Women have to be very discreet about showing interest in sex, otherwise most men will look at them as being slutty.

So, if you’re interacting with a woman, find her sexually attractive and are beginning to imagine having sex with her, then how can you know if she’s feeling the same way?

Here are 5 sexual body language signs from a woman that suggest she is feeling sexually attracted and wants something to happen between you and her:

1. Her legs

If she opens her knees slightly while leaning towards you, it means that she sending you a subtle signal that she is open to receiving you.

On the other hand, if a woman always keeps her legs crossed tightly, or closed together when leaning towards you, it’s her way of letting you know that she isn’t feeling open to having sex with you.

Some guys assume that a woman will only open her knees when leaning towards a man if she is slutty and an elegant, well-mannered, upperclass woman wouldn’t do that.

Yet, if you watch interactions going on between classy, well-mannered women and men that they are attracted to, I guarantee you will see the woman occasionally opening her knees as she leans towards the man.

Some other kinds of sexual body language that involve the legs are:

  • Crossing and uncrossing her legs on a regular basis as she talks to you, because she is feeling turned on (i.e. her vagina is warm, heating up) and she is naturally trying to cool herself down.
  • Allowing her heel to hang off the back of her foot, to show you that she is willing to take her clothes off for you.
  • Taking her foot and rubbing it up against you in any way.

2. Her eye contact

Normal eye contact from a woman isn’t sexual body language on its own.

Instead, if she not only holds your gaze, but she also flirts with her eyes by squinting and smiling in a cute way at the same time, then it becomes sexual body language.

Likewise, if she holds eye contact with you and then looks down and to the side in a shy way, before looking back up to catch your eyes again with a smile, it is sexual body language.

The reason why is that she is showing you that you are making her feel girly, in comparison to your masculine presence.

When you make a woman feel that way, she naturally feels sexually attracted.

So, by looking down and to the side in a shy way, but then looking back up to you with a smile, she is showing you that she’s feeling it and enjoying it.

In some cases, a woman might also blink slower than normal and ‘smile with her eyes’ at the same time, to show you that you are turning her on and making her feel like getting into bed with you.

That one is a bit more difficult for guys to deal with, because it can make a guy assume that she isn’t feel as attracted as other women they’ve interacted with.

Yet, when it comes to women, you have to understand that while they usually display similar kinds of body language to signal sexual attraction, there are going to be subtle differences.

This is why it’s so essential for you to be confident with women, so you never doubt yourself and miss out on opportunities with women who truly do want you.

3. Her hair

Women tend to brush their hair away from or against their cleavage, to bring attention to the cleavage because they know that cleavage attracts men.

A woman will also run her hands through her hair and twirl strands of it in their finger where she is sexually turned on.

She does this to show you that you’re making her feel girly in comparison to your masculine approach.

If a woman tosses her hair back to reveal more of her neck while smiling at you, it is also a body language gesture that signals her sexual attraction to you and desire for you to feel more sexually attracted to her.

4. Her cleavage

If a woman is interested in you, she may try show more of her cleave by taking off her jacket (even though she cold), or pulling her top down slightly to emphasize her breasts.

She will also straighten her posture so her chest is pointed towards you.

Many of the sexual body language gestures that women display are unconscious, instinctive reactions, but some are purposely done.

Either way, when a woman is showing you the kind of signs I’ve been explaining here, she is attracted and is hoping that you keep going and help you and her get to the point where you have sex.

If you don’t do that, some women (not all though) will begin to touch you to let you know that they are attracted.

5. Her touch

When a woman starts to touch you and it seems like she is interested, she almost always is.

Some women will do obvious things like running her hand through your hair, putting her hands on your chest, lean against your body for support or bump you with her hip or arm.

However, some women do worry about seeming slutty, so they will only ever touch you in what seems like an ‘innocent’ way (e.g. polite touch on the shoulder, polite tap on the leg when talking to each other, polite touch on the side of the arm).

This is why, if you want to successfully pick up different kinds of women, you need to be confident and ready to make a move when you feel like you have a chance.

Most women don’t want to come across as being desperate by showing lots of interest in a guy, who then doesn’t even make a move.

So, if you fail to pick up on the sexual body language signs, or are too scared to make a move, then a woman will usually then begin to play hard to get, or will act like they are no longer interested at all.

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