This texting secret ensures that a woman wants to go on a date with you, have sex with you, or have a relationship with you.

How not to ask someone on a date over text

When a guy isn’t aware of this particular secret, he will often get friend-zoned by a woman via text, get rejected when he asks for a date, or he’ll get ignored.

She’ll suddenly just stop texting him.

Additionally, when a guy isn’t aware of this texting secret, he’ll often attempt to use one of the following 8 things that don’t attract the majority of women via text.

It only works with a very small percentage of women. So, in most cases, the guy just gets rejected, friend-zoned, or ignored when he tries one of the following.

1. He puts in a lot of effort trying to get to know her via text first.

Mistakes to avoid when attempting to get a date through text

This often results in an increasingly boring conversation that just fizzles out.

He could have gotten her out on a date very easily, but he was doing it the hard way because he didn’t know the secret.

2. He leaves her on ‘read’ to hopefully increase her interest.

Leaving a woman on read often backfires

Yet, she happens to be going through a phase in her life where she’s tired of meeting guys who aren’t interested enough to pursue her and arrange a date.

For example: After meeting a woman at a bar, he doesn’t text her right away.

He waits a few days and texts

  • Guy: Hey Emma, great to meet you the other night. How’ve you been?
  • Girl: Oh hi Peter. Good thanks.
  • Guy: So did you guys get home alright?.
  • Girl: Yes.
  • Guy: Oh good. My friends and I ended up going to Transit rooftop bar. Love the vibe there.

She then doesn’t reply because he’s not using the secret, so he waits 15 minutes and then texts again.

  • Guy: I remember you mentioning that you worked in a beauty salon. How’s work been for you so far this week?
  • Girl: Not bad. Same as usual really.

Now, the guy thinks, “Well, she’s not really replying and giving me much here. She’s not showing a lot of interest, so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to leave her on read. I’m not going to answer and he leaves her on read for over a week.”

He then contacts her on a Wednesday night to invite her to meet him out at the bar that they originally met out on a Friday night.

So, he texts…

  • Guy: Hey Emma, I’ll be going to Clover Club on Friday night. You going out?

She doesn’t reply.

Now, he could have actually had sex or a relationship with her.

She gave him her number and she was interested, or she might have even been his future wife.

It could have been an amazing experience for both of them.

They could have been a great couple, but based on the way that he was texting, she lost interest and then he tried to use a technique (i.e. leaving her on read) to hopefully make her feel more interested and it backfired.

Now, there are many attractive ways that you can text a woman after getting her number in person, but one of the many ways is to use some humor based on what you and her were talking about during the interaction.

So, say for example the woman named Emma was a gymnast and when she first told him about that in person, he stopped for a moment, looked her up and down and noticed that she was wearing high heels.

So, he said, “Can you do backflips in high heels?”

Now, of course, no woman is going to do backflips in high heels because she’s either going to break her heels (heels of her shoe) or break her ankle doing it, but as a gymnast, she can do backflips, no problem.

So, he and her would’ve then had a laugh about that and some playful banter would’ve been going back and forth.

Then, when he gets her number and texts her for the first time, he can text her something like this.

  • Option 1: Hey Emma, I want to see you do a backflip on our first date. So, don’t wear heels, okay?
  • Option 2: Hey Little Miss Backflips. It’s Dan.
  • Option 3: Hey Emma, it’s Dan. Still waiting to see you do a backflip…I want a 10/10 performance on it.

The reason I say 10/10 performance is that gymnasts are rated out of 10 for their performance, so that’s going to be familiar to her.

  • Option 4: Hey Emma, it’s Dan. I can’t do backflips, but I can take you out for a coffee sometime this week. Will be in touch. Have a good night.

So, do you know the secret yet?

If not, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you later in the video and you’ll fully understand it.

For now, let’s go on to the next example.

3. He tries to get along with her.

For example: Agreeing with what she says, attempting to find things to have in common, being polite and supportive and as a result, he ends up coming across like a friend or a guy who possibly isn’t even interested in her sexually.

So, she then loses interest.

Here’s an example of texting like that on a dating app. The guy texts…

  • Guy: Hi Emma. I’m glad we matched. I see that you do gymnastics. Very impressive. Have you been doing it long? πŸ˜€

He adds in a very eager-looking smiley face.

There’s nothing wrong with adding in smiley faces, but that one’s a more of an eager-looking one after already giving her a compliment in the first message.

  • Girl: Yeah have been a gymnast since 6 years old, so 16 years now πŸ˜…
  • Guy: Cool. You must be quite good at it then. Do you compete, or?
  • Girl: A bit.
  • Guy: Okay cool. Yeah, I competed in wrestling back when I was in high school. Yet, at 25 years old now, I just don’t have the time for it. How do you find the time for it?
  • Girl: I just go after work on some days.
  • Guy: Oh, I see. Good on you. I probably should get back into wrestling myself.

As you may be able to see from the example above, the guy is just trying to get along with her.

That is NOT the secret of how to get dates over text.

Now, here’s a guy using the secret.

I’ll start off in exactly the same way, but without the eager smiley face there at the end.

  • Guy: Hi Emma. I’m glad we matched. I see that you do gymnastics. Very impressive. Have you been doing it long? Girl: Yeah have been a gymnast since 6 years old, so 16 years now πŸ˜…
  • Guy: Well, I won’t challenge you to a backflip competition then πŸ˜„
  • Girl: Can you do backflips?
  • Guy: Only in my mind πŸ˜…
  • Girl: πŸ˜‚
  • Guy: I do want to see you doing a backflip though. So, don’t wear heels to our first date, okay?
  • Girl: Sure…I’ll wear flats then, haha.

Now, keep in mind, this is on a dating app.

She has just matched with him and the reason why she has matched with him is that she has looked at his photos and said, “Yep, I like this guy. I’d date him” and she is ready and willing to date.

So, in almost all cases, you don’t need to have a long conversation with her.

This particular conversation could be a little bit longer, but in many cases, you don’t really need to say much before arranging a date because she’s matched with you and she doesn’t want to be texting for a long time before the guy eventually asks her out.

She wants to get something happening.

4. He sometimes tries too hard to make a woman laugh via text, which can then result in her losing interest.

Using too much humor via text can result in a woman losing interest and saying no to a date request

Using humor via text is great, but if a guy tries too hard to make joke after joke after joke, the woman can end up sensing that something isn’t right.

She knows that he could have gotten her out on a date after 10 or so texts with a bit of humor added in, but he just kept texting her.

Then, 50 or 100 texts later, he’s still trying to crack jokes and make her laugh.

So, she then begins to wonder, “Why isn’t he asking me out? Why is he continually trying to make jokes? Is he afraid of asking me out? Does he feel like he needs to impress me a lot more with humor before I will say yes to a meetup request from him? What’s really going on?”

5. He tries to explain his feelings, what he’s looking for and what kind of guy he is.

He does that to hopefully let her see that he is a good guy who likes her and isn’t going to mess her around.

Yet, although a woman does want a good guy who likes her and isn’t going to mess her around, it isn’t what’s going to make her feel the desire to go on a date with him, have sex with him and start a relationship with him.

6. He tries using random lines he finds online.

He does that to hopefully make a woman reply and be interested in him.

Yet, occasionally he sends a line that doesn’t really match the woman he’s texting.

He’s just sending anything he can find and hoping that it works because he doesn’t know the secret.

For example: He texts, “Staying out of trouble today?” Which is a common line that you can find if you search out there online.

He’s heard that it’s a thing women like and in some cases, it does really work and gets a good reply.

Yet, he sends it to a woman he doesn’t know or a woman he has just matched with, so it doesn’t make sense to her.

Alternatively, he sends it to a woman he recently got the number of and she isn’t sure what he means by it.

7. He asks her out on a date in the first text.

Now, that can work in some cases, but in almost all cases you need to quickly do something else first, which I’ll reveal in a minute.

8. He tries ignoring a woman for a while and eventually reaching out again.

That can work in some cases, especially if she has a very high level of interest in him, but in most cases, a woman will just move on and date another guy instead.

Women assume that if a guy is ignoring them, then it’s going to essentially mean that he’s either not interested, dating another woman, or trying to trick her into reaching out to him.

That’s simple commonsense for women, which is why you just need to use the secret.

So, what’s the secret?

The secret is very simple.


When you text a woman, you need to make her feel attraction.

So, think about the example I gave you earlier where the woman said she’d been doing gymnastics for 16 years and I then said, “Well, I won’t challenge you to a backflip competition then πŸ˜„”

That is going to make her feel attracted because not only is the guy cracking a joke there (women like guys who can make them laugh, it makes women feel attracted), but he’s also being charming.

Being charming is where you be attractive to a woman and you also treat her well.

It’s not just about being nice to women.

Many guys confuse being charming with being nice.

It’s not.

You’ve got to make the woman feel attracted and treat her well at the samr time.

That’s what is seen as charming.

So, that’s a charming type of response to her there and it also shows a bit of social intelligence because the guy is able to come up with a joke like that in the moment and talk to her as though they’re cool with each other.

They aren’t strangers who have to have a formal conversation via text for 30 minutes or an hour before they can finally start to let down their guard and open up a bit.

She then asks, “Can you do backflips?” and I said, “Only in my mind πŸ˜…”

So, once again, that’s using a bit of humor there and she’s going to find that funny and therefore it’s going to be attractive to her.

Now, the next reply, I said, “I do want to see you doing a backflip though. So, don’t wear heels to our first date, okay?”

That is going to make her feel attracted because I’m being confident and being masculine by leading the way.

I’m also being a bit assertive, but I’m not doing it in an aggressive way or a bossy type of way.

I’m doing it in a loving way.

Being lovingly assertive is attractive to women.

It’s what works.

They see you as a charming, masculine guy when you’re able to do that.

She then responds with, “Sure…I’ll wear flats then, haha.”

Remember that the guy matched with her on a dating app.

She is interested in catching up with him.

She is hoping that he’ll ask her out on a date and he’s being attractive while texting her and then he’s moving towards a date.

That is what results in the majority of women saying yes when you actually ask to meet up.

So many guys lose their opportunities with women who did like them and were open to going on a date, having sex, or having a relationship because the guy didn’t know how to make her feel attracted via text.

She was interested when she gave out her number or when she matched with him on a dating app, but his approach to texting didn’t make her feel that spark.

He was so close to getting what he wanted with women, but he just fell short when it came to texting.

Now, if that has ever happened to you and you’ve lost opportunities with women you really liked and were hoping to date, have sex, or a relationship with and you want to make sure that you don’t lose further opportunities, or you want to know how to text her now to get her to go on a date with you regardless of how long it’s been, then I recommend that you watch my program, Text Attraction.

Text Attraction is the ultimate guide on how to attract women via text for dates, sex and relationships.

It includes hundreds of attractive examples of what to first text a woman when you get her number in person or match with her on a dating app.

It also gives you an in-depth understanding and examples you can instantly use to make women feel attracted to your confidence, charm, social intelligence, emotional independence, masculinity and humor via text.

When you text a woman using the Text Attraction method, she is going to feel attracted to you and she’s going to meet up with you for a date and you then have an opportunity to have sex or a relationship with her.

You’ll even be able to get her out on a date if she’s a busy, or difficult type of woman who doesn’t give a lot via text, who is a little bit challenging or difficult or hard to get via text.

You’ll be able to make her feel attracted and get her to meet up with you.

Text Attraction also comes with a bonus called 1200 Text Examples and that is a collection of all the text examples from the program, with a table of contents so you can quickly find any text you need anytime when you’re texting live with a woman.

One Final Point

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that when a woman is single, she wants to go on a date, have sex, get a relationship and enjoy that part of her life.

So, you’re not taking anything away from a woman by following through, making her feel attracted and getting her out on a date with you.

You are giving her the experience that she wants.

She wants to feel attracted, she wants to fall in love, she wants to have sex, she wants to have a relationship and so on.

So, don’t ever think that you’re doing the wrong thing or you’re being needy or you’re being too pushy by texting a woman, making her feel attracted and getting her to meet up with you.

That is what she wants you to do.

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