and instantly see that you are a charming, confident guy. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek like that is also a great way to create sexual tension between the both of you. Sexual tension is absolutely essential if you want her to WANT the first kiss. Without sexual tension, 95% of women will reject the first kiss attempt.
  • Grab her hand and kiss it: When she does or says something really nice to you, pick up her hand and pretend to a really romantic guy by giving her an overly dramatic kiss on the hand like something you'd see in a romantic movie. If she responds well to this by smiling and laughing, then she is open to being kissed right then.
  • Test the waters: Knowing when to kiss on a first date allows you to avoid rejection. Another technique to use it to test the waters. If she says something mean during the date and then says, "Sorry!", simply smile and say, "Okay, come here - give me a kiss on the cheek and make it up to me..." If she laughs and kisses you on the cheek, then she is ready for the first kiss.
  • Start with general touching: You rarely kiss a woman that you have not already made some form of physical connection with before. Throughout the night, find a reason to touch her hand, arm or neck at least once. If she has been touching you randomly throughout the date, she is trying to signal her interest in kissing you.

    So when should you have a first kiss on a date? When should the first kiss happen to ensure you don't mess up the vibe or get rejected? Sometimes the best kiss for a woman is the kiss she has to wait for. If it’s your first date and she leans in to kiss you:
  • Hold 'that moment' for two seconds: Before leaning in to kiss her, look her in the eye for about two seconds, allowing the sexual tension to heat up even more. She will remember it forever and after the date, she will be on the phone to her friends talking about your amazing first kiss together.
  • Lean in again: After the initial kiss, pull back and stop for a few moments. Then, lean in and plant a soft kiss on her lips, but take it slow. This is still only the first kiss, you want it to be memorable and make her eager for more.

If you are the one who decides when and where you will kiss, you begin to hold the dating power in the relationship. This power allows you to call the shots and be in charge of how the relationship develops.

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