Sometimes a guy will be texting a girl and she’ll be texting back, but he won’t really know for sure if she likes him.

She could just be texting back.

If he then asks her out, she might reject him.

So, how do you know for sure that a girl likes you over text and wants something sexual and romantic to happen between you and her?

Here are the top 10 signs to look out for.

The first one is very obvious.

If a girl does this, then it’s basically a certainty, a guarantee that she likes you.

1. She shows a lot of excitement when you reach out to her

A girl replying in an excited way is a sign that she likes you over text

So, you might say, “Hey, how are you?” or just a simple “Hey” and she replies with, “Heyyyyy!” and really tries to show that she is excited.

She is feeling something and she’s happy to hear from you.

Now she might also say “Hiiiii” or she might say “Hey you 😜 and use an emoji to show that she’s being playful in her reply to you.

She is joking around.

She’s in a positive, playful type of mood.

She might say something like, “Hey. How are you? 😛 with the tongue sticking out.

Now compare that to you saying “Hey” and her saying “Hey” in return, or you saying, “Hey, How are you?” and she just says “Hey” in return.

Now the thing is, a girl can really like you and just reply with a “hey,” but what we’re talking about here are signs that a girl likes you and that first one there is really obvious.

If a girl replies in that way, you shouldn’t be doubting yourself.

You should be confident, text a little bit more and suggest catching up for a drink, coffee, a bite to eat, or to hang out at your place or her place and that will then lead to some fun times.

2. She initiates conversations

In most cases, if a girl doesn’t like a guy, she’s not going to initiate a text conversation.

Sometimes a girl will do that because she wants to get something from the guy or she wants to mess with him and so forth, but if your gut instinct is telling you that a girl likes you and she reaches out and initiates text conversations with you, then that’s an obvious sign that she likes you.

3. She randomly sends you a selfie

A girl randomly sending you a selfie via text is a sign that she likes you

In most cases, that means a girl has been taking a bunch of selfies of herself and has gotten a really good one and then she wants to send it to you because you’re the guy that she likes.

She is hoping that she will send her prettiest selfie to you and you’ll be thinking, “Wow, I really like this girl and I want to ask her out on a date.”

So, for example: If she sends you a selfie of herself and she looks cute, pretty, or beautiful, you can reply with something like “Beautiful 😉 Is that what you’re wearing to our first date?”

You can reply in a flirtatious way if a girl sends you a selfie via text

By saying that, you’re playfully initiating the conversation about having a first date.

Now, if she sends you a selfie of her really dressed up and she’s wearing an evening gown or some sort of formal dress, then you can reply with something like, “Very beautiful. Just don’t wear that to our first date, though, because we’re going to KFC. Okay? You might be a little bit overdressed 😄

Once again, you’re playfully initiating the conversation about having a first date.

If she likes you, she’s going to reply and flirt back and she’s going to show interest in catching up and seeing you in person.

4. She gives you a nickname

A girl giving you a nickname over text is a sign that she likes you

Many girls do this as a way of flirting with a guy.

Flirting is where you show interest in another person, but you do it in a playful way.

It’s a non-serious display of interest.

It’s not direct like saying, “Hey, I like you. Do you like me? Do you want to start dating? Do you want to have a relationship?”

Instead, flirting is a subtle language that women understand and most men don’t and it’s a playful, indirect, subtle way to show interest.

Now, sometimes the nickname will be positive and the girl will be flirting in that way, but sometimes a girl is a little bit more feisty and she’ll use a nickname that some guys will see as an insult, or some guys will assume means they’re being rejected.

Yet, if a guy is texting something to a girl and she sometimes replies with, “Okay dorky Dave” or “Okay nerdy Nick,” that can be her way of subtly flirting with him.

She’s showing that she’s putting in effort into the conversation, that she is creating a private connection between him and her where she’s starting to be playful in that way.

A guy who lacks confidence will see that as an insult, but a guy who is confident and experienced with women will know that she is flirting.

She’s being a little bit cheeky in a playful way and she’s trying to create a more playful vibe between him and her.

5. She constantly tries to relate to what you’re saying

If you’re talking about something via text, she’ll often say, “Yeah, me too” or, “Yeah, I feel the same way.”

She’s the sort of girl who thinks that if you and her have more in common, then you’re going to like her more.

Most guys automatically like girls if they are pretty and friendly

She doesn’t realize that, for most guys, she doesn’t have to have a lot in common with them for the guy to like her.

He looks at her.

She is pretty.

He likes her.

She is pretty and seems friendly so most guys like her immediately

She seems nice and friendly and he wants something to happen between him and her.

Yet, she doesn’t realize that and is a little bit insecure, lacks a bit of confidence and is always trying to relate to what the guy is saying by saying, “Yeah, me too” or, “Oh yeah, I feel the same way” or, “Oh cool, I like that as well” and so on.

6. She often texts when you go online

So, if she can see when you go online with an app or with a social media site and she often texts you when you go online, then it’s usually a sign that she is hoping to increase the chances of you replying to her, or she’s trying to subtly show interest and let you know that, hey, she is looking out for when you come online.

She is thinking about you.

She wants to text you and she wants to see you in person.

7. She double texts a lot during a conversation

Whether you’re texting her for the first time after getting her phone number in person, or matching with her on a dating app, or you know her and you’ve been texting for a while, if you find that she regularly double texts where she sends one text after another even before you’ve replied, then it’s a pretty obvious sign that she likes you.

She’s invested in the conversation.

She’s trying.

She’s trying to communicate with you.

She’s trying to create a connection.

She’s not just reluctantly replying to the texts that you send to her.

She is engaged in the conversation.

She is interested.

8. She regularly asks you questions to keep the conversation going

If a girl doesn’t like a guy and has basically no interest in him, then she usually won’t be continually asking questions and trying to get to know him and create a connection between him and her.

So, if you find that she’s asking you a lot of questions via text to keep the conversation going, then see it as a sign that she likes you.

9. She often adds extra details to her texts

For example: Information about her life, she adds in some humor, she puts in emojis and so on.

That really comes down to the effort factor.

Of course, sometimes a woman will add in an emoji to a text and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes the guy, but if you find that you’re texting a girl you like and she’s putting in extra information about herself, telling you things about herself, trying to make jokes and use humor, adding in extra emojis and so forth, then she’s trying to show you that she is interested.

She’s trying to convey via text that she’s not treating the conversation with you as a whatever type of conversation.

She’s trying to create a connection.

She’s trying to show you that she likes you.

Number 10 on the top ten list of signs that a girl likes you over text is that…

10. She tries to be encouraging

So, she gives you compliments, she laughs at your jokes, she adds in extra emojis to show that she is finding what you’re saying funny or interesting and so on.

The thing is, though, not all women are that encouraging.

Many women try to find themselves a guy who is truly confident and doesn’t need encouragement from a woman in order to be man enough or brave enough or courageous enough to make a move and ask her out.

Most women want a guy who has what I call Independent Confidence and that means that you’re confident regardless of how people are behaving around you.

A guy who has Dependent Confidence is only confident if people are being encouraging and supportive of him.

If people aren’t doing that, then he starts to doubt himself.

In terms of women, if women aren’t showing a lot of obvious interest, then he usually doubts himself.

That happens in person and via text.

So, if you’ve ever struggled with being confident, or maintaining your confidence when you’re texting a girl that you like and as a result, you’ve ended up losing opportunities with girls you really liked, I recommend that you watch my program Text Attraction.

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Your confidence will go through the roof.

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When you use the Text Attraction method, she will feel attracted to you via text and happily say yes to meeting up with you in person then both you and her can start enjoying all of the fun stuff that you and her have been imagining doing with each other.

It’s not just you who has been imagining having sex, or a relationship with her.

If she likes you, she has been imagining the same kind of things.

She wants something to happen between you and her.

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that you can’t always rely on a woman or a girl to give you very clear signs that she is interested.

Sometimes a girl wants a guy who is truly interested in her and will continue to pursue her, even if she doesn’t make it obvious that she likes him.

So, in that case, it won’t seem like she likes you, but secretly she will and she wants you to be confident enough and interested enough to text her, make her feel attracted and get her to meet up with you.