Alpha male traits and characteristics that make women want you. Use my alpha male techniques to get the girl, every time.

Having more alpha male traits is a fast way to gain more confidence and get women to start seeing your true potential.

On the other hand, being passive and fading into the background ensures that most women will never take you seriously.

With the right alpha male traits and characteristics, you will easily:

  • Get multiple phone numbers in a single night.
  • Have sex with almost any woman you meet. (Really, that’s how it works for alpha males who know what they’re doing when it comes to women).
  • Avoid being placed in the ‘friend zone’ with women.

One of the interesting things about being an alpha male is that, if you act as if you’re supposed to be in charge – everyone else will just follow.

We are always seeking out leaders in social situations…and you can now be one of them.

If you’re ready to improve your alpha male traits and get what you want from women, then start with these 5 alpha male tips.

1. Get women trying to impress you: A quick way to improve your alpha male traits is to realize that you don’t need to change who you are to attract women.

No matter what an alpha male looks like, he expects other people (including beautiful women) to try and impress him.

One way to do that is to be what women refer to as a “challenge.” Watch this video to understand how it works…

Use your body language to display confidence: Before an alpha male even opens his mouth, everyone in the room recognizes that he is the leader (or at least one of the leaders).

Body language is useful for more than just flirting and sparking attraction with women; it also says a lot about your personality.

Think about the last time you saw a guy who was shy.

You could probably tell he was shy before he opened his mouth, simply by observing his body language.

Change your thought patterns: No matter what anyone else tells you, your dating success with women is mostly decided by how you think.

If you think you deserve to date supermodels and beauty pageant winners – you do! It’s just that simple.

Stop hesitating: Stop waiting for the girl to give you an obvious “YES! I like you!”

Make her look your way and pay attention to you.

Then, make a move and she will follow.

It’s the alpha male way.

Excite her interest: A great alpha male trait is the ability to excite women during conversation.

Alpha males keep a woman intrigued by being secure enough to discuss whatever interests them, while also including sexual flirting via their body language and words.

An alpha male is someone who is in control of himself and his emotional state.

Improving your alpha male traits is not about learning how to beat up other guys or be the coolest guy.

It’s about gaining control over yourself.

When people see that you’re in control of yourself, your emotions and your actions – they will naturally look to you as the leader…and of course women will naturally look at you as someone they want to have a sexual relationships with,

Other guys spend their whole lives trying to work out how to have more alpha male traits and characteristics…but, they never get the right guidance and end up failing at it.

Luckily for you, you have entered the realm of The Modern Man.

You can learn 100s of proven techniques right here at this site that will instantly turn you into an alpha male.

Start now and you’ll soon be enjoying sex, love and relationships with women…as well as being respected and admired by men.

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