Why can't I get a girlfriend?

You're either lacking confidence or conversation skills, or you're not approaching and meeting enough women.

If you're sick and tired of being alone and are now wondering, "Why can't I get a girlfriend?" then you now have reason to SMILE. I really can help you get a girlfriend and on this page, I'm going to share videos, link off to important articles that you need to read and give you techniques that you can use right away.

However, before I get into all of that, I want to first tell you WHY you should learn from me instead of surfing around looking at the millions of "dating advice" sites online that just make up their tips as they type...

Why Learn From Me About How to Get a Girlfriend?

My name is Dan Bacon and many years ago, my girlfriend (who I got with by pure luck) cheated on me and then dumped me the next day. It sent me into a downward spiral where I lost a lot of confidence in myself and ended up thinking that women were too picky, untrustworthy and were unnecessarily mean to nice guys like me. Yet, I was wrong. The problem was that I lacked mental and emotional strength (i.e. I was insecure, nervous around other women, shy in some social situations) and I wasn't enough of a man for the women I met (i.e. I lacked purpose in life, I was a lower-ranking male in social situations and wasn't the sort of guy that a woman could look up to and respect).

Here's the story of where I went wrong, what I had to do to fix my issues and where it eventually got me with women.

I went through a bad break up and couldn't find myself a new girlfriend, so I fixed my issues and became the sort of guy that women desperately want to be with and never want to leave. I've now taught my techniques to 1,000s of guys from all over the world and many guys have come back to the site to post up success stories about how they've been able to get a girlfriend, have sex with lots of new women, improve their existing relationship or repair a broken relationship. If you read through the success stories, you will see that guys are shocked to learn what I teach and amazed at how quickly their life changes.

Why learn from me?

My name is Dan Bacon and I had sex with more than 250 women (some photos) before recently settling down into a relationship with my perfect girl. I have helped 1,000s of guys to experience the same type of success with women that I've enjoyed and I would be honored to help you too. Are you interested in learning my techniques for success with women?

Getting Yourself a Girlfriend Now, Not in 10 Years Time

The truth is, you can have a new girlfriend by next week if you really want to. However, if you want to achieve that, you have to be willing to work on improving your confidence, conversation skills and overall strength as a guy. I'm not talking about physical strength, I'm talking about mental and emotional strength. Watch the two videos below to see what I mean...

Watch Alpha Male Power

Watch Better Than a Bad Boy

As you will learn from watching the videos above, being successful with women is not about being tall, handsome, wearing the most expensive clothes or driving a sports car; it's about being a strong guy. The stronger you are (mentally and emotionally), the more that women naturally feel attracted to you. Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness. A guy can have big muscles and be tall, but if he is a wimp (mentally and emotionally) most women aren't going to be interested. Your physical strength and height are not the most important things to a woman; what is important is how strong your confidence is, how masculine you are in the way that you think, behave and take action and how comfortable you are around other people.

Don't believe what you see in TV or magazine advertisements; they will tell you that you need to handsome, have six pack abs, drive an expensive sports car, wear the latest fashions, wear an expensive cologne, have perfect skin...and THEN you might be able to get a woman interested. Believe what you see with your own eyes in real life: Beautiful women are with all sorts of guys. Think about the guys you have seen who have a great girlfriend; they usually aren't anything special. You don't have to be super amazing to get a girlfriend; you just have to be confident, be masculine (in the way you think, behave and take action) and have decent social skills. I will help you rapidly improve on all three of those areas when you stick around here at The Modern Man and learn.

What Steps Are You Going to Take to Get a Girlfriend?

If you were 100% confident, knew exactly what to say and went to many great places to meet women, would you actually approach and talk to the women? Or, would you go home alone and then sit around asking yourself, "Why can't I get a girlfriend?" If you want a girlfriend for real, you have to be prepared to go all the way. If you need to improve your confidence to approach women and learn more about what to say, watch the three videos below:

Excuses That Guys Make For Not Being Able to Get a Girlfriend

I've been helping guys to get a girlfriend (or have sex with lots of women before settling into a relationship) for many years now. Along the way, I have heard ALL the excuses, some of which include:

What are your excuses? If you use any of the excuses above, make sure you click through and read the articles I've written up about each topic. Most guys have all sorts of reasons why they think they CAN'T get a girlfriend, but if you want to stop being alone and missing out on all the sex, love and good times with women that other guys are having, you have to start focussing of the reasons why you CAN get a girlfriend. If you can't think of any reasons right now, I will give one to you: You have found my website. I will help you get a girlfriend. In fact, I guarantee that you if you learn from me, you WILL get a girlfriend within the next 30 days. Are willing to give it a try? Get started

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My name is Dan Bacon and I used to be hopeless with women. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get women to like me and I was single and lonely for many years.

When I discovered the secrets that I now teach here at The Modern Man, women began flooding into my life and I've had my choice with women ever since.

I've already helped 1,000s of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. View success stories. If you're sick and tired of not getting the results you want with women and want to try something that is guaranteed to work, then get started here.