Sexual body language

Sexual body language doesn’t need to be very obvious.

The best sexual body language is subtle and is done via flirting. Watch this video for an example of subtle flirting body language:

The sexual body language signals that you display to a woman will have one of two effects on her:

  • It will make her not want to have sex with you.
  • It will make her want to sex with you.

If you want to be the sort of guy who naturally uses sexual body language that women like, then you simply need to become more masculine in your behavior, energy, body language and conversation style. In other words, you need to become an alpha male.

Being an alpha male does not mean being a bad person, being a jerk, being sleazy or being mean to other people. What I teach here at The Modern Man is how to be a good guy alpha male. That is the type of alpha male that people love and respect. Being alpha naturally makes you think, behave and act in a more masculine way, which is sexually attractive to women.

When you’re an alpha male, your confident, masculine body language is a sexual turn on for women and they just can’t help themselves.

Some guys think that sexual body language requires them to be sleazy or forceful in their “come on” to a woman, but if you do it right (i.e. like a good guy alpha male does), it will be exciting to the woman without being sleazy.

Show That You’re Attracted, But Make Her Attracted Too

Sex is what almost every guy wants initially when he’s interested in a woman. Following that, love and a relationship will be a bonus. For some guys, getting a woman ready to have sex with them is easy. For other guys, it’s difficult and frustrating.

One of the first steps is to identify the sexual body language that a woman will display when around you. Once you learn how to do this, your dating success is almost guaranteed. Want to know if she wants you and is ready for a physical relationship?

Consider the following:

Her Eye contact: She not only holds your gaze, but she also flirts with her eyes. She meet your gaze and looks down and to the side in a shy way, before catching your eyes again. She may also blink slower than normal to capture your attention and then ‘smile with her eyes’ to display her interest.

Her Hair: A woman’s hair plays a major role in allowing you to identify sexual attraction and women use it to say many things.

Women tend to brush their hair against their cleavage, run their hands through it and twirl strands in their finger where they are sexually turned on. If she tosses her hair while flirting or smiling at you, it is an unconscious gesture of her attraction.

Her Cleavage: If a woman is interested in you, she might start to show more skin by using sexual body language moves to take off her jacket or pull her top down slightly to emphasize her breasts. She will also straighten her posture so her chest is pointed towards you.

Her Touch: When a woman starts to touch herself or you, you are in! Running her hand through your hair, or putting her hands on your chest is an invitation for you to get closer. A bolder woman may rub her chest again you, or lean on your body for support.

Her Legs: Another sign of sexual body language can be found in a woman’s use of her legs…and these are signs you don’t want to miss! If she opens her knees slightly while leaning towards you, make a move.

Crossing and uncrossing her legs, allowing her heel to hang off the back of her foot and taking her foot and rubbing it up against you are signs that you should close the deal, and invite her back to your place!

These signs of sexual body language are great for working out your chances of getting a woman into bed. Nevertheless, it is not always that easy, especially for men who have low self-confidence and don’t know how to use their own body language in a sexual way.

If you’re not a confident guy around women, then don’t expect that you’ll be able to successfully use your body language to turn a woman on.

When it comes to success with women, you have to fix your confidence first, before you will truly be ready to get the types of women you really want and behave in the ways with women that you often daydream about before heading to sleep at night.

For men, sexual body language and actions that get women interested include: Smiling in a sexual way, squinting of the eyes with a slight smirk, casually touching her or rubbing up against her and being confident at all times. By the way…

We’ve have only touched the tip of the iceberg here! There are more sexual body language moves that you can use to always be confident and calm around women. My name is Dan Bacon founder of The Modern Man. You are about to discover a complete dating guide for modern men that will guarantee your results with women.

When you use my tested techniques, you will quickly and easily find yourself in sexual, loving relationships with women. So, take the next step and learn how to use sexual body language to your advantage.

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