You can’t cure approach anxiety in one minute or one hour. It takes days to weeks of conscious effort.

To truly overcome approach anxiety, you have to take it one step at a time rather than expecting to leap all the way from a world of anxiety to a world of unstoppable confidence.

Don’t Let Approach Anxiety Waste Any More of Your Life

Approach anxiety is the main thing standing in between you and love, sex and relationships with women. Unless you overcome your approach anxiety, you can expect to be single and lonely for more months (even years) to come.

Watch the video below to take the initial steps required to begin eliminating your approach anxiety and replacing it with confidence.

I remember when I first started learning about approaching women, even the THOUGHT of approaching a woman would make me tense and anxious. I would feel sick to the stomach and doubt that I could approach without feeling nervous, getting rejected or losing more confidence in myself.

My friends and I would often stand in bars for hours, trying to overcome our approach anxiety and start talking to women.

Drink after drink, hour after hour – nothing would happen. We were all simply too scared to make a move. Personally, I was unsure what to say to a woman and how to get her interested in me right away.

After I found some conversation starters online, I thought, “Well, sure you can use a great conversation starter to kick things off, but then what? What do you say next…and what if she rejects you in front of everyone? What will your friends say about you? How will you feel afterwards?”

I hated all the anxiety that I used to feel about approaching. It was like I was an outsider, while everyone else was having fun.

I saw women on the train on my way to work, when out with friends in a bar, at sporting events and in all sorts of public situations. I really wanted to approach and meet even ONE of those women, but every time I came close to doing something my approach anxiety would kick back in with full force.

Eventually, I realized that my approach anxiety was not only preventing me from meeting a potential girlfriend, but it was having a negative impact on my social life. For example: If I was at a party, I’d usually stick close to my friends because I didn’t want to get rejected by ANYONE.

I felt as though everyone was watching my every move and if I made a mistake, people would laugh and snigger behind my back. What I eventually realized is that no-one actually cares about you, me or the next guy. People don’t really give much thought to you and what you’re doing, because the majority of their thought is spent worrying about themselves.

The truth is that when you walk over and approach a woman and people DO notice and think about what you’re doing, MOST of them assume that you already know her, or that she is your girlfriend.

Other guys usually just look at you in awe, thinking, “Wow, he’s confident…I wish I could be like him…” Now, I understand that even though the insight I’ve just provided to you in this article is eye-opening, it won’t completely cure your approach anxiety. What will then?

Is it enough just to start approaching women lots of women until you get over your approach anxiety? Will that be the thing that will finally unleash you and allow you to be your true, confident self once and for all? No.

Approaching women is only one piece of the puzzle when overcoming approach anxiety. You also need to learn how to:

  • Have unstoppable confidence that never fades away, no matter what situation you ar in.
  • Start and continue conversations with women that are fun & interesting.
  • Spark a strong attraction and get women interested in you right away.
  • Move things to phone number, kissing, dates, sex and into a loving relationship.

Without knowing how to do those things, you will NEVER get great results with women. Most of your approaches won’t go well, which will make your approach anxiety even worse. Personally, about 3 years ago I developed a set of techniques that completely cured my approach anxiety within 2 months…and it has STAYED cured ever since.

Now, when I see a woman that I am attracted to, I NEVER feel approach anxiety. The feeling I get when approaching women these days, is like how you’d feel when toasting bread in a toaster.

It’s simple, easy and stress-free because you know how to do it and you know what the outcome is going to be: Toasted bread…or in this case, a girlfriend!

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