Why is it that women are so attracted to alpha males? Why don’t they feel just as much attraction for guys who shy away from being the alpha male amongst other guys? I mean, is there really much difference between an alpha male and an average guy?


There isn’t much difference, there is a MASSIVE difference.

Alpha males live COMPLETELY different lives than average guys who don’t think they could ever be an alpha male. Luckily for us men, being an alpha male has nothing to do with the size of our muscles, how tall we are or how many other guys we can beat up in a fight. Being an alpha male comes down to your ACTIONS, BEHAVIOR and THINKING.

For example: A woman will see you as an alpha male when:

  • You are not afraid to take ACTION when you really want to do something.
  • Your BEHAVIOR is confident, relaxed and it demonstrates that you know you’re the man.
  • Your THINKING is clear and masculine, because you don’t let yourself get ‘out of control’ emotionally.

Recently, Ben, Stu and I interviewed a guy that we call ‘Mr. Alpha Male’. His real name is Ash. Out of all the Naturals (guys who are naturally good with women) that we know, all of them (not some) are alpha males.

However, by far, the most powerful alpha male we know is Ash. He is also the most balanced. He’s not aggressive towards people, but he is ‘tough’. He is extremely confident, but he is not arrogant or unfriendly. He goes after what he wants, but respects people along the way.

He takes women on a wild ride all the way from hello to the bedroom. They feel excited by his alpha male behavior, but they also get totally SWEPT OF THEIR FEET by the fact that he is also a nice, good guy who makes them feel special as well.

To learn alpha male secrets from the most powerful alpha male we know, check out his interview here.


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