Okay, so, you’ve got a girl’s number and you’re getting ready to text her for the first time.

What should you text? Here are 4 examples:

  1. Right after getting her number: Hi Amy, it’s Dan here. Talk to you soon.
  2. Right after getting her number (humor): “Here’s a text so you have my number too. Try not to call me too much because my wife might get suspicious. Dan” She will then send you an LOL if she knows that you’re joking or ask, “Huh, are you married?” and you can then reply, “No, just kidding 😛 I’ll give you a call soon. Great to meet you ;)”
  3. The morning after: Hey Amy, it’s Dan here – the handsome guy from the party last night. It was great to meet you. I’ll give you a call sometime soon.
  4. Two days after you met her: Hey, Dan here. Great meeting you the other night. I’ll give you a call sometime soon.

As you can see, you’re keeping your text message short and sweet, or you’re adding in a bit of humor to make her feel more attracted after giving you her number.

What to text a girl to start a conversation

You’re simply letting her know that you’re interested in her and you’re making sure that now she has your phone number too.

What often happens to women is that many guys will ask for her phone number, but will never actually get to the point of contacting her.

Why? Most guys will chicken out and think that the woman isn’t interested enough, so they will just go out approaching and meeting women again and hope to meet a girl who makes it super obvious that she is interested.

Yet, most women don’t like to make it too obvious that they are keen because they want to attract a confident guy, rather than making it really easy for an insecure, self-doubting guy to get a chance.

This is why it’s a good idea to text a girl when you get her number, rather than trying to act cool by not texting her for a few days.

First text message to a girl examples

When you text her, you are simply reminding her of the connection you had, and if you managed to make her feel attracted to you when you first met her, she will be excited to see that you are interested in her and are not messing her around like other guys do.

Texting her briefly works because you’re:

  • You’re creating anticipation in her, by making her wonder when you are going to call her.
  • You’re giving her a quick reminder of why she liked you enough to give you her number (e.g. by being confident, charming).
  • You’re making sure that she now also has your contact number.

However, even though texting is fine when making contact with a girl for the first time (e.g. if she’s a bit shy), the fastest way to get her out on a date is to get her on a phone call as quickly as possible.

When you call her up, she will then be able to laugh, smile and feel good as she listens to how confident, charming and interesting you are as you talk to her.

However, if you just hide behind text, it can often lead to the girl getting bored and losing interest because she isn’t getting to experience the real you.

Remember: She’s not looking to have sex or a relationship with your texts.

She wants to hear your voice and see you in person, not just read and reply to text messages for the rest of her life.

Text Message Examples: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

The main reason why getting a girl on a phone call as quickly as possible is so important, is because a lot of guys can mess things up with her via a text message and blow their chances before they’ve even gotten her out on a date.

Here are some examples of where guys mess up:

1. Being too formal about his interest in her.

This will happen when a guy feels really lucky to have gotten a girl’s phone number.

He will then text her and say things like, “Hi Susan. Thank you for giving me your phone number. It was really nice to meet you last night. I’m looking forward to going on a date with you and hopefully developing a friendship that leads to a relationship.”

Why is this an example of what not to text a girl you like?

He’s coming across as a lying, fake nice guy who is pretending as though he’s not even interested in sex.

He just wants to start with a friendship and then hopefully get into a relationship with her.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that outdated, early 1900s approach to women is a huge turn off these days.

Watch this video for more info…

Guys who hear women saying, “I just want a nice guy” often misunderstand what women are really saying and then try to act like the nicest guy in the world.

When a woman says, “I just want a nice guy,” what she really means is that, “I want a guy to make me feel attracted to him by being confident, charismatic, charming and masculine in his behavior, but I also want him to be nice.”

Women can’t find guys like that because they are usually taken, so they often have to settle for confident guy who don’t treat them very well.

That is why they complain and say that they can’t find a nice guy. However, 95% of guys confuse the, “I just want to be a nice guy” statement to mean that a woman is saying, “I want a nice guy who courts me for months, doesn’t expect or want sex, just wants to be my friend, takes me to expensive restaurants and essentially sucks up to me.”

That is not what she wants.

She wants a good guy who also has some balls, not a scared nice guy who acts like the woman would be doing him a favor by going out with him.

Of course, there are some unattractive or desperate girls who have nothing else going on for them in their lives and will find this type of message exciting, but the majority of attractive girls will find it creepy and off-putting.

The key to success when texting a girl you’ve just met is to let her know that you’re interested in her, without coming across as though you feel super lucky that she’s given you her phone number.

2. Texting like a girl.

These days, a lot of guys make the mistake of texting in a cutsie, girly style when chatting with girls because they hope it will help them “get along” with girls better.

It’s a mistake because girls are naturally attracted to our masculinity, not fake femininity.

Essentially, if you act like a girl, you are as attractive to her as a masculine woman would be to you.

Do you feel attracted to masculine, manly women who want to be men (e.g. butch lesbians), or do you prefer feminine, girly women?

No doubt you prefer girls who embrace their femininity, rather than women who want to be men.

Likewise, girls like guys who embrace their masculinity, rather than acting like they want to be a girl too.

Here are some examples of a girly texting style:

  • hi how r u? im brd
  • was gr8 2 meet u.
  • I lyke u.
  • wat u doin?
  • OMG…no he didn’t!
  • Do u lyke me?
  • OMG…I’m soooo bored. Wat u doin?

It’s not the end of the world if a guy texts like that, but it definitely doesn’t help his chances with a girl because it simply doesn’t make her feel attracted.

Girls feel attracted to masculinity, not fake femininity from guys.

Just because girls text that way, it doesn’t mean that you should too.

If you want to be attractive to girls, then get into the habit of behaving like a masculine guy at all times; even when you are texting.

Leave the excessive abbreviations (e.g. g8t, wat) and smiley faces to the girls and focus on making her feel attracted to your masculine vibe instead.

3. Overwhelming her with attention.

It’s perfectly fine to text a girl once in a while to say hi and see how she’s doing, however, some guys go overboard and start to overwhelm the girl with constant texts.

For example: A guy might text a girl in the morning to say hi.

An hour later, he might text to let her know that he’s thinking of her, and then a few hours later he will text her to tell her that he saw something that reminds him of her.

The constant attention continues on throughout the day, night, week and month.

Yes, some girls might think he’s being sweet, but the majority of girl will begin to feel annoyed and turned off. Why?

Although girls like to get attention from a guy they like, hearing from him all the time will begin to lose it’s charm.

She will take his constant attention as a sign that he is desperate and that he’s got nothing else going on in his life other than annoying her all the time.

Always remember: A girl likes to know that the guy who is interested in her is a catch. That principle applies to pick up and to relationships.

A girl wants to know her guy is the kind of guy that other women would die to have as a boyfriend, but she is the lucky one who has caught him for herself.

She’s not going to think that if the guy is always making himself available to her, texting her like crazy and telling her that he’s thinking about her 24/7.

4. Acting needy if she doesn’t respond right away.

Needy guy texting

Oftentimes, the same guy who overwhelms a girl with texts will also expect her to respond immediately after she gets a message.

If she doesn’t reply right away, he will text her again, this time demanding why she’s not responding.

For example:

  • “I just sent you a message and I didn’t hear from you, are you okay?”
  • “Why won’t you answer me these days? Don’t you like me anymore?”
  • “I really miss hearing from you. What’s happening?”
  • “Did I do something wrong?”
  • “Sorry I said something wrong. I really like you. Please tell me what is happening!”

What he doesn’t realize is that one of the biggest turn-offs for women is a guy who is insecure.

Women are attracted to the emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, high self-esteem) and are repelled by emotional weakness (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt).

So, whatever you do, avoid coming across as insecure when you text a girl you like.

If You Want Her to Be Your Girlfriend, Just Pick Up the Phone Call Her

Get her on a phone call

You can look online all this week examples of what to text this girl you’ve met, but the truth is that if you’re only texting her, you’re not getting any closer to getting her on a date, kissing, having sex and starting a relationship with her.

As a friend of mine always says, “You ain’t got nothing until you’re humping.”

In other words, this girl isn’t your girlfriend and you won’t have a real relationship with her until you have sex with her.

These days, sex starts a relationship, so don’t waste time avoiding it. Get down to business with her now, before it’s too late.

If you just text with her over the next couple of weeks, another guy can come along, kiss her, have sex with her and begin a relationship and she might then forget about you and get serious with him.

That is why it’s so important to pick up the phone and call her.

On a phone call, it’s easier to make her feel like she did when you met for the first time (e.g. attracted, excited to be talking to you, having a good laugh, emotionally connected).

Remember: A girl cannot hear your voice over a text message, sense what your body language looks like or see your smile.

It’s just words on a screen to her and if you only give her words, they will quickly lose their charm.

Think about it: Have you ever heard a girl say, “He’s got such a sexy texting style”?

No, of course not.

Yet, you’ve most-likely heard a girl say that a guy has a sexy voice or that she gets turned on just by talking to him.

How can you turn a girl on when you talk to her?

You’ve got to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract girls (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, humor).

Watch this video for more info…

So, if you like this girl that you just met, make sure that you don’t waste too much time texting her.

If you text for too long, she may begin to thinking, “What’s wrong with this guy? Why won’t her call me?” and will assume that you’re probably too nervous and insecure to get her on the phone.

Alternatively, she might get bored and accept a date with another guy who isn’t wasting too much time texting back and forth and is confident enough to call her.

So, get her on a phone call, have a laugh together and then arrange to see her in person. That way, you can get to kissing and sex and a real relationship can begin.

Keep texting to a minimum and having sex to a maximum. More sex, less text.

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