Body languages

Women use body language to communicate their interest in you, test your masculinity and to let you know that they are interested.

If you don’t know how to pick up on the cues and pass the tests that come with a woman’s body language, then you’ll be left feeling confused about why certain women, who you seemed to get along with really well, aren’t actually interested in you at all.

How can you know if a woman is interested in you?

Connect With Her on a Deeper Level

When you understand a woman’s body language, it allows you to communicate with her on a deeper, more primal level that goes above and beyond anything you can say to her.

“I speak two languages, Body and English.” Mae West, American actress, 1893-1908

We often say things with our body that we would never say aloud. Our body language allow us to show our sexual interest in a woman, and for her to show it back, without having to say anything.

If you can understand what she is silently trying to say and adjust your body language to give her the right answer, you will never get a rejection from a woman. Pay attention to the signs her eyes, body and head are giving off to keep your relationship moving smoothly ahead.

Her Eyes: If a woman makes eye contact with you and holds it. Or, if she keeps looking in your direction and trying to hold eye contact with you, she is showing her interest in you.

Holding your eye contact while adjusting her bra strap or twirling her finger in her hair is often her way of telling you that you make her feel sexually aroused.

To show your interest back you should hold that eye contact for a few seconds. A warm smile and reaching up to straighten your own hair can let her know you like what you see.

Her Face: A woman says a lot with her face.

Biting down on her lip while talking to you, constantly touching her face and running her eyes over your body are obvious signs of her interest. Use these signs to your advantage. Take your hand and brush it through a few strands of her hair to “remove” an imaginary object.

Casually rub your thumb across her lip to stimulate sexual attraction. Bite or lick your own lips subtly to show interest without coming across as lewd or appearing too eager. Just make sure that when you make a move, you do so in a natural and relaxed way to put her at ease. Judge how she responds to your touch. If she stiffens up or draws away, you are not being relaxed enough.

Her Body: When a woman leans into you, she is eager to know more about you and interested in what you have to say. A woman who leans away from you may be a sign that you are moving too fast, or coming on too strong. Read her body language by easing back and giving her enough space until she leans in to you.

Pay attention to how a woman walks around you. If she allows her hips to sway and swing as she walks, then this is another sign of interest communicated through her body language.

Most of the time a woman is not sure what her body language are telling you, but if YOU can understand what she is trying to say, you can easily get her interested in you before you even open your mouth to say a word.

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