Discover the secrets to being an alpha male…and why women will love you so much more when you become one…

If you want to get girls so worked up over you that they simply cannot resist you, then you need to learn what it means to be an alpha male. To put it simply, an alpha male is the dominant male.

Alpha males have a certain way of carrying themselves, speaking and dressing that naturally attracts women from the moment they see them.

Even the most beautiful women and the most successful career wise cannot resist the alpha male.

The alpha male inspires other men around him and sometimes faces envy for his amazing ability to connect with women.

All men have the potential to be an alpha male and the process is probably a lot easier than you think.

Try these steps to begin with:

1. Show confidence and take charge: This is the number one trait all alpha males share.

I know you have been in that hopeless situation before, wanting to approach a beautiful woman but being worried about getting rejected.

An alpha male has no need to worry about rejection.

In fact, his confidence is like a beacon, finding and drawing women to him, so he often doesn’t have to do much of the work anyway.

2. Be comfortable with your own style: Step in front of your mirror and take a long, honest look at your appearance.

There are probably are a few things about your style that can be updated and help you feel more comfortable when interacting with women.

Clothes help you make a positive first impression, but you do not have to spend big money or spend days shopping in order to update your look.

The most important thing you need to be aware of is: Dress like a man, not a boy, or a conservative geek.

Once you decide on the style you are going to present to women and the world, be comfortable with it.

Own it, believe in it and feel confident with it.

Use nonverbal cues to create sexual attraction: Body language and eye contact influence sexual attraction more than almost anything else.

An alpha male will made confident, relaxed eye contact with a woman while also mixing in a sexual vibe.

Get her laughing: While trying to date, you have probably tried pick up lines at one point in time and you might have faced embarrassment when the girl turned you down in public.

Maybe the rejection you experienced has made you too fearful to put yourself out there again.

The trick to a conversation starter is balancing humor with sexual innuendo, but not being sleazy.

An alpha male isn’t afraid to inject a bit of a sexual vibe, but the best alpha males know how to do it without being sleazy.

Draw a crowd: The alpha male knows how to command a room as soon as he enters it.

He can be the life of the party and everybody revolves around him.

You too can be an alpha male and instantly get the attention of single women and know when they want you to kiss them or take the relationship further.

Never again will you be the lonely guy in the corner, or the guy that all your friends pity.

If you want the quick and easy path to transform yourself into an alpha male that women cannot resist, then you have reached the right place.

My name is Dan Bacon and welcome to The Modern Man.

I have taught 1,000s of men the secrets of becoming confident, dominant men who succeed at dating.

Including things like: How to get a woman’s attention and number and how to have the power from the first hello all the way throughout the relationship.

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