Discover how the alpha male behavior of the caveman can help you succeed with women in the modern world…

Alpha male behavior is sometimes associated with ‘caveman’ tendencies.

You see a beautiful woman, throw her over your shoulder and take her back to your cave and never let her go. It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me.

However, in the real world you simply can’t throw a random woman over your shoulder and take off with her.

The cops would get involved quite quickly! Despite that, modern men can learn a lot from caveman behavior and use it to become successful with women today.

Though the scenario decried above would obviously not get you the results you want, there is one part of it that is true.

Women do want to be with man who they see as macho and assertive; men with confidence who are able to take command of any situation.

If you need to improve your alpha male behavior, go stand in front of a mirror and try out these tips to change your posture, body language, facial expressions and style.

  • Take a good look at yourself: Think about image that you present to the world. How confident do you look? Do you behave like an alpha male when around other guys, or do you shy away from being the man? This quick analysis helps you see yourself the way women do. Did you notice anything about yourself that needs improvement?
  • Stand up straight and proud: If you tend to try to hide yourself away in social situations so you don’t get noticed too much, decide to stand up straighter, but don’t overdo it. A key alpha male behavior is to display relaxed confidence. Let your alpha male behavior show up as confidence in your body language by walking with a strong, relaxed stride.
  • Make confident, relaxed eye contact: Not being afraid to make confident, relaxed eye contact with anyone is another important alpha male behavior.

Those are some alpha male behaviors that you can work on at home.

Now it’s time to take your alpha male behavior into the dating world.

The next time you’re out in public, remember these alpha male behaviors and use them to approach and meet the women you really want to be with:

  • Don’t hesitate: There are a lot of things that you should understandably fear in life: Snakebites, rabid dogs and floods…but not dating. A rejection is not the end of the world. If you approach a woman confidently and are not rude or annoying to her, she will usually show you the same respect (about 90% of the time). The men who get rejected the most are the ones who expect it to happen.
  • Have purpose: The cavemen would not kill a boar to just look at the meat. Likewise, you shouldn’t approach a woman if you have no idea what to do next. Simply ask for her phone number, or ask if she wants join you for a drink/coffee. Whatever you do, just don’t stand there frozen with nothing to say. Move it forward.
  • Stop rambling: The grunts of cavemen don’t work anymore, but there’s a lesson to learn from their minimal conversation style. Alpha males tend get to after what they want, without babbling on and on. Nervous guys tend to stumble and ramble all over themselves when talking to beautiful women. Get the point and ask her out.

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