Use the right techniques when approaching women and you will get results every time because women will be interested, attracted and happy that you approached.

Approach women in the wrong way and they’ll just as happily reject you or ask you to go away.

It’s easy to become fearful about the idea of approaching women, because unless you’ve had good experiences with it, you’re likely basing your ideas on a few bad experiences or scenes from fictional TV sitcoms and movies.

For guys who are good at approaching women, it’s actually one of the most exciting things to do and it actually makes you feel good.

How about you?

When it comes to approaching women, do you feel fear and avoid doing it or do you feel good and go right over and say hello?

Fear is something that can put any man out of action when it comes to approaching women, dating, relationships and sex.


Fear is a negative energy and most men let it stop them from approaching women or making a move.

However, you can learn to eliminate your fear and replace it with the positive, self-assured confidence that makes women feel naturally attracted to you.

Think about the last time you let fear ruin your dating life.

You may have spotted a beautiful woman, and instead of immediately approaching her, you allowed your mind to go through all the things that could go wrong:

  • What if she says no?
  • What if she is not attracted to me?
  • What if she laughs at me and thinks I’m a joke, or desperate?
  • What if her boyfriend is nearby?
  • What if I can’t think of anything to say to keep the conversation going?

When you allow these negatives to influence your motivation for approaching women, you simply don’t get to meet, date and have sex with the beautiful women you see.

What if you allowed yourself to visualize all the things that could go right instead?

  • She gives you her phone number before you ask for it.
  • You have a great conversation without any awkward pauses.
  • She finds you charming and enjoys being around you.
  • She finds you irresistible and does not want the night to end.
  • She wants to have sex with you tonight.

You can blast through your fear and turn it into a positive force that gives you the confidence for approaching women.

Instead of allowing yourself to imagine how embarrassing or humiliating it will be to get turned down when approaching women, imagine what will happen if you keep waiting on the sidelines:

  • You will never have the courage to approach beautiful women and may end up with an ugly, fat woman that you don’t like.
  • You will the odd man out, watching as your friends date and marry beautiful women.
  • You will forever be stuck in the role of being a woman’s buddy or friend.
  • You will be lonely and dateless.

Do not allow yourself to live the rest of your life in fear, because you will regret it.

Use these tips for approaching women the next time you are out in public (it works at the library, mall, club and anywhere you meet women):

  1. Find a woman you are attracted to: Make confident, relaxed eye contact and smile.
  2. Hold the eye contact: Just a few seconds. That’s all it takes to get her interested in knowing more about you.
  3. Walk over to her: Be confident in how you walk and allow your body language to show your assertiveness and masculinity.
  4. Start a conversation: One of my favorite conversation starters is, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and say hi…I’m Dan, what’s your name?” in a confident, relaxed way with a slight smile.

    It never fails, because it’s not like I’m trying to ‘pick up’, I’m just being social.

Most women are polite by nature, if you approach them without coming on too strong, they will usually respond positively.

Now that you know how to get her attention, you might need more of my help to keep her attention.

My name is Dan Bacon and this is The Modern Man: Your start-to-finish approach to dating success in the modern world…

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